Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 15

「And in the end, Boo-san and Rei-san help each other out and manage to defeat the Siren. This should be enough of a happy ending for everyone to appreciate!」

When Belfast said those words, for some reason Elizabeth looked down and her entire body started to shake and tremble slightly.

「Your Majesty……?」

Was it really possible to force Elizabeth even further than this with her work?

The moment Belfast was starting to wonder about that, Elizabeth’s cheeks flushed red and she raised her face, an expression of great excitement clearly visible all over it.

「That…… That is the best! Simply wonderful! I don’t know why, but the moment you outlined the scene like that, Bel, the lines started to appear inside of my head all on their own! I will use those ideas of yours as reference as soon as possible, so please wait just a moment! Now we just change that thing right here and adjust that thing over there! That’s it! This is going to be great!」

Elizabeth snatched the manuscript from Belfast’s hands and she hurriedly started to rewrite it.

「Ahh, umm…… Your Majesty? Please do bear in mind that the overall purpose of all those correction is the acquisition of the happy ending.」

「I know! I know! And it’s going to be okay! We are heading there right now!」

Even though Belfast was still feeling slightly uneasy about this, she decided to wait until the manuscript would be completed in its entirety, not saying anything more unrefined in order to not hinder Elizabeth’s motivation.

A few hours have passed, and when the date was about to change,

「Yes! This is it!」

Along with those enthusiastic words, Elizabeth thrusted out the revised manuscript right into Belfast’s arms.

「Yes, now just please allow me to confirm it.」

With those words, Belfast started to carefully check the manuscript once again.

As for Elizabeth, her nervousness could easily be felt across the small room, and surely it was also oozing out into the otherwise silent library.

After confirming the very last line, Belfast slowly opened her mouth with a smile on her face.

「……Thank you very much for all of your hard work, Your Majesty. With this, the script is now officially complete.」

Slowly, tears began to form in the corners of Elizabeth’s eyes.

「I…… I did it! I freaking did it! Bel! I… I managed to write a proper script in three days!」

「Yes, yes you did, Your Majesty. And I am really happy for you because of that.」

Belfast once again bowed her head to Elizabeth.

「And I must once again apologize to you, Your Majesty. During the writing process, both my attitude towards you as well as my words were leaving much to be desired.」

「Huh? What are you talking about, Bel? I could not have done my very best if you were not here with me to watch over me. If I was all alone in here, I would never have finished it in time!」

「Also, about that part…… I am sorry, Your Majesty, but I do believe that there is one more thing that I need to apologize to you for.」

* * *

The next morning.

With over thirteen days left until the School Festival, Belfast heard news that the cast had finally been decided, and headed to the meeting room alongside Curacoa.

「Have you already given Her Majesty’s script to Hood-san?」

Belfast nodded her head in response as she walked along the other maid. Then she cast a quick glance her way.

「Yes, it was actually submitted late at night yesterday, because Hood-sama said that she would like to read it as soon as it was done. So I just honored her wish.」

「So, Her Majesty was able to uphold the original deadline in the end, huh……?」

Belfast smiles wryly at Curacoa’s timid question.

「Of course…… Initially Her Majesty was really mad at Ajax for conjuring up a scheme like that, but…… But now that the whole schedule, which was originally really tight, has a lot of leeway to it, it seems like she has found it in herself to forgive her. At least to some extent.」

As for Elizabeth herself, she went to sleep and ordered that she was not to be woken up before noon.

When Belfast and the others reached the conference room, they knocked onto the door and after a short wait the two of them went inside.

「Please excuse us.」

「I have been waiting for you, Belfast. Curacoa.」

With that said, Hood, who was sitting in a chair in the back of the room, greeted the two maids right away.

In addition, the meeting room was filled with cast members selected by lottery a few days ago.

It would also seem that Elizabeth’s script has been copied and spread to everyone in advance. Because of that fact Javelin, who must have read the script right away, went towards Belfast in order to give her impressions of it.

「Her Majesty’s script was really funny and interesting to read~. When I found out that Rei-san had lost her memory, I genuinely burst into tears, and then……」

「—— Excuse me, Javelin-san, but can I talk to Belfast for a moment?」

Hood said so, and Javelin then covered her mouth with her hand, as if only now she realized what she had done. She then slowly backed away, all smiling.

「Actually, I also talked with King George V, but after reading this script, I would like for you to be able to participate as part of the cast —— as Rei-san, of course.」

Belfast and Curacoa could not help it but to look at each other in surprise.

「After reading through this story written by Her Majesty over and over again, I really wanted you to participate in the play as that particular character. Rei-san apparently is the kind of character who is pretty much perfect in whatever it is that she is doing, is also a Light Cruiser, and has a noble aura about her. So you seemed like the perfect match for that particular character.」

「That’s fine with me, but…… What about other actors? Weren’t there any objections to that?」

Everyone in the cast nodded their heads obediently upon hearing Belfast’s words.

「Even though your personalities might be slightly different here, I trust Hood when she was making that decision. And honestly, I also think that you are the best suitable person for that particular role.」

King George V also flipped through the pages of the script as she was saying that.

「So, does that mean that you have already decided on who is going to be playing the part of Boo-san?」

Hood slowly got up from her seat as she took a quick glance at Curacoa.

「Actually, there is someone I want to recommend for that role in particular.」

Saying that, she looked at the shipgirls who had gathered as cast members in the conference room.

「I think she’s the perfect match for the role of Rei-san’s best friend, who plays the leading role! Yes, that is why, you are going to be Boo-san!!」

At that moment, the gazes of everyone in the conference room suddenly gathered at Cygnet exclusively.

Looking at Cygnet’s blank expression, Belfast recalled a certain memory.

If Belfast remembered correctly, Cygnet said a few days ago that she had been invited by the her fellow C Class Destroyers to join the Cast team, but neither Crescent nor Comet was to be seen in the room.

It would seem that only Cygnet, the only one who did not want to win in the lottery, managed to do just that.

And what’s more, she clearly did not expect to receive a recommendation from Hood for the leading role.

「Uh, m-me? Eh… B-But…… Wh-why……?」

Cygnet’s face gradually turned pale as the gravity of the situation gradually took hold of her.

And then,


Her scream, a mixture of both panic and peer pressure, echoed even outside of the Royal Navy’s dormitory.

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