Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party Chapter 17


I have made a pact with Kanade, the Cat Spirit Tribe.

Because of that, I was able to obtain the physical strength of one of the Ultimate Species, the strongest creatures in the entire world. But……

Maybe, just maybe, I might have let that fact get over my head.

Because no matter how powerful you think you are, getting into a fistfight with a genuine Dragon is just ridiculous.

After all, I am a Beast Tamer.

So that means that when I fight, I need to fight like a true Beast Tamer does.

「Kanade can you buy me five minutes…… No, make that three minutes? That’s all I need.」

「Yup, you got it♪!」

It was a quick and definitive answer.

I like that. That’s really encouraging.

「Do what you can to buy me that time! After that, I will take care of the rest!」
「Okay~! Alright then, I guess I should go all out here, huh♪!?」

「I’m counting on you!」

「Is your little strategy meeting finally over?」

Apparently, Tanya had been waiting for us to finish talking out our strategy in a respectable manner.

Maybe she’s underestimating me because I’m a human.

If that’s the case, this is going to be the opening that I want. And I must make sure to take absolute advantage of it.

「Here we go!」


Kanade dashed forward all of a sudden.

She approached Tanya at such a high speed that she was leaving afterimages behind her, and hit her with a series of high-speed fists strikes.

Watching that happen was like watching a storm rumbling across the bridge.

「There’s more where that came from, you know!?」

Kanade spun around like a grinding wheel.

And using that momentum, she added some kicks to her attacks as well.

A flurry of wild attacks using both strikes and kicks.

Even though Tanya was a Dragon, when faced with such a wild attack, she had no other choice but to devote all of her attention to guarding.

「Will you cut this out already!? Doing something so wild completely out of the blue, is your stamina going to be okay from all that!?」

「Rein said that he’s going to take care of everything else, so I don’t really have to worry about that!」

Hey now, Kanade!

It would be nice if you wouldn’t reveal our strategy to the enemy so casually like that!

Well, that being said, it’s not like I’m in any position where I can engage in some idle chit-chat, either.

Using the power I have received from my contract with Kanade, I jumped on the bridge’s railing.


I sharpened my senses and started to survey my immediate surroundings.

My objective here is to find a certain “bird”

Maybe it’s because of the power of the Cat Spirit Tribe that I have received, but I couldn’t have been more focused even if I wanted to.

I feel like I can even search for signs all around me, and for several kilometers at the least!

And then……

There! I found it!

I managed to find a faint image of a bird flying across the sky.

I headed towards it and let the power of the Beast Tamer fly towards the bird.

「Come with me!」

It’s an easily spread misconception, but Beast Tamers can control their targets to some extent without having to sign a contract with them.

I can say things to the animal or beast like “Wait” or “Come here!” or “Walk away”.

If it’s a very simple command like that, I can make it do what I say no problem.

Of course, it’s only valid because it’s just a small and simple animal, and there is no way that I would ever be able to force someone like Tanya, a member of the Ultimate Species, to obey my orders.

But that’s more than enough for now.


In response to my words, the bird flapped its wings and came over to me.

And it was not one. There were about ten of them or so.

It’s a bird called a ‘Pitouhui’ with two extremes of color, black and orange.

While we were having our little skirmish with Tanya, I happened to spot that little guy flying in the distance……

I’m glad I was not wrong in assuming that it was it.

「Alright there, good boy, good boy.」

Just like that, I was able to sign a temporary contract with all ten pitohuis.

Now I can give them more complex orders.

It took roughly three minutes for me to get to this point.

Perfect. Right on time.

I climb down from the railing with the Pitohuis and shout to Kanade.

「Kanade, thanks for your hard work! I’ll take it from here!」

「Yeah, she’s all yours!」

Tanya smiled wryly as I took over from Kanade.

「Oh my, so you’re going to be my partner this time? I admire you for being able to tame one of the Cat Spirit Tribe, even though you are just human. I wonder if you’ll be able to match me when I get all serious like she did, though?」

「Oh, I’m not going to be your opponent! Those guys will be! Go!」

Just like that, I gave my orders to the pitohuis.

They flapped their wings all at once and rushed to Tanya’s side.

They crowded around Tanya, attacking her with their sharp beaks and claws.

「H-Hey!? What the…… What is this!?」

「I tamed those guys just a moment ago. Now they’ll do whatever I tell them to do.」

「You’ve tamed all of those birds…… No way!? That’s impossible! It cannot be true!」

Even Kanade was surprised.

Is it so strange to tame multiple animals at once? Really?

「But even so…… what of it? I’m surprised that you could tame more than one animal at once, I’ll give you that, but what are you going to do with a bird like this one? Just so you know, this won’t hurt me in the slightest. Or is it perhaps not supposed to damage me, but to block my view?」

「Even if I did that, you could just mow all of those birds down all at once, right, Tanya?」

「Yes, of course. So it’s useless. I mean, it’s so annoying, I really should do it now, don’t you think?」

「I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen. If you were going to do it, you should have done it as soon as possible.」


Tanya gave me a strange look for a moment……

And in the next moment, her expression became strangely distorted.

「W-What is this…….My body, it’s losing… its strength……」

Staggering unsteadily, Tanya fell to her knees.

「You…… What did you…… What did you do to me……?」

「You thought that those were some mere birds, hence why you let your guard down. But you shouldn’t have done that. For you see, those are some very special birds, and they’re very poisonous.」


「You can see that those ones have bright plumage, right? It’s called a warning color, and it’s a way to show off that it is poisonous to possible predators. Pitohuis are those kinds of birds.」

「T-They are just…… mere birds and…… Someone like me……」

「It’s no use to struggle. Pitohui’s venom is powerful enough to kill people in some rare cases. And you have ingested the amount of poison from ten of those. Even though you might be a dragon, there’s no way that you won’t take at least some damage from it. Being a dragon, I don’t think it’s going to kill you but you won’t be able to move for a while. If you are lucky, that is. So this is the end.」

I gave the signal and released the Pitohuis from the contract.

At that moment, all ten Pitohuis flew up into the sky once more……

It seems that Tania, who was left on the spot, had a hard time even standing up, and collapsed on the ground with a crumpled body.

「U-Ugh…… I-I let my guard down…… I-It would be one thing to lose in the contest of brute force, but to lose in such a disgraceful manner as this…… 」

「Don’t try to accomplish things on your own, work together with someone else….. This is how the Beast Tamer fights. This is a better way, don’t you think? Makes things way more efficient?」

「…… Yeah, maybe you’re right.」

「So…… What do you want to do? Still want to keep going?」

「…… I’ll pass, thank you. I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a while, anyways…… Hafuuh…… and now I feel strangely tired.」

「Well then, I guess that means that Kanade and I won, right?」

「Yes, that’s right…… I, Tanya the Red Dragon…… I admit defeat.」

Unexpectedly, Tanya surrendered to us in a straightforward manner.

Even though she was the one who challenged us to a duel, for her to admit defeat so obediently like that, she certainly is a quirky individual, huh?

But, I guess that…… she might not really be all that bad.

A thought like that suddenly occurred to me for some reason.



Kanade ran up to me and hugged me really tight.

「This is amazing! This is amazing! This is amazing! I can’t believe we actually managed to beat a dragon like Tanya…… and by using poisoned birds to do so, no less! Not to mention your skills as a Beast Tamer, this is something you couldn’t have possibly done without deep knowledge and understanding! I knew it! You really are amazing, Rein♪!」


「Nyafuuh♪! It’s Rein’s victory! It’s Rein’s victory!」

「P-Please calm down, Kanade! I know that you’re happy, but there’s something I need to do first.」

「Something you need to do? Umm…… are we talking about giving Tanya a good spanking?」

I could feel Tanya breaking out into a cold sweat even though she was already collapsed on the ground.

「Relax, no one is going to be spanking you or doing anything of the sort to you. But I want to talk to you about various things. That’s why we are going to be taking you into town for the time being.」

「Does that mean…… You’re going to sell me to someone else…… Make a slave out of me!?」

「I won’t be doing anything of the sort, I already told you. I just want to talk to you, that’s all. For my part, I want to keep things as quiet as possible. To do that, I need to talk to you, Tanya and get you to at least promise me that you won’t be doing anything like that ever again.」

「What if I told you I couldn’t make a promise like that……?」

「If it would come to that…… Oh my, what are we going to do then? Wouldn’t that mean that we would be in some serious trouble? There were so many things going on all at once that I didn’t even manage to think that far ahead, to be honest…… Or rather, I was hoping that I would get you to accept my proposition right away, without causing trouble…… Hmm……」

「…… Pfft, haha!」

Tanya laughed happily.

「You guys…… You’ve won fair and square…… So why would you ever feel in trouble…… You’re weird…… You’re weird, but in a funny way……」

「That being said, should you decline the offer, we really ARE going to be in some serious trouble. Don’t you think?」

「Even though you’re human, you’re really weird…… But that’s okay, I am going to play along with you. And while I can’t make any promises about what I am going to do in the future, at least for the time being I am going to stop.」

「Thanks. That would be great.」



「If you would be so kind as to, you know…… Give me a moment to collect myself? Because of the poison…… my body is still paralyzed…… and I cannot move my body…… all that well……」
「Hoo? Are you numb? You are, aren’t you? So, how about this? Or this? Or that? And that, and that, and that!?」

「H-Hey now! S-Stop it! Don’t! Don’t poke me like that! This is…… Ahh, NOOO!!!!!!」

Things ended up not quite as I expected them to end, but……
But for the time being, I guess that our fight with Tanya is over.


Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party

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