Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party Chapter 4 Part 1


「Yes, everything’s confirmed. It looks like you managed to fulfill the conditions needed to pass the exam. From today onward, you are officially recognized as an Adventurer. Congratulations, Shroud-san.」

I returned to the Adventurers’ Guild and submitted the Goblins’ magic stones.

With that, the exam was officially over.

From now on, I was officially a member of the Adventurers’ Guild.

「Now then, this way, please.」

The receptionist gave me some sort of a card.

「What’s this?」

「This is your Adventurer’s Card. Think of it like an Adventurer’s Identification Card, so be careful not to lose it or destroy it. It can always be reissued, but it will take about a week or so. Also, if you lose it intentionally or think about selling it to someone else, it will not be reissued and you will be stripped of your license.」

…… Starting with such an elaborate explanation, I was given a lecture on how to prepare myself for being a proper Adventurer.

「Finally, here is your reward for those ten Goblin magic stones.」

Saying that, I was given fifty copper coins.

「Even though it was an exam, I am still getting paid for it?」

「Yes, of course. It was earned by your honest efforts, Shroud-san. And no one is going to take that away from you.」

「Thank you very much.」

Those Goblins were still F-rank monsters, so the reward for them was nothing to write home about……

But still, it was better than nothing.

「If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I would like to take up a quick commission right away.」

「Yes, certainly. You can choose any of the requests you want from that bulletin board over there. However, Shroud-san has just become an Adventurer……. That is, you are still an F-ranked, so the requests you can do are fairly limited in number. Thank you for your understanding.」

It was only a given that the Guild would never leave a high-ranking quest in the hands of a rookie Adventurer.

If they were to do that, it’s obvious that the request would end up in failure, and the Adventurer himself would be in danger.

I understand that much. And of course, I have no particular objections to it.

「Sorry for keeping you waiting.」

「Welcome back~♪!」

I walked away from the counter and returned to Kanade’s side, who was waiting for me near the entrance.

「Hey, hey, how was it? Did you manage to become a full-fledged Adventurer? Did you? You did, right?」

「Yes, I most certainly did.」

「Well, congratulations~♪! I knew that if it was you, Rein, you would definitely be able to do it!」

「I thought that we might take on a small commission as soon as possible. Is that okay with you, Kanade?」

「Yeah, no problem at all! Let’s go~!」

The energetic and enthusiastic Kanade pulled me away from the bulletin board where the request form was posted……

「Whoa there! Well, if it isn’t a true rarity!」

……..As we were about to move out, a large man interrupted us and blocked our passage.

「’I thought it might be the case, but this lass right here is the real Cat Spirit Tribe, isn’t she?」

「…… Can I help you?」

「You see, I’ve never seen a Cat Spirit Tribe before. I’ve heard that those guys can do some pretty impressive stuff.」

Ignoring my words, the man turned his gaze towards Kanade, as if he was appraising her from head to toe.

…… I don’t know why, but for some reason it rubbed me the wrong way.

Kanade also seemed to feel uncomfortable under the man’s gaze, and her eyebrows were all furrowed and wrinkled.

「Tell me, what such a cutie as you is doing in a place like this, huh?」

「And why should I care to answer someone like you, hmm?」

「Tsk, well, aren’t you a cheeky little beast brat…… Hey! You there, kiddo.」

「…… Hm? Are you talking about me?」

「And who else would I call that in here if not you? What’s wrong with this Cat Spirit Tribe? Someone forgot to teach her proper manners? What’s her deal?」

We have no obligation to actually answer this man’s questions, but seeing that Kanade treated him in the same way, his mood took a drastic turn for the worse.

So in light of all that, I decided to answer him honestly.

「We happened to meet in the swamp at the end of the plains. Since then…… Well, one thing has led to another, and we have ended up working together for the time being.」
「The swamp? There’s supposed to be a Killer Tiger there on the loose right about now…… 」

「Oh, that kitty? I have pummeled it to the ground!」

I…… Is that really okay to call a ferocious beast like Killer Tiger a mere kitty? And she took way too much pride from that statement.

「Hmm, I see, I see. Certainly, for a member of the Cat Spirit Tribe, a monster such as Killer Tiger must seem like nothing more but a mere kitten. Haha, interesting, really interesting. I like it. I like it a lot!」

「I don’t really care if you like me or not……」

「Oh, come on! Don’t be so dull! You wanna have a drink with me? I’ll buy you as much as you want.」

「Thanks, but no thanks! I don’t think I’m going to enjoy being with you one bit!」

「Surely my company is going to be much better than that of that dull kid, right?」

「Hey! Don’t make fun of my Master like that! Rein is the one who managed to tame me, I’ll let you know!」

「…… Huh? What was that? Tame?」

「Because I’m a Beast Tamer.」

I said crisply, thinking that I had to make things clear before this situation escalates even further.

The man then dotted his eyes……

And in the next moment, he laughed in a vulgar voice.

「Hahaha! This kid is a Beast Tamer? Alright, that’s nice. But what was that other thing? You managed to tame a member of the Cat Spirit Tribe? Don’t talk nonsense, kiddo! There’s no way that’s possible. The Cat Spirit Tribe is the most powerful of the ‘Ultimate Species’. There’s no way a mere kid such as yourself would be able to do it!」

「Are you sure that you are not saying that simply because you are blind? Rein is an amazing Beast Tamer. He’s many times stronger than you are!」

「Hoo…… So, this little kid is supposed to be a whole lot stronger than I am?」

At that moment, a dangerous light lit up in the man’s eyes.

「Well then, let’s play a little game, you and I, shall we? We are going to arm-wrestle! If the Beast Tamer is as capable as you say he is, and he is able to tame a Cat Spirit Tribe, then surely he is going to be able to take me on, right? Right?」


Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party

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Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party

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