Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party Chapter 51 Part 1


The mansion of the Lord who was currently delegated to rule over the city of Horizon.

Sitting behind a desk in one of the mansion’s many different rooms was the figure of the Lord’s only son, Edgar Fromware.


Edgar clicked his tongue in apparent dissatisfaction, his face looking all grimly.

The reason for his foul mood was the events that took place at the city’s square this morning.

As per his usual routine, he was strolling around the city in search for some new toys to play with…… and this time around he truly struck gold, managing to find the best toys possible out there.

Of course, he immediately tried to take them back home so that he could train and torment them as much as he wanted to, but……

But there was this one pesky pleb accompanying his dream toys who dared to interrupt Edgar’s fun.

And not only that. He did not only interrupt him. That pleb also had the guts to challenge him, the only son of the city’s Lord!

Needless to say, it was an extremely unpleasant situation that managed to leave a really sour taste in Edgar’s mouth.

「That dirty pleb…… How dare he do this to me! Treating me as if I’m some sort of a joke!」

I am the only son of the Lord who rules over this very city.

In a sense, that makes me a being that is pretty much equivalent to God himself.

No commoner is allowed to disobey such authority and the one who wields it!

For example, if he were to go and order some of those commoners to give up their lives for the sake of his own amusement, they must obey his will and be willing to kill themselves at the drop of a hat.

Edgar was seriously thinking thoughts like that, and he seriously believed them to be true and undisputed.

That was the extent of his perception of the people who lived in this city under his father’s rule.

「Edgar, I’m coming in.」

There was a voice coming from behind the closed door and in the next moment that door opened, revealing a large, burly man standing right at the entrance.

He was clad in lavish ornaments and dressed with real flair.

If it was not for his huge, mountainous, even, protruding abdomen, he would look like a true Lord of a high noble. But that disparity between his physique and appearance ruined everything.

「Oh, well, if it isn’t Father.」

「I hear that you have been causing trouble around town again?」

「…… I am not going to even try to deny that, but it was not really my fault there. It’s just that…… there were those people who did not seem to know their place and acted really out of line towards me, so I thought that being the fools that they were, they were in need of some harsh discipline to show them their place.」

「…… Hmm, is that so? I see. Well, I guess if it was like that, then it couldn’t have been helped, huh?」

Edgar’s father, in other words, the Lord of the city of Horizon, also heard the details of the incident his son had caused this morning from one of the knights.
But now that he decided to confront his son about it and he himself admitted to it, the only words of comment he had to offer to his son were “I guess it cannot be helped”.

“Cannot be helped”. It was a phrase that actually summed up the Lord’s entire personality quite well.

「So, I guess this also means that you didn’t manage to obtain a new plaything for yourself today, correct?」

「No, I’m afraid not. As unfortunate as that is.」

「Well, that’s a shame. And here I was actually looking forward to it.」

「You know, Father, I have been wandering about that for a while now: are you really sure that you are fine with only having leftovers after I get to have my share of fun? Don’t you want to go on the prowl out there yourself and have the full experience?」

「Well, you see, regrettably, I do not possess the ability to identify a good prey on the spot, at least not on the same level as you do. But the way we do things now is entirely okay with me, since I know that you judge and bring back home only the best of catches. I have trust in those abilities of yours」
「Well, if you are okay with it, Father, then I’m okay with it as well. I have no reason to complain in the slightest.」

If there was a member of some third party right here and right now, they would surely raise their eyebrows upon hearing just how casual and nonchalant those two were about discussing such a vile and repulsive topic.

But since there was no one else in the room to point that out, the two just carried on, without even a single care in the world.

Judging from their words alone, the two also had not the slightest idea that they were talking about committing various crimes and atrocities.

And what’s more, they didn’t even seem to feel bad about the thing that they had done.

After all, it was the city that they were ruling over.

And if that was the case, then surely they can do whatever they want with the people who live in that city under their rule, right?

It was so obvious from their words alone that this was their direct line of thinking.

「Well then, just as always, you can leave the clean-up work in my hands. So you just go and relax and take it easy.」

「No, actually, about that…… Wait just a moment, Father. Let me do it this time around.」

「……Yeah? Are you sure about that? That’s fine with me, but what’s the matter? Is there some sort of reason as to why you want to do it?」

「…… Yeah, I guess that you could say that.」

Edgar then gave his father a really dark look.

The stupid plebeian who not only got in the way of him scoring for himself the best prey possible, but also humiliated him in front of the soldiers and those other commoners as well……

If his memory served him correctly, his name was Rein?

He was going to make sure that this stupid shit would regret ever crossing his way, so much that he would wish that he was dead instead.

Edgar clenched his fists as a dark sentiment burned in his mind more and more.


The Lord left Edgar’s room soon enough, and……

As if to replace him, a man in armor appeared in the entrance almost in the next moment.

His name was Gilet Stregar.

He was the man who was the captain of the Knight’s Branch in the city of Horizon, the highest rank that was possible to achieve.

「…… Took you long enough.」

「Yes, and I am terribly sorry for making you wait, Edgar-sama.」

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