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Cop Craft Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 2

But despite all the hardships, Godunov kept working diligently for several years. As a result, he would go on to arrest some large groups of thieves. That was because in the end, he was first of all a fundamentally serious man, an optimist but also a very reasonable person.

His huge beloved Podbyrin was safely stored in a locker at home, and instead he started carrying a much easier to handle and much less expensive 9mm Smith & Wesson with him.

But even then, he didn’t even get a single chance to open fire with the SD9 at work either, so after a while he even considered not carrying it with him at all. In fact, he even thought it would be better to simply carry a Derringer in his pocket.

He eventually fell in love with a storage house worker he met on a robbery incident investigation, then got married and even had a kid. And then one day, the chief called him to his office and simply told him “we’re moving you to Vice at HQ”.

Vice? Vice!

And HQ too! I’m being promoted.

It was a little different from Ivan Danko’s position, but he could smell the danger in the air, it was a place where people truly fought against the real bad guys.

If it had been his younger self, he would have taken the job with no hesitation whatsoever. But Godunov actually didn’t feel like it that much.

His wife was pregnant with his second child, and he would almost die from how cute his first child looked every morning. He was no longer thinking about becoming Ivan Danko, and he definitely was not considering getting into any dangerous positions. But while that was going on, a coworker from his same division was killed.

Due to some bad luck, he had run into some drug traffickers during an investigation. He was merely trying to question them, but before he could even notice, the thugs had pointed a cheap gun at him, and pulled the trigger without asking any questions.

He was killed by a Russian organization based in Vladivostok, who trafficked drugs and women. The thug that shot him had powerful connections and managed to get away. Even today after many years, he still hasn’t been caught.

Godunov had many of his fellow soldiers die in the war, so he was used to this. His shock wasn’t as strong as many of his coworkers’.

But even then, Godunov couldn’t just let those guys get away like nothing happened.

It was a large organization. And it was completely unrelated to his robbery unit. If he wanted access to the necessary information and crew, all of the HQ investigation teams, and superior infrastructure and legal machinery, then all he could do was sit quietly and wait. He’d had enough. And besides, they had given him an opportunity.

One night, after pondering and thinking things through, Godunov finally showed up at his boss’s office, and accepted his move to Vice.

It was something he had wondered about for a long time. He was from Russia as well. He would somehow infiltrate that Russian organization, and take those men’s lives… He made that resolution.

The next week, as he was heading towards the special Vice unit at HQ for the very first time, Godunov took out his beloved Podbyrin out of his locker for the first time in a long time, put it in his holster, put on some clothes that closely resembled Ivan Danko’s and walked in to the office with a brisk pace.

「So you finally came, Godunov. I’ve heard you pack a good punch」

The man who went out to receive him was Sergeant Kei Matoba, who greeted him with a meek expression. Much like Godunov himself, Matoba had also been recruited as part of the Ambross Program, as a former Japanese soldier who had also participated in the Semani war.

He was a good guy, or at least that’s what Godunov thought. He felt like he could get along with a guy like him, even without speaking much at all. Godunov asked around a bit about the Russian organization. He had heard that Vice had to be in charge of cases like these.

「Ah, those guys?」

Matoba said with a very serious expression

「We took care of them last night」

Godunov couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but it was true. Apparently Vice had set their eyes on that Russian organization for a while, and after an undercover operation disguised as a very tempting deal had taken place, they finally managed to capture many of them just the previous night.

Three of the organization’s top men had been caught, and dozens of smaller figures had fallen too. The blow had been so strong, that it would probably take them several years to recover themselves, if at all.

「It was a huge success. Rick went in and— ah, that’s my partner, the one who’s taking a nap right there, he put on a great performance. He should probably get a Grammy or something for it」

Godunov interrupted Matoba who was speaking in a good mood, and pointed out

「Wait, wouldn’t that be an Academy award?」
「Ah, right. Yeah, that’s right. An Academy award. In any case, it was awesome. He started speaking with this contrived expression, saying stuff like “Tovarish. I can’t seal the deal with those rates you’re proposing” you know? His stupid expression was priceless. In any case, Godunov, it took you long enough, but I’m glad you’re here. If we ever have to face any Russian guys in the future, I’m counting on you. Welcome to Vice」

Apparently there was nothing left for him to do. Matoba introduced the still astonished Godunov to all of his new coworkers. He didn’t manage to get any of their introductions into his head, and then Matoba tapped him in the shoulder.

「Hey, you’re all spaced out. Are you okay?」
「Ah, yeah…」
「Alright then. That said, Godunov, your partner will be that guy right there. You two get along now. Hey, Tony. It’s Godunov, take care of him」

Matoba called Tony McBee

「Oh? What?」

Said Tony from a corner of the office as he wriggled his wrists and served himself some herbal tea. He then delicately turned around, looked at Godunov and raised his eyebrows

「Oh no, he’s a total macho」

He said.

That was his partner? Seriously?


Replied Matoba from Godunov’s side, at his mindless muttering, and nodded.

「But Tony is a good guy. And besides, I’m pretty sure he must be at least a hundred times smarter than you. So you better be respectful. Got it?」

At first Godunov felt completely hopeless, but it was just as Matoba said.

Tony McBee was that kind of guy, he was gay and prone to crying, and he was also extraordinarily smart, to the point where Godunov concluded the entire Vice department would collapse altogether if he weren’t there. A lot happened between them, and they had their fair share of fights, but in the end there was no way he wouldn’t appreciate him.

This partner was also very annoying when it came to fashion.

In order to infiltrate a trafficking organization, he had Godunov wear pastel pink or turquoise suits. And wear particularly shiny silver rings on his fingers, along with gold coated enamel shoes. Fed up with everything Godunov decided to go home dressed like that, and his wife simply looked at him as if he were some kind of abomination.

The shady Russian organization was left in the past, beyond oblivion.

From then on, they disappeared without a trace. Well, there were of course still plenty of gangs here and there. For better or worse, he would get a chance to occasionally use his beloved Podbyrin on his missions.

But then again, well… what am I even doing in the first place?

Lately, it feels like they’re even letting even Semani girls straight out of Elementary School in here. I feel like I’m going insane. I’m supposed to be a detective, right?

He would think things like that every now and then, but in the end Godunov would end up getting used to it as much as possible.

He was a serious, optimistic, and analytical man.

He somehow managed even back when he was with the theft department. There was nothing he could do but shrug his shoulders and keep working anyways.

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