Volume 2 Chapter 2-1: Base Company



We left the Lord’s mansion as if escaping and headed out into town. Since the mansion was quite far from the Tower and the Town entrance, there were few businesses. It was a quiet residential neighborhood.

「Now then Soujirou, where should we go next ja?」

「Un, since we need to thank him for several things I was thinking about visiting the Base Company. While we’re at it, we can use the money we got from Isaac to repay our debt and get a set of four party rings. After that we can go shopping and sell the magic stones we got from the Tower.」

Will had helped us a few times during this past incident. The most helpful had been his forceful sale of the Party Rings. Well forceful was a bit much….but since he evaluated us highly he had persisted in selling us the rings.

Without these rings I would have definitely died in despair.

Even more so, it would be hard to consider our relationship as dry as a customer and salesperson since he had even carried my unconscious body back to the inn.

Of course I knew that some of those actions were calculated on his part, but it was enough to know that he was a person who would undergo hardship to some extent to maintain a good relationship with us.

「Then 『that』 too?」

「….yeah. At least it’d be better to get a first look like this. I’d like Will-san to guide us and go to the main office.」

「….I see. Then you’re thinking of changing our base to Fresberg ja?」

「Un. The scenery here in Reitoku is nice, the fish are fresh and delicious…it’s not bad by any means. We’ve caught the eye of the Local Lord and I don’t really want to enter the Tower for a while, so I think this is a good chance.」

「Could be. Plus the equipment is supposed to be superior in Fresberg and there should be more shops.」

I nodded at Hotaru-san’s words.

If we were to enter the Tower of Zachil in Fresberg we would start from the First Floor again, but in regards to equipment I would no longer accept second best. I would insist on buying the best that I could afford now even including magical materials.

Furthermore, depending on the atmosphere of Fresberg, we could also look for a home to live in. I was hoping for a home that was large enough to fit a bathtub.

「Ah, Soujirou-sama the Base Company branch office is right around the corner.」

Sistina said happily as she walked arm in arm with Sakura. She was having fun but it was clear she hadn’t forgotten her duty to guide us.

I turned the corner and saw a sign that said 『Base Company』 with an insignia of two abstract animals intersecting and a curtain covering the entryway.

「Welcome to the Reitoku branch of the Base Company. We sell all kinds of products at our shop. Out-of-stock items can be ordered from various Base Companies, and we will also mediate selling for those who wish to do business.

We also purchase magic stones and materials, and if you have any problems, we also dispatch personnel who are suitable for the case from among those who are friendly to us.

For those who are looking for a place to live, we also arrange real estate sales.

Any request you have, we will meet.」

…….somehow this is amazing.

That’s what I felt as soon as I entered. A bright interior and a cute receptionist smiling at us. Numerous items lined up. Different areas for different types of consultation…

「Umm…I’ll leave this to you Sistina」

「Fufu, very well Soujirou-sama.」

Somehow I felt that my momentum had been completely stolen so I decided to just let Sistina handle it. Let it not be said that I did this because it seemed annoying!

「Please excuse us. My name is Sistina. The other day we were invited here by Wilmark-sama after becoming friendly. Could you please say whether he is in or not?」

「I will go confirm. Please wait a few moments.」

The receptionist bowed and headed towards the back without breaking her smile. At the same time another receptionist sat down at her seat with a smile as well.

「We will be checking for a short while, so please take a look around.」

I was about to go to where the smiling receptionist recommended when I heard the sound of pounding feet echo from the back of the store.

「Fujinomiya-sama! Sorry for the wait! Thank you for taking the time to visit this humble branch! I’m sure you’re all still tired so I shall lead you to the second floor where we can talk. Please follow.」

For some reason the room Will guided us to had items that looked to be a rank higher than those sold in the reception area.

Most likely this was an area for high value transactions with VIPs.

「Please please, take a seat. I’ll have some drinks prepared.」

Seems like today would be a day filled with warm receptions in parlors. Back on Earth I was a simple highschool boy so such high quality receptions made me uncomfortable.

I followed his request and took a seat.

「Ah, Will-san didn’t you say you were a peddler? What’s up with this high class business?」

Will-san sat and looked a bit embarrassed as he answered.

「This Base Company was built by my Grandfather and grew under my father. But even if I am the first son, I cannot inherit the business if I lack skills.「

「Are you going around as a peddler to hone your skills?」

「Yes, I’m traveling around cities selling what I can and making connections where I’m able. But my Father is a bit too doting and he said 『whenever you’re in a city with a branch office you will use it as your base』. On paper it’s supposed to be where I report my earnings but…well I’m already at a fairly good age…」

「Doesn’t that just show they expect good things from you? They wouldn’t want to lose you in any unfortunate accidents right?」

Sistina asked, but Will-san only replied a bit evasively. I’m sure the merchant world had many circumstances.



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