Chapter 03 – The Day of My Departure




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The Day of My Departure

The next day.

「Wake up! It’s time for you to set off on your journey!」

I was woken up by the sound of my father’s voice. He was surprisingly in a good mood and apparently ecstatic that I was leaving. It’s actually been three months since he last talked to me.

We barely had any contact that I almost forgot his name. If memory serves, I believe it was Gerd. As I was pondering that, he threw a bag to my face. He didn’t hold back, of course. Had I not caught it in time, it would’ve scored a direct hit on my mug.

I opened it to find a shabby sword and 10,000 gils inside—the minimum required by the law to be provided to a son of a noble who was going off to be independent. He clearly didn’t want to fork out more than the required amount.

「You can have that. You’re not undergoing the Coming of Age Ceremony, right? It’s a good decision even from you. This is the first time you’ve actually contributed to the family… Now, off you go!」

Even though he was in a good mood, it didn’t seem like he was going to throw me a farewell party or anything of the sort. Speaking from personal experience and what I knew about the man, if I went through the ceremony, he would most likely hurl abuses at me and kick me out. It was, therefore, better this way.

I should go before something holds me up. Gerd didn’t have to tell me to leave. I didn’t have any intention of staying at home and if I had to go, the sooner the better.

If this world worked the same way as BBO, the chances of strong monsters showing up will increase during the dark. It wasn’t that far to the neighboring town, but it’s best to leave early anyway. I can’t rule out the possibility of running into some sort of trouble that will delay my arrival.

「All right. Bye.」

「Bye and don’t come back! Even if you do, there won’t be any food for you!」

With those parting words, I left the house with nothing but the clothes on my back, a chipped, shabby sword, and 10,000 gils. Incidentally, 1 gil was approximately equal to 1 yen on Earth.

If I didn’t have my memories from my previous life, I would’ve been dead in less than a month, I thought, as I was exiting the village gate.

Then I heard Light’s voice.

「Eld, you’re already leaving?」

「No reason for me to stay long. For now, I’m heading to the neighboring town and become an adventurer.」

「Adventurer… as a Novice?」

Novices were incredibly weak so they were not fit to be adventurers. In fact, for the most part, they don’t become one at all. But there were exceptions. There have been cases where Novices who were capable with the sword became adventurers. I’ll follow that same route, become and adventurer to earn some money, then head to the royal capital to change job classes.

「Yeah. Apparently if you’re good with the sword, even a Novice can become an adventurer.」

「If you wanted to become an adventurer, then all the more reason to change classes.」he said, his eyes filled with worry.

Incidentally, any other occupation besides an adventurer was also unsuitable for a Novice. This world wasn’t as developed as Japan, so every work involved manual labor to an extent. Which is why job classes with high physical prowess like a Swordsman were treated favourably.

Swordsmen, with their increased physical abilities, were suitable for manual labor. Even Wizards were stronger than Novices. After all, the latter’s stats were inferior to all the other job classes.

If I somehow managed to get to the capital but couldn’t change classes, I’ll be a laughingstock for my entire life. Although, there was really no point in worrying about that now since I already refused to do the ceremony anyway.

I was reflecting upon that when my brother took out a small pouch from his pocket. I could hear the sound of metals tinkling from inside.

「There’s 100,000 gils here. Use it if needed. You should find work before it runs out, though.」

I was blessed with a good brother. But I…

「I really appreciate the thought, but 10,000 gils is more than enough before I can find work.」 I said, turning down his offer.

Being the first-born son, Light received a hefty allowance. Still, 100,000 gils was a lot of money. We weren’t exactly well-off either, so he should use that money for himself instead.

「…All right. I’ll keep it with me, but if you need money, you can come for it anytime. I might even be able to refer you to a job.」

「Thanks. I’ll do my best so I won’t have to do that.」

With that, I left town. If possible, I don’t want to come back.

「…All right. Let’s head to a town with a guild for the time being.」

I knew I needed to go to the royal capital to change classes, but I had no idea how to get there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything useful in our house like a world map.
The Adventurer’s Guild is a national organization so I’m sure I can get information on how to get to the capital.

I sure hope it’s close, I thought as I started down the road to the neighboring town. The only thing I had as a weapon was a chipped blade, with no defensive equipment whatsoever. I wasn’t ready for combat—not by a long shot.

…I hope I arrive there safely without running into monsters.




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