Chapter 23 – It was Just as I Expected




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It was Just as I Expected


With minimal movement, the man moved his foot about half a step to dodge the spell. His reflexes were incredible. He still managed to evade it in that window. But…


Our weapons clashed for just a moment and I backed off. He tried to follow-up with an attack, but he let out a grunt in confusion and glanced at his foot. Brown sticky gum-like liquid was stuck on it.

― Sticky Bomb.
A basic jamming spell that splatters viscous, sticky liquid at the point of impact. With this much stuck on him, it would take some time for him to escape.

One of the spell’s characteristics was that it looked like the Clay Bullet. In this darkness, it would be hard to tell the difference. That’s why I used the Clay Bullet first to make him think he could dodge the next one with minimal movement. But to his surprise, it wasn’t what he expected at all.

In BBO, it was said the Sage class can be mastered even by idiots, but it wasn’t an accurate description. While it’s true that idiots with the Sage class can be quite strong, one could be much stronger if they actually strategized and knew how to properly utilize their skills.

(Flame Bomb.)

Now was the time to use my primary spell.
Flame Bomb.
As the name suggested, it’s a spell that explodes at the point of impact. With his foot stuck and unable to move, there’s no way he can dodge it.


He braced his teeth at the incoming agony of being burned alive while desperately trying to escape. So I used a restraining spell.


I uttered the spell on purpose so he’d hear it. I wanted to try something to reveal his true identity. What happened after was exactly what I expected.


The man started screaming in pain and his voice gradually changed to something inhuman-like. Not just his voice. His body was changing as well.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to call Brazis a “man” at this point.

He was nothing but a monster now.

― Artificial Devil Drug.
In BBO, it’s a drug that the executives of the Garden of Despair used when they’re driven to a corner. In exchange for losing one’s sanity and never being a normal human again, the user gains extraordinary strength.

The fact that he used it means that the Garden of Despair in this world and in BBO had more in common than just the name and the crest. They’re the same when it comes to the worrisome parts. Wait, I gotta take care of this guy first.

「Fire Arrow. Fire Arrow. Fire Arrow. Fire Arrow. Fire…」

I chanted the spell quickly and shot Fire Arrows at him in rapid succession. Fire Arrow’s AOE is much smaller than that of the Fire Ball which gives it more power. It’s an extremely efficient magic spell. If it’s just firing continuously, even an idiot could do it.


Under rapid fire from a powerful spell, the man… or rather, the monster howled in pure agony.

「Fire Arrow. Fire Arrow.」

I ignored his cries and kept chanting rhythmically. It’s a simple offensive spell that even a grade schooler can do. Therefore you could unload immense firepower in just a short period of time. You just fire the same spell over and over again and the enemy dies. This is the biggest reason why in BBO they said even idiots can be Sages.

Utilizing numerous skills and rapid-firing simple yet powerful spells was what made the Sage class fascinating. It wasn’t necessarily a job class that even idiots can master.

I kept on firing while musing to myself and finally the monster lay motionless.

Phew. Well, that’s that.

I started retreating from the place. There wasn’t any need to stay longer. The other pursuers might find me if I lingered around.

I was lucky enough to escape without anyone else seeing my face. I better hurry back to the inn and blend in with the civilians. I’m technically a civilian too, though.




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