Chapter 26 – It Looks Like I’m Being Followed




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It Looks Like I’m Being Followed

「Who’s there? If you don’t come out, I’ll assume you’re an enemy.」

I entered a back alley and called out to the one tailing me. It’s fine if he doesn’t show himself. That only means he’s an enemy.

Then a man appeared behind me. He didn’t have any weapon ready.

「I didn’t think you’d notice me. How’d you know?」

「Just a hunch.」

During the early days of BBO, players could attack other players and take their items. And so surprise attacks were an everyday occurrence in the game. The system of stealing items from other players received awful feedback that it was abolished in a subsequent update. Being one of the first players, my acute senses from back then still remained etched within me. To prevent from being followed, me and my friends trained in game on how to spot someone tailing us.

Back then, players would even use Skills and spells to tail and ambush someone. Compared to that, someone who’s just making sure his footsteps were not heard was a lot easier to notice.

「I asked you a question. Who are you?」

I brandished my staff. He didn’t have a weapon ready but I can’t let my guard down.

「It’s okay. I’m from the guild.」

「A guild staff?」

「Yes. I was a witness to your admirable feat. I saw how you deflected the Sea Dragon’s attack with nothing but a sword. But no one knew you so I did some research and found out you were a rank F adventurer.」

Oh, back from when the ship was attacked. If I recall, some important figures from the guild were on board as well. So one of those guys had their eyes on me.

「So you were tailing me because of my rank?」

「I wouldn’t call it “tailing”, but more like “observing”. I thought I’d recruit a strong adventurer like you.」


「Besides adventurers, the guild also has a legitimate subjugation force. Unlike normal adventurers, the guild decides which request you’ll take. But in exchange, you get high rewards and compensation for injuries received while undertaking the request.」

So they want to bring me in while I’m still low-ranked. But…

「Sorry, but I won’t become a part of that. I want to be able to fight freely.」

I refused the man’s offer. If I became part of this subjugation force, I might not be able to choose requests freely anymore and there’s a possibility that they’ll dispatch me for a perilous kill quest. I’d like to avoid that.

「I understand. I’ll give up for now, but if you ever change your mind, please drop by the guild. Adventurers who noticed my tailing are always welcome. If you tell them you were referred by Rydias, they’ll accept your application.」

With that, he left a piece of paper in front of me and went on his way.『Adventurers’ Guild Regular Subjugation Force Letter of Recommendation』 was written on it. On the topmost portion was my name and the name Rydias was listed as the referrer.

I guess he was telling the truth. He just wanted to recruit me.

「The guild’s structure sure has changed.」

In BBO, there was no such thing as a regular subjugation force. There were countless requests as well. The ones no one accepted simply disappeared. But in this world, there are actual clients, and it’ll cause problems for them if their requests were not undertaken.

The purpose of the subjugation force is probably to take such requests. I don’t really feel up for it, unfortunately. The guild sure have their hands full.

I made my way to the guild. Not to join the subjugation force, but to change my job class and take some requests.

「There’s not a lot…」

For a guild in the capital, there were not a lot of requests available. There were odd jobs like carrying luggage or hard labor, but few monster kill quests.

If I’m taking a request, I want one where I could kill monsters so I actually gain experience points.

There had to be a reason why only a few kill quests were available. The receptionist seems to have some time so I’ll just ask her.




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