Chapter 27 – Sages were Apparently an Unknown Class




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Sages were Apparently an Unknown Class

「I have some questions regarding requests.」

「What would that be?」

「Are there other kill quests available?」

「There aren’t a lot of those in the capital. The army take down monsters as part of their training so there’s only a few of them around.」

I see. So it’s because of the army. It might be better to move to a different branch.

「Thanks. I won’t be taking requests, then. Can I change my designated job class here?」

「So you’ve graduated from being a Novice. Congratulations! Of course, you may officially change classes here! Which class did you choose?」


「Sage…? Is that like a Swordsman?」

Sounds like the Sage is a minority class. I suppose it’s completely understandable. After all, you can’t be a Sage from undergoing the Coming of Age Ceremony.

I’ll just have to tell her about it, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll settle for Wizard. There were spells a Wizard can use but a Sage can’t, but if I used a Wizard’s spell, I can probably fool her.

「No, Sage as in the spellcaster type.」

「…I’m not sure I follow, but you mean Wizard, right?」

「Yeah. Let’s go with that.」

「Okay! We’ll have to confirm it first.」

She took out a stone called a『Job Class Gem』. It was specifically for Wizards so『Wizard’s Gem』would be more appropriate.

…This is bad. We had the former back in BBO, but this one only lights up only when touched by someone of the corresponding class, i.e. in this case, it’ll only light up when a Wizard touches it.

「…I can use magic spells. Is that not enough?」

I activated『Torchlight』- a very basic spell that lights up the surrounding. Besides a Sage, only a Wizard could use it. Since Sage was an unknown class, I figured I could convince her I’m a Wizard by showing I could use the spell.

「It’s the rules. The only way to determine your job class is by using the gem.」

So I can’t pretend to be a Wizard, huh… I thought as I touched the Wizard’s Gem. It didn’t light up, of course.

「That’s strange… You can use magic so it should light up.」

「Are there other kinds of gem around?」

「Only Wizards can use magic spells. You can’t be a Novice either in that case. I’ll bring every gem we have just in case!」

And so she did. But none of them were the Sage’s Gem or the Hero’s Gem.

The Sage class can never be obtained by undergoing the Coming of Age Ceremony. It was possible to get the Hero class that way, but the chances are extremely low.

It seems going through the ceremony was the most common method of changing job classes in this world. They had not taken into consideration the classes you can get by going to the cathedral.

「Is this all of them?」

「Yes! There’s a Hero’s Gem at the church, but considering you can use magic, you can’t be a Hero either, right?」

I asked to no avail. By church, she probably meant the one that’s being used right now. Not the one in ruins. In either case, there’s no Sage’s Gem so not much I can do.

「Whatever. I’ll just forget about officially changing my job class.」

Without even touching the stones, I put my guild card away. It’s not like there’s any drawback to being a Novice.

「Um, we still have a lot we don’t know about the inferior job classes. You can try their gems. Who knows, they might light up.」

「Inferior job classes?」

In BBO, there were only two kinds of job classes: Basic and Advanced. The basic ones include Wizard, Swordsman, Archer, and Healer, and the advanced ones had Sage, Hero, Saint, and Berserker, among others.

Advanced classes have a lot more Skills in their arsenal, but in exchange they required a lot of exp to level up. Plus it was difficult to find the appropriate equipment. The chances of getting an advanced class by going through the Coming of Age Ceremony are astronomically low. You’d have to visit the cathedral otherwise. If I recall correctly, the Berserker class, which among the advanced class has the highest chances of being acquired through the ceremony, only has an obtainability rate of 0.7 percent.

There was no such thing as inferior classes in BBO, though. Even the basic job classes can be powerful depending on how you utilized your skillset.

「I’m referring to Berserkers and Saints… There are sometimes inferior classes in low-rank parties, but they usually end up leaving.」

…I see. It made sense. If these advanced classes and basic classes partied up and took down the same number of monsters together, the latter would level up faster.

In BBO, we levelled up separately, so there wasn’t that much difference in our exp. If they always partied up, it’s understandable that the advanced class would fall behind.

Still, an advanced class’s Skills are top-notch. I don’t think a bit of a level gap would result in one being kicked. Take the case of a Saint for example. They learn some overwhelmingly powerful Skills like『Divine Heal』and『Holy Barrier』even at lower levels, so some difference in exp shouldn’t matter much.

「Even Saints?」

「The amount of healing they provide with『Heal』is just not enough. Even normal Healers can do better.」

「What about Divine Heal?」

「What’s a Divine Heal?」




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