Chapter 41 – I Taught Her How to Configure her Skills




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I Taught Her How to Configure her Skills

I’ll decide what to teach her after I’ve seen the Flame Spear in action. In BBO, you learn how to fight monsters by trying and dying countless times which you can’t do in this world. It’s crucial, then, to make best use of the fighting style she already knows.

I remember the Skill tree that was considered the strongest in BBO, but if the person can’t utilize its potential, then there’s no point in teaching them. There are other configurations of Skills that are reliable and easier to use anyway.

「All right. Let’s do it my way first… After that, we’ll decide on how you’re going to fight. Are you willing to edit your Skill tree?」

「Edit my Skill tree?」

「I mean learning new Skills. Skills that have been learned can’t be reverted back to Skill Points.」

Your Skill configuration will decide the flow of a fight as well. I should explain it to her. She might hold it against me if I just decide on my own without explaining things properly.

「Skill Point… it’s the first time I’ve heard of the term. What is it?」

「It’s a point necessary to learn Skills. You gain them by levelling up. You won’t have enough Skill points to learn every Skill so learning one means foregoing another.」

In fact, a player can only learn thirty percent of the advanced Skills available to them. Powerful Skills are limited, and in BBO, which Skills to choose is a complicated matter that became a subject of discussions and arguments. It’s a field with no clear answer.

「But you know which particular Skills will make me the most strong, right?」

「I have in mind what I know is the strongest Skill tree.」

「Then I’ll just go with that. Can you teach it to me?」

…That was quick. I don’t think your Skill tree is something you decide upon that easily, but okay.

「Once you’ve configured your Skills, you can’t change them. You sure about this?」

「If I follow your suggestion, how strong will I get?」

「If you’ve learned at least the basics on how to utilize your Skills, you can take down a Raging Ape head-on one on one in less than ten minutes. From there on out, it’s all up to your abilities and your fighting skills.」

「If I can get that strong, then I don’t see any reason to refuse. What I want is power to earn achievements right now rather than room to improve in the future.」

Looks like she’s not backing down.

「All right. Then I’ll teach you which Skills to learn. It’ll take time before it’s fully completed, but you should be plenty strong with the Skills you can acquire at your current level. Oh, and as for how to learn Skills, I want you to keep it a secret.」

「Thanks. If you don’t tell anyone, I won’t as well.」

Now that I got her word, I began recalling the Skill configuration of a Hero. It was normal in BBO to have several characters with different job classes. It was also normal for advanced players to have characters with the same job class but different Skill Trees and fight accordingly. And I’m one of those players. I’m about to teach Mylia the strongest Skill Tree that I came up with.

A few minutes later…

「All right, are you ready?」

「Yeah. I’ve got an idea on how to use my Skills.」

After testing her newly-acquired Skills, we were about to fight a monster from the Forest of Death.

The target is a Blood Tiger. One of the stronger B-ranked monsters. It wasn’t considered that strong in BBO, but in this world it’s feared among adventurers for its incredibly high durability and attack power.

「Magic Taunt!」

I used magic from a distance to draw the attention of one Blood Tiger. If Mylia learned how to properly utilize her Skills, I think she could take them all out, but for now we’ll only go against one for practice.


The Blood Tiger started charging at me. I’m going to draw its attention, and Mylia will attack the monster.

Hopefully in the future she can use Over Guard and some offensive Skills at the same time to push back something like a Blood Tiger and take them down straight away. But for now, I’ll tank for her.


「Magic Guard!」

I stopped the charging Blood Tiger on its tracks with my staff.




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