Chapter 55 – Not Everything was the Same as the Game




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Not Everything was the Same as the Game

A few minutes later.
I managed to dodge every attack under extremely limited vision and made it before the Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon.

「I knew it… It’s just like in BBO.」

If the dragon was even slightly different from the one in BBO, I would’ve been dead a while ago. Just like the game, this world has magic and Skills; even the enemies were the same. Of course, not everything was identical. There were monsters here that weren’t in BBO.

And now for the finishing touch, I chanted one more buffing spell. Its effects last only for a short amount of time so I couldn’t cast it beforehand.

「Critical Field, Critical Enchant.」

These two spells buff my critical strike. If I bring out a critical blow now, it’ll have 50 times more power than normal. If I’m not able to muster a critical strike, I won’t be able to deal much damage at all. Normally, critical strike is only available to melee weapons… But there’s actually a trick to it.

「Boulder Hammer.」

I used a mid-level earth-type spell. I was assaulted by a headache and a sense of lethargy.

It’s the price of stacking multiple buff spells that have drawbacks. Using one spell consumes massive HP and MP.

Furthermore, because of my『Ultra-Extended Incantation』, it takes time for the spell to fully activate. Which is exactly why this combo will work.

「Take… this!」

Enduring the headache, I raised my staff above my head and brandished it in a full swing. Right before it hit the dragon, I loosened the power just a little bit.

Critical hit.
The staff’s power was almost nil. But now in a full swing, its damage is amplified by 50 times. Still it’s enough to penetrate the dragon’s defense.

But it was not only my staff that dealt critical damage. The spell produced by my staff, the Boulder Hammer, with its activation delayed by the Ultra-Extended Incantation, was about to take shape.

The critical buff from my staff is extended to the spell as well.

The buff on myself totalled 324 times. The attribute buff 10 times. Critical buff 50 times. Multiply all the figures, 324x10x50, and you get a total of 162,000.

A boulder with 160,000 times more power materialized in the air and scored a direct hit on the Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon.

I say a boulder, but that’s only from a human’s perspective. It’s not that big for a dragon.

It shouldn’t even deal much damage at all. But the tremendous power contained in the rock will prove that wrong.

It was only as big as the monster’s arm, but it crushed the Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon with the force of a gigantic meteor. The shockwave from the blast whipped up the surrounding dust into the air, blocking the dragon from view.

The Lightning Dragon shrieked in agony. I listened to the sound, perplexed.

「I haven’t heard that one before.」

In BBO, I’ve heard twelve different kinds of the Dragon’s death cry and this wasn’t one of them. Well, this isn’t a game anyway, so everything doesn’t have to be the same.

I waited for the dust to settle. Then I realized something.

I’ve actually heard the cry before. A shriek that the dragon lets out when it receives substantial damage. In BBO, I almost always killed one in one shot so this is the first time that I’ve heard it in a while. Though I’ve heard it numerous times during my early days of taking on the monster.

Most of all, the creature should give enormous amount of exp, but I didn’t level up. That only means one thing – the dragon is still alive.

Based on BBO data and calculations, that much power should have killed it.

Did I screw up? Maybe they have the same movement pattern as the ones in the game, but their HPs are different? Or the buff multiplier is different in this world than in BBO?

I was baffled by the unexpected turn of events. But my body still moved.

A battle never always goes in one’s favor. One must not hesitate in taking action. When faced with an unforeseen situation, you must immediately come up with a solution. This is a skill I’ve mastered in BBO.

「Spell Release. Enhance Field.」

First I need to deactivate one of the buff Skills, Enhance Field. It’s a Skill that increase the power of a spell in exchange for a massive amount of MP. By deactivating it, I’ll have just enough mana to unleash one more attack. Its power will decrease by one-third, but it should be enough for a finishing blow.

「Boulder Hammer.」

Once again, I chanted the spell. After just a bit, the Dragon rose up and screamed in rage. At the same time, it started charging its magic attack: Lightning Strike Annihilation.

A Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon’s trump card. It’s said that it’s impossible to withstand the force of the attack – an ultra-powerful Skill. If I get hit, I’ll be gone without a trace, literally. Utterly destroyed.

But I didn’t try to dodge. I can’t. Once the Dragon perceives you as an enemy, there’s no way to avoid its attacks. There’s only one thing to do: kill it before it kills me.

My Boulder Hammer’s activation is just a tad faster. My staff is still in my hand. All I have to do is swing it and produce a critical hit.

If I missed the critical hit, I’m a goner. If I messed up the timing just a bit, I’m also dead.

Under such pressure, both my arms moved surprisingly smoothly. My body knows how to draw a critical hit.

At the same time I unleashed the critical strike, the Boulder Hammer struck the Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon. This time it let out a familiar cry – one that can only be heard when it’s dying. In that exact moment an enormous amount of exp flowed into me, and I felt my level shoot up.




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