Chapter 66 – The Guild’s Warehouse was Huge




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The Guild’s Warehouse was Huge

「That’s great. I wanted to get promoted quick.」

「I know. Rumors say rank C is not even enough for you and you’re aiming for higher. This whole system of rank discrimination against other job classes should just be abolished.」he muttered.

In that moment, he looked as if he just said something he shouldn’t have.

「Please don’t tell any important guild personnel I said that. I’ll get fired.」he asked, embarrassed.

「Sure thing.」

It looks like objecting to the ranking system is enough to get a branch manager fired. That’s valuable information in itself.

「Thank you. If there’s a pretext, I can ask headquarters to promote you to rank B. Do you have anything in mind?」

「Let’s see… What about killing Hungry Ogres?」

We’ve been talking about the Dimension Storage for a while. But I didn’t come here to teach them the Skill. We strayed off topic as I was taking out the monster materials I gathered. I came here to submit my report about the request I took.

「Killing Hungry Ogres, huh… Solo killing them is quite an achievement, yes. But I don’t think it’s good enough for a special promotion. By the way, how many did you kill?」


The manager’s eyes widened.

「Fifty-two?! Are you sure it’s not just two?!」

「It’s fifty-two all right. I killed them while carefully saving mana.」

There’s no convenient way to restore mana in this world. So economizing mana becomes necessary when hunting many monsters.

「This goes way beyond just how you conserved your mana! Are you sure you didn’t inflate the numbers?」

「I counted them properly. Well I’d say there’s a margin of error of one or two.」

「That’s not what I meant. Well, whatever. We’ll know once we count them all. Please bring out their corpses.」

「There’s not enough space here. Hungry Ogres are huge.」

Hungry Ogres are around three meters tall. I can’t carry them easily like a Wolf’s fang. Placing them at the counter is out of the question too.

「Good point. I’ll take you to the warehouse. The purchase will be done there.」

A few moments later.
I was taken to the guild’s warehouse.

「I heard it was big, but this is incredible.」

The warehouse was way bigger than where I usually go to submit my report. There were piles of food, monster materials, and medicinal plants all over the place.

「It has to be this huge in case of unusual situations. Like for example, when lots of Hungry Ogres are brought to us.」he said, surveying the interior of the warehouse.

Finding a spacious spot, he gestured for me to follow him.

「This should do. Please bring out all the materials you gathered.」

Unlike earlier, I don’t have to worry about space. Taking them out from another dimension, I dropped all the materials to the floor directly.

Fifty-two Hungry Ogres. I haven’t counted how many of the other monsters I killed but I’m guessing it’s around five hundred. Approximately half of them were the Hungry Ogre’s followers.




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