Chapter 68 – I Used Some Tricks to be More Efficient




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I Used Some Tricks to be More Efficient

The next day.
After receiving a total of over 300 million gils for my kills, I was out hunting once more.

「I won’t make it in time if I go about this normally.」

I tried to efficiently use my mana in hunting Hungry Ogres yesterday. But it would still take some time to take out all the Hungry Ogres with the same level of efficiency. So I have to cut my mana consumption even further.

That said, I actually already made preparations yesterday. While I was hunting Hungry Ogres, I did a survey of the local geography. Knowing the land’s features will allow for a more efficient hunting.

「Magic Search.」

I entered the forest and used the spell. I then found a Hungry Ogre at the location I expected.

There are comfortable and uncomfortable places for monsters. The comfortable locations would have lots of food or where they’re less likely to get attacked.

And when you kill monsters in their comfortable spots, there will be another one in the same place the following day. Bearing in mind their nature, you can search for monsters more efficiently.

「Aight, on to the next.」

Yesterday, I would immediately attack once I spot one, but right now, I won’t. If I follow the same pattern as yesterday, I would end up killing the same number of monsters. If I can gather a few close together, I can take them down efficiently. Though it gets more risky.

「This should do.」

After finding seven Hungry Ogres as I was running around the forest, I stopped. Taking them out should be good enough for now. The King Ogre might show up if too many Hungry Ogres gathered around. Killing a single Hungry Ogre is easy, but facing several of them is quite rough.

I activated my taunting spell in succession, baiting the Hungry Ogres, and moved to my destination. It’s a place with a cliff on one side and a river on the other.



When I made it to my destination, I saw the baited Hungry Ogres making a beeline for me, fuming in rage. They don’t like water so they’re charging forward while keeping a distance from the river. So basically they’re forced to clump up together.


「Gaaaaahhhh! Gaaaahhh!」

The Hungry Ogres were running for me, seemingly fighting over the narrow path. It could’ve turned into an all-out brawl if they were monsters with low intelligence. But the Hungry Ogres are not dumb enough to actually just kill each other. Though even if they don’t, they will still meet the same fate.

「Flame Circle.」

Flames materialized in front of the running Hungry Ogres. Seething with fury, they quickly stopped in their tracks and started climbing the cliff. A move I was expecting.

「Small Explosion.」

I fired a basic Skill at the cliff they were climbing. Small Explosion is a small-scale explosion spell that consumes little mana and is also weak in terms of power. A normal cliff won’t crumble from something like this. But this cliff is different because I modified it a bit so that if I fired an explosion spell at a particular spot, it would easily crumble.

The next moment, the cliff collapsed with a roaring rumble.




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