Chapter 77 – I Tried to Fight in the Flames




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I Tried to Fight in the Flames

「Sticky Bomb. Sticky Bomb. Sticky…」

I used a few more Sticky Bombs to pin the Emperor Ogre’s legs down to the ground. This would all be pointless if it just rips the ground along with its legs, but I wasn’t going to give it time for that. Now, I’ll fight directly.

「Blood Poison, Critical Field, Attack Field, Enhance Field.」

I moved closer while casting a few support spells. Seeing me approach him, the Emperor Ogre’s mouth curved into a ferocious smile.


The Emperor Ogre roared as it swung its bulky arm down. Nothing but a simple blow. But a blow coming from a creature over five meters tall will undoubtedly have enough power to kill me in an instant.

I readied my staff and blocked its attack. My weapon was thinner than the Emperor Ogre’s fingers, but it deflected back the monster’s arm with ease.

The effects of a Critical Counter and Critical Field. With these two together, I can deflect almost any physical attack. I say “almost”, as a blow from a Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon will surely overpower and crush me.

「Flame Pillar.」

Right at the same time I deflected the monster’s blow, I used my Flame Pillar. An attack that’s used at the same moment a critical counter is triggered will carry a critical buff as well. I have no idea how that works, but this trick could be applied in BBO and apparently this world as well.

「Flame Circle.」

While the creature was still wincing from the pain, I cast Flame Circle at its foot. Its already battered legs was now engulfed in more flames. It should be unbearable for the Emperor Ogre.

The monster let out a cry unlike any before. So the burning oil did work. Otherwise, there’s no way a normal Flame Circle with no critical buff can deal this much damage.

「Flame Circle. Flame Circle.」

Recognizing it as an opportunity, I cast an AoE incineration spell in quick succession. Thanks to my Anti-Flame Skill, I could get swallowed up by the flames too but not take any damage. Anti-Flame may not be effective against high-level fire type monsters, but it can, a hundred percent, protect me against flames produced from burning oil or my spells.

「Giiiiiiiiii… Gigwoooaaaaahhh!」

Suffering from the intense pain, the Emperor Ogre tried to swing both its arms at me. Even when sustaining immense damage, it still prioritized attacking me. Nothing less from a Boss monster.

But using both its arms to attack in front of me was a bad move.

「Wind Walk… Float.」

I dodged both its arms with Wind Walk and used Float to hover up right before its eyes.


Having its attack dodged, the Emperor Ogre roared in rage while it tried to use both its arms to knock me down to the ground. This is what I was waiting for. After all, I can’t get a critical buff unless it attacked me first.

「Flame Circle.」

Blocking its arms with my staff and triggering a Critical buff, I cast incineration magic at its face. The Emperor Ogre howled in anguish at having its eyes and mouth seared.


「Hmm… this thing’s tough all right.」I muttered to myself as I watched the monster shield its rage-filled face.

I was dealing damage… I should be, but it’s not even close to dying.

The damage I’ve dealt probably totalled twenty percent of its HP so far; 10% from the burning oil and 10% from my own attacks. The flames from the oil don’t deal significant damage, but since it’s burning over time it adds up. The Emperor Ogre’s movements have slowed down too.

I, on the other hand, have more or less fifty percent MP left. It’s only natural that I’ve expended so much since I had to use some support Skills and offensive magic spells as well. But if I don’t use as much MP as I did, I wouldn’t even be able to deal significant damage at all.

At this rate, I’ll use up all my MP while only reducing the Emperor Ogre’s HP by forty percent.

An Emperor Ogre has incredible stamina in the first place even without the buff from the Demon Venom. It’s the reason I wouldn’t be able to kill a normal Emperor Ogre.

So I’m going to use the Demon Venom to my advantage. Sages have the Skill that fits the purpose.

「Forbidden Spell – Mana Corrosion.」

I cast a new spell right before the Emperor Ogre’s very eyes and black mist appeared in front of me. This mist is my trump card against the Demon Venom.




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