Chapter 82 – A Dangerous Matter




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A Dangerous Matter

「That would be all… is what I’d like to say, but…」Count Meigis said, glancing at the door to the reception room.

Was he worried someone would be eavesdropping? It was then that the branch manager spoke.

「I’ve driven everyone away and there would be no chance of being eavesdropped. Would you like me to step outside?」

「Thank you, Royce. I’m sorry, but I’d like you to leave us for now. There are things that are better left unknown. That way, you’ll be safe.」

「Thank you for the consideration, Sir. I’ll be taking my leave, then.」the manager (whose name was apparently Royce) said, and left the room.

It sounds like the things I’m about to hear are of dangerous nature.

「Is it all right for me to know?」

「Yes. In fact, it would be dangerous for those with inferior job classes if they did not know about i.」

「Dangerous if they didn’t know?」

「Exactly. If my plan fails, I want you, those with inferior job classes, to seek asylum abroad.」

Asylum? Now there’s a disturbing word. Though I have an idea of what he’s planning.

「Why? Because Georgis is gonna work with the Garden of Despair to annihilate those with inferior job classes?」

「You figured out that much?」Meigis said, astonished.

It looks like I hit the mark.
「I just considered that possibility. I wasn’t sure if that was really it.」

「Unfortunately, you’re right. And once you’re all exterminated, they will turn their attention to the common masses. I do not know about Georgis, but the people from the Garden of Despair won’t be satisfied with just killing those with inferior job classes.」

I see. They’re just like the Garden of Despair I imagined. He’s probably right. The problem now is…

「Do you have a plan to stop them? I don’t know about Georgis, but the Garden of Despair can’t be dealt with that easily.」

「I’m aware of that. Which is why I’ll devote myself in opposing Georgis. If I stop him, his influence on the kingdom should weaken.」

He has a point. If the Cardinal’s influence weakens, the Garden of Despair will lose considerable power. On the other hand, if they have strong ties to the kingdom, they can do whatever they please.

But that is exactly why it would be difficult to stop Cardinal Georgis. The Garden of Despair will do whatever it takes if that means benefiting from the Cardinal. For example, causing a monster outbreak on the land of Count Meigis, a man who actively opposes Georgis, to weaken him.

「You’re wondering how I’m going to stop him.」

「Yeah. Stopping Cardinal Georgis won’t be easy.」

「You’re right. I’m up against a Cardinal. A powerful man of the church. He has much more territory and military force than me. 」

Sounds about right. Only a man with that much authority can push the kingdom to order an evacuation of the people.

「But there’s a chance of success if the nobles within the kingdom worked together. In fact, there’s a few of them who’s opposing Georgis, just like me. They’re not as open about it though.」

「…So can you win?」

「Of course not. So I’m going to add more people to our side by sacrificing myself.」

Again, quite disturbing. I have an idea of what the Count is planning to do.

「You’re opposing the Cardinal out in the open so the word spreads throughout the kingdom. Then you’re going to let yourself be crushed utterly and one-sidedly to let the people know Georgis is a dangerous man.」

「You figured that much just based on what we’ve talked about so far? Are you really fifteen?」

「There’s really only one option when you said you’re going to sacrifice yourself.」

There were spells in BBO that required the user to sacrifice himself. But only a select few could use them: People of the church and the Garden of Despair.

Even a BBO player like me doesn’t know how to use them. I suspect Count Meigis doesn’t either.

「Only one option… that is absolutely correct. There’s no other way.」

「Have you tried peaceful means to gather allies?」

「Yes. I’ve done all I could and that brings me to my current situation. This is actually the perfect opportunity to make a move. The promotion to rank A of the Flame Spear, someone with an inferior job class, has made a huge impact on the guild.」

Oh, this is where Mylia comes in. So her promotion has been approved.

「So thanks to Mylia getting promoted to rank A, the overall treatment of those with inferior job classes will be better?」

「Not entirely, but her promotion will lead to that. The main reason for the discrimination is their lack of usefulness in combat. Someone with an inferior job class climbing up to rank A is sure to leave a huge mark.」

「…I see your point. I’m surprised they approved her promotion, considering Georgis has influence in the guild as well.」

「They probably had no other choice when she took down an S-rank monster solo. I believe it’s more accurate to say that they were made to approve it. In either case, the fact remains that Georgis’s claim of the inferior job classes being weak is losing credibility. The guild official’s opinions on their treatment are split right now.」

It looks like the Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon was useful after all. My hard work didn’t go to waste.




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