Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 5



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The Count will be solely responsible for the production of healing medicines. His dominion will surely flourish in the future. The number of workers will increase, and so will the expenditure. Becoming a supplier to them would result in immeasurable profit. The one gil was probably just to make doubly sure.

I had a feeling that there was something more. However, I didn’t think I could find out what the president of a huge company was up to just by probing around. In that case, asking her directly was the quickest route.

“Seems like you still have more to say,” I said.

“Oh, how’d you know? Was it written on my face?” Myna pressed her face.

She was wrong, though. I simply made a guess.

“No. I just thought that you didn’t have to come personally if all you wanted was to gain our trust.”

After all, there was not a single competing firm at the moment. She didn’t actually have to come to gain our trust. All she had to do was send the weapons.

“If you know that much, there’s no reason to hide it,” she said. “This is just my guess, but I think the amount of healing potions manufactured could be increased even more.”

I see. She realized that.

She was absolutely right. We could increase our production even more. We assigned less manpower for production so the Cardinal couldn’t sniff anything out. Once that was no longer necessary, we could increase the production rate of the healing medicine by more than tenfold.

I thought we were doing a good job of controlling information, but apparently we couldn’t fool Myna.

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

If information was leaked, we needed to take immediate action. If Myna could obtain it, then the Cardinal could as well.

“Oh, it’s not like I did some scouting or anything,” Myna said. “I’d lose your trust if you found out.”

“Really, now?”

“Yeah. But when I was looking into the healing medicines in circulation, I had a feeling that you were using a different method than Cardinal Georgis. Since this is you we’re talking about, I wondered if you came up with a method for manufacturing healing medicines without using belladonnas, and brought it here. A method that allows for easy mass production.”

She was right about the easy mass production part, but wrong about not using belladonnas. So even Myna didn’t have a complete grasp on healing medicines either. Either way, I didn’t expect her to get that much information just from the amount in circulation.

“I get it. As for whether we can increase the amount of healing medicine manufactured, that’s a secret, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you.”

The production of the medicines was the domain’s top secret. I couldn’t reveal it that easily, not even to Myna.

“It’s fine. I just made my own guess.”

Myna quickly backed down. She wasn’t here to probe for information about it.

“But if production can be increased,” she continued, “wouldn’t you want to increase it?”

She hit the mark. Right now, the healing medicine was still priced too high for the common people. Fewer supply simply resulted in higher prices. Count Meigis said that he wanted to increase this production volume and make the medicine available to ordinary people as well.

I agreed with him on that. It might seem like a bad idea to mass produce a cure and drop the price, but it would actually benefit the Count’s dominion and the people with advanced job classes. Increasing the production capacity would inevitably lead to the manufacturing process being exposed.

If you mass produce products, you will have an advantage once the process is exposed. Mass production is far less expensive, giving an edge over direct competitors if any popped up.

If the price of the medicine dropped to a tenth of what it was now, no one would be willing to compete with us. If production increased a hundredfold, sales would increase tenfold. We’d be able to maintain that tenfold increase in sales forever. This was clearly more efficient than being secretive and producing only little at a time.

Of course, we couldn’t let outsiders find out about our plans. But from the way Myna spoke, she must have already considered this idea.

“I can’t answer that question,” I said.

“Of course. Well, I’m not saying it’s gonna happen right away. If you ever need a strong distribution or sales network, we can give you some advice.”

I see. Building one ourselves would take years. By acting as our agent, she could make huge profits. This was the reason why Myna came personally.

“Everyone wins. Incredible,” Count Meigis blurted out.

Yeah. Myna was ready to make a killing. After our victory over Cardinal Georgis, it’s certain that Myna will make a fortune. And the best part was, no one would be losing money.
We were able to procure a lot of quality weapons without going bankrupt.

Without Myna, we’d have to rely on other companies for our sales network of healing medicine and procurement networks for necessary materials. Doing it ourselves would be much more difficult, and entrusting those things to Maxia wouldn’t make us lose money either.

“I’m always mindful of that, Count Meigis,” Myna said. “It’s more profitable to gain together rather than making business partners lose money.”

If there was anyone losing money, it was probably the other trading firms who were not present. Myna was going to take this big business opportunity all to herself.

I shouldn’t make enemies of Myna when it comes to business. There was no reason to even make enemies at all, which was what made her so incredible.

“Well, this is just the beginning,” Myna said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“A domain with you involved is bound to become something amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into the largest nobleman’s domain in the country in about ten years.”

“That sounds…” Count Meigis paused and looked at me. He pondered over what to say for a moment. “That’s possible. With Eld right here.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

I wasn’t good with politics. Neither did I like it. I just couldn’t fight under the current conditions, and I was just trying to change that.

Once advanced job classes received their proper recognition, I wouldn’t deal with politics anymore. It’s not like me getting involved would have an effect on a whole nation.

I think.



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