Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 2



Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

The question is how to make use of the opportunity the enemy has created so far. Do they have the guts to step out of the hall and fight me head-on? If not, then I don’t have a problem with that whatsoever. I’ll just stay where I am and wait for sixty seconds.

“The enemy is closing in!” Sachylis said, peering down the hall.

It would have been easier if they just lay in wait, but I guess things just don’t work your way sometimes. When they saw that I wasn’t attacking them, they must have realized that I was waiting for the time to recast Steam Explosion. Assuming I didn’t have a chance to win, they went ahead and attacked me first.

Actually, they can win against me if this plan succeeds. Numbers mean everything, after all. Crushing the enemy’s chances of winning is, of course, a basics of battle as well.

“Magic Shield.”

In order to keep the enemy back, I unleashed a restraining spell. However, I wasn’t aiming for the room’s exit, but far before it. If the enemy wanted to, they could walk through the open door and out of the hall. Actually they wouldn’t even know about the shield I put up until they left the room.

At a glance, the positioning of the shield seemed random, but it’s actually a death trap. The enemy would have to expose themselves if they wanted to destroy it.

The barrier is impervious to the enemy’s magic, but my magic can pass through it, so the enemy needs to destroy the barrier while under fire from my own spells, and also try to make sure their attacks reach me.

If the wards were set up to block the exit of the hall, the enemy could destroy it while still staying hidden. Not putting it right at the exit strengthens my defenses.

“Charge! Follow me!”

Whether they knew it or not, the enemy came out in a group to attack all at once. Sounds of footsteps were coming closer to the exit.

“Don’t stop, no matter how many people are killed! There is no way we survive unless we take him down!”

Even if I can’t use Steam Explosion, they’ll still get hit with my other spells if they get into range. Since movement is limited to the narrow doorway, it’s also difficult to dodge. It’s almost a suicide mission. And the enemy is well aware of this fact.

But compared to giving me time to cast Steam Explosion again, this tactic has a better survival rate. That’s why they decided to charge.

“It looks like they have a death wish,” Sachylis said.

“Yeah. Probably the best move for them, though. They’re pretty well-trained.”

A ten percent survival rate is a lot better than zero percent. Your mind might be able to process that, but whether your body will actually move is a whole different story.

This is their only chance at winning, and a situation like this where the chances of dying are so high is quite rare. To be able to rush in there without hesitation is a testament to their proficiency.

“Enemy in sight! The reports were right. It’s Eld and a female archer!”

“Magic barrier up ahead! Given their abilities, I believe destroying it is impossible!”

“Go around to the side! I don’t care if that’s what the enemy wants! If our swords reach the enemy first, we win!”

If they were soldiers, they were probably special forces or something. I didn’t feel this much spirit even from Cardinal Georgis’ elites.

If our swords reach the enemy first, we win? They seem to be underestimating a Sage’s Magic Veil a little, but it’s much better than thinking about it too much. Now to wait and see if whoever gets their sword close can actually break through the barrier… which is basically just them entrusting things to fate. But this is a tactic that relies on luck to win.

It’s a shame to have such skilled men killed, but they’ll have to die here unfortunately. Even if we take them alive, I don’t think they’ll betray their country.

“Flame Circle!”

I cast fire magic to block both sides of the barrier. Flames rose in the enemy’s path.

“Flame magic?!”

“No matter! Go over it!”

“Water discharge magic incoming!”

Wetting their body with water magic, the enemy tried to push through, aiming for the barrier’s weak spot,. Pouring water over yourself shouldn’t be enough to render Flame Circle ineffective. I guess they’re just gonna use their own spirit to force themselves through.

To be honest, it would be nice if Count Meigis’s army had fighters of this level. But what Count Meigis’s army should really be focusing on is not to train soldiers who can carry out a suicide missions, but to prepare before a battle so they could win withour resorting to such last-ditch efforts.

Just like the current battle.


An enemy soldier fell forward. He had stepped on the Sticky Bomb planted inside the Flame Circle.

Use fire magic to take away their vision and stall them with Sticky Bombs. It’s an extremely classic tactic, but it works so nicely under the right situation.

The enemy actually had a better strategy they could’ve taken. That would be to smash the barrier in front of them. If they all attacked together, it would’ve been destroyed easily.

Sure, if I put up a poweful barrier, I could make it last until they were annihilated. But that’s an option that would lead directly to my defeat.

Even Sages have limited mana, and a considerable amount is required to stop the attacks of a large number of trained soldiers. If my opponent had an advantage over me, it would be their number. If one soldier could reduce my mana by one percent, then the 101st enemy could fight me when I’m completely drained.

If it’s only a one on one, there’s still a way I can fight even without mana, but it’s impossible to take on ten people at once without AoE magic.

I could fight a little better if I had backup from Count Meigis’s troops in town, but that would leave us with no way to deal with the enemies lurking outside.



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