Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 6



Translator: Kell

“Magic Blast.”

Although its range is limited, it’s a relatively powerful explosive magic, enough to break down a wall this thick.

The moment I revealed myself, tension filled the room. As expected, in the middle of the room was a woman in chains. Her face was the same as the impostor I just saw, so there was no doubt that this was the real princess.

“Did you come to save me?” she asked.

“I’m not sure yet,” I answered honestly.

Even if the enemy tried to negotiate with me, I have no intention of listening to them. If I can save her through brute force, I will, if not, the princess will probably be killed.

What happens will depend on the upcoming fight.

“Don’t move! Don’t you care about what happens to the princess?!”

“Hmm. If possible, I don’t want you to kill her, but I don’t even know if she’s the real princess. You’re putting me in a spot here. Flame Circle.”

I cast a fire spell. To the enemy, the princess is a trump card. Because she’s there, they’re certain that they won’t get blown to bits by Steam Explosion. They couldn’t really kill her that easily.

That’s why I attacked. I don’t know what would happen if I launched an attack that could annihilate all of the enemy, but I’m sure the enemy can’t make a move even if I just poked a bit. That said, I adjusted the Flame Circle’s position accordingly so not one enemy was devoured by it while blocking their view.

“W-Wait! We’ll negotiate—!”

“I don’t feel like negotiating with weaklings. At least show me that you can fight. If you survive, I’ll negotiate.”

I’m not exactly some kind of maniac who loves fighting. And how strong the other party is doesn’t matter in a negotiation either. But they don’t know that. If they want to negotiate with me, they need to survive my attack, and if I make them think that, we can avoid getting the princess killed right away.

“Power orb. Power orb. Power orb.”

I cast spells through the fire magic, one that makes a black ball about sixty centimeters in diameter appear in the air and launch it.

It’s like a blunt object than can crush things, so it’s said to be effective against armor-wearing opponents, but it’s not really fast, and does not explode either, which makes it hard to land. It’s a pretty useless magic overall.

If the enemies tried, they could dodge this spell. And so they gave it their best. So far, not one of the balls had hit their mark.

It should be about time they get used to the black orbs. Their body will move subconsciously if they see one flying. In fact, they should no longer be observing each and every orb, instead paying attention to whether or not I’m going to make another move.

Time to end this.

“Power Orb.”

First of all, I cast the same spell. And in the next moment, I put on the black hoodie I took out from my magic storage and cast one magic without a chant.

Magic Wing, an aviation type Skill.

Thanks to the Flame Circle blocking the enemies’ vision, they couldn’t see me put my hoodie on.

That opening alone was enough. Defending myself from my own Flame Circle with my Magic Veil, I blended in with the Power Orbs to get close to the princess, then hit the man guarding her with a staff.

“Here we go.”

While the man guarding her flinched, I lifted the princess into my arms.

The princess gave a yelp of surprise, but I didn’t really have time to talk. We’re literally in the middle of the enemy formation.

I immediately took out a hammer from my storage and smashed the chains that bound the princes.

“Magic Wing!”

Then I slipped through the opposite side of the enemy’s encirclement. That was a rather uneventful rescue mission.

“Princess, get down.”

I made her lie down on the ground, and then cast a warding spell. We were clearly preparing for an explosion, and the enemy realized what was about to happen.

“P-Please don’t—”

Wearing a frightened look, a man tried to beg for his life, but they knew all too well that doing so was pointless.

“Steam Explosion.”

There was a loud boom.

After confirming the enemies’ complete annihilation, I called out to the princess, who was still lying on the ground.

“I’m glad you’re safe. Can you stand up?”

“I apologize. I can’t stand up.”

“Okay.” I grabbed the princess’ hand and pulled her up.

“Um, who are you?”

“Eld, an adventurer. We rescued the king first, so don’t worry about him.”

“Thank you, Lord Eld. I will never forget this! Please allow me to thank you after things have settle down…”

“I’m sorry, but this whole case might not be announced publicly. Forget about what happened here for the time being.”

I studied the princess’ condition. She seemed thin. Perhaps she didn’t get to eat much while confined. But other than that, she looked fine. There wasn’t any serious problems with her. There was a chance the enemy would use her as a hostage for a long time, so they didn’t treat her badly. She could just be acting tough, though.

“Drink this. It’s a healing medicine made by the Count’s estate.”


The princess drank the potion I gave her without even smelling it… and frowned. I saw that coming. It doesn’t taste good. The fact that she drank the potion without checking it at all suggested she really trusted me. I’m sure members of the royal family are educated to let others check for poison first.

Maybe she didn’t want to disobey me after what she just witnessed.

“Well, let’s go. I’ll get you somewhere safe.”


“This is Sachylis of Count Meigis’ army. She’ll be your guide from here on out.”

“Th-Thank you! But what are you going to do, Lord Eld?”

“I have to clean up the trash left in the royal palace, so I’ll be joining you later. I want you to get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise you might get caught up in the mess.”

“Cleaning up the trash? Not literally, right?”

Yeah. I don’t think anyone would actually clean the place up in this situation. I mean, true, the place is a mess, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

“Of course, not. It’s similar to what I did earlier.”

“I see… Be careful, then. I don’t wish to see you injured.”

“Don’t worry. No one’s strong enough to do that.”

Well actually there is one guy, but I don’t need to tell her that. I need the princess to take shelter and enjoy the sounds of explosions in the royal palace from a safe distance.



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