Volume 6 Chapter 6 Part 2



Translator: Kell

True. I was the one who led the king’s rescue mission, and defeated Cardinal Georgis. Of course, I didn’t do it all alone. I had help from my comrades.

Also I’m no monster. I’m a human being. I don’t have the power to protect Count Meigis and the king at the same time, and I don’t intend to. I’m still not satisified with where I’m at right now. I need to use my time to become stronger.

If my identity was known, the enemy would realize that I’m indeed just a regular human immediately. And that’s why we’ll keep it under wraps.

“If they find out that I’m the one who protected the king, then they might attack if I’m not around. It would be better not to tell anyone.”

“That is true… Are you okay with that?”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“You fought like a madman. You will definitely be deemed the strongest person in our kingdom, or even the world. Everyone will think highly of you if they find out about what you did. If you hide your true identity, you’ll be throwing away such an opportunity.”

The world’s strongest? I’m not sure about this kingdom, but there should someone stronger out there.

I encountered a Sage already, although they were rather weak. I’m sure there’s someone out there who actually knows how to fight if I looked for one.

I can count on my knowledge from BBO. In this world, however, people don’t have that knowledge. But they can still devote their time to training and become strong, even if their training regime is a little inefficient.

If someone born ten years earlier than me had even the slightest idea of how to become strong, I’d have a hard time defeating them when I’ve only been an adventurer recently. They would be higher leveled than me, and there could be several of them even. But if I had a few more years to become stronger, even they would have a difficult time winning against me.

“I’m not trying to be famous. If anything, I like the idea of keeping what I did secret.”

Becoming famous is just not my intention. I don’t want enemies coming to kill me. I don’t mind people finding out that I’m reasonably strong, but I also don’t want them to see me as the greatest threat around. One of the reasons I trained the adventurers from Count Meigis’ domain was so I could blend in, camouflage my presence.

“As a king, I’d like to properly recognize outstanding people.”

“You’ll have to survive first. I’d rather not have someone dead commend me.”

“I suppose. I am indebted to you.”

“Yeah. Looking forward to when you return the favor.”

My efforts were swept under the rug for now. The cover-up is beneficial to both sides, though the king owes me. I’ll have to ask him to pay me back later at a higher interest rate. In Japan, interest is legally limited, but in this kingdom, a little bit of usury should be fine.

“Well then,” the king said. “Your payment will be addressed to Count Meigis. It would be less conspicuous if you received the reward from the Count himself, wouldn’t it?”

“That sounds good,” Meigis said. “I’ll keep the reward to Eld off the books.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all,” I said.

“To people who don’t know what’s going on, it looks as if I’m paying someone powerful.”

Even Count Meigis agreed with my plan. Now we can cover-up what I did quite cleanly.

“Next on our agenda is the Count’s reward.”

“The original decision was for me to receive Cardinal Georgis’ domain. I suppose that’s been changed?”

“That’s your reward for defeating the Cardinal. You still haven’t received your reward for rescuing me.”

“W-We’re getting a separate payment for that?! With all due respect, the Cardinal’s domain alone is more than enough for me.”

Come to think of it, Count Meigis looked uncomfortable when he recevied news about being granted the Cardinal’s domain. It’s a large territory, so it must be hard to govern.

But it definitely comes with tremendous status and income. Then again Count Meigis doesn’t seem to be the ambitious type. If he received any more territory, he might have a heart attack.

“That being said, as a king, I have to properly recognize outstanding people and their efforts. Eld has a reason to keep his involvement secret, but you’re already drawing attention. And you must stand out more, so a reward is necessary.”

“Y-You’re absolutely right, Your Majesty. It’s just… I was but a small feudal lord in the countryside.”

Count Meigis was surprisingly reluctant. Does he hate land that much?

“I suppose something other than land would be better so as not to add any more burden to you.”

The king could tell from the count’s expression and tone of voice what he wanted to say. I guess Meigis will not receive any more lands.

“Thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty.”

Count Meigis looked clearly relieved. Now, the question is what the alternative reward will be.

“How about an exemption from all taxes for thirty years?”

“Thirty years?! That sounds a little bit too much. Would that be all right?”

“A little bit much sounds about right. And it’s not too high of a reward, considering you prevented this kingdom from being taken over.”

“By all taxes, does that include the healing medicine?”

“It does.”

An exceptional provision. Since Count Meigis has a hold of most of the kingdom’s production on healing medicine, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the richest noble around. One mistake—heck, even if no one made a mistake, one might think that the new king was only a puppet, and the real ruler was Count Meigis.

I’m sure that’s even part of the king’s plan. If people found out that it was Count Meigis who defeated Cardinal Georgis, it will be harder for the enemy to strike.

“Now I’d like to be even more blatant,” the king said.

“There’s still more?”



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