Volume 6 Chapter 8 Part 2



Translator: Kell

Why didn’t you guys escape? I may have to contact the leadership of the Count’s army later about this.

I know you’re interested in a fight against an Area Boss, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll win, so you should run far away and not watch. I believe that’s what I taught them.

“I haven’t seen this spell in a while, ” Sachylis muttered as she looked around.

Now that she mentioned it, it had indeed been some time. If I recall correctly, the last time I used it was…

“Probably about a month ago.”

To be honest, my current Steam Explosion is no longer an easy spell to use. Shooting it once scorched the earth, I couldn’t cast it without activating defensive magic, and it was too powerful against most enemies. It was plenty strong already at level three. Still, the reason I raised the level of Steam Explosion to level five was because there would come a time when I would need this power. When would that be? When I get a Divine Stone. In other words, now.

“Oh, there it is.”

I took out a Divine Stone from the Emperor Ogre. Unlike the dark-red Wisdom Stone, it was white as snow. This is the key item for the Skill Awakening system, which is said to be particularly insane in BBO (Broken Balance Online).

However, I won’t be able to use the Skill Awakening system just by obtaining this item; I’ll need to go through a difficult ritual first. Now that I’ve got this, it’s about time I prepare for my journey.

“All right. Guess it’s time to wait for the collectors.”

For ordinary monsters, we just leave the carcasses behind, but Area Bosses have special materials, so we have to keep an eye on them until they are collected. There were some incidents in the past where corpses were stolen, so this is how we do it now. A-ranked monsters, especially, have a high chance of being targeted, so we need to guard them until Maxia Trading’s transport unit arrives.

Then a familiar face appeared. It was Myna, Maxia’s president.

“We’re here to collect the Emperor Ogre’s corpse!”

It was unusual for Myna to come to a routine monster collection. Normally, the collecting unit, composed of about six people, would come pulling a wagon.

“It’s rare seeing you here,” I said.

“I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I came over to check things out,” she said. “I haven’t seen much your face lately too.”

“Yeah. You’ve been busy.”

“Indeed. We’re about to hit fifty branches in Count Meigis’ territory alone.”

As Count Meigis’ domain developed and expanded, Maxia also grew rapidly. Maxia was already a huge firm to begin with, but now it was one of the largest business enterprises throughout the whole kingdom.

“Boosting your company is fine and all, but don’t get overworked and die. There’s gonna be a lot of problems if you’re gone.”

Maxia is an extremely important infrastructure for Count Meigis. If a large-scale war were to break out, the Count would need a lot of help procuring and transporting supplies.

In other words, the Count can’t afford to be withouth Myna. Interests aside, I genuinely don’t want her to die as well.

“Don’t worry about that. I haven’t been too busy these days.”

“Is that so?”

“I can even come see you like this on my free time. I trained people who can stand in for me.”

So their human resource development is seeing progress. That’s still worrisome in a way.

About a month or so after we defeated the Cardinal, I was staying in the same city as Myna, and I saw her in her office building all the time, doing paperwork and giving instructions to people. I still wonder when exactly she slept at that time, but I’m too scared to ask.

Whoever’s taking over her job might collapse. Unlike Myna, they were just mere mortals.

“Won’t your replacement collapse from exhaustion or something?”

“As a matter of fact, about of five of them did.”


What is this, some kind of a company that exploits its workers? Note to self: Don’t ever work for Maxia even if you’re in dire need of money. You can count on them as allies, but I wouldn’t want to be an employee for sure.

“How are they doing now?”

If people are still collapsing even now, then maybe something needs to be done. If Maxia’s power is built on the sacrifices of its employees, then there’s a good chance that it might show up as a weakness in times of war.

Inflexible organizations tend to be vulnerable to irregularities. With the Count counting on Maxia for support, we can’t afford to have their employees faint from overwork.

“They’re fine now. It’s the first time we’ve expanded so rapidly. I made a mistake in our estimates and pushed them a little too far. It was awful when all five of them just fainted.”

“What did you do then?”

“I managed to pull through somehow. I did all their jobs on my own before.”

For real? She did all the work that knocked out a total of five people? Those who don’t know much about Myna and what she does don’t really pay attention to her, but she might actually be the most fearsome monster in all of the Count’s domain.

“There are ten of them now, so don’t worry,” she said. “They probably won’t go down.”

“Yeah, I think doubling their number will work… hopefully.”

“They’ll be fine… I think.”

I just hope they take care of themselves. What’s “fine” for Myna might not necessarily mean “fine” for her employees.

If you overwork your employees, they’ll die and you’ll get sued, or they might get depressed, or reincarnate in another world and have adventures with slimes. Normally I’d say reincarnation in a different world is unrealistic, but here I am.

“Let me guess,” I said. “You’re about to start something.”

“How’d you know that? I’m pretty sure I haven’t told anyone about it yet.”

“I figured there was no way you’d do nothing in your free time.”

I’ve never seen Myna not working before. She’s spending her time training her people, and yet she’s still busy. That must mean that her workload is increasing. Her saying that she hadn’t been too busy these days seemed like a sign that she was about to start something.

“I suppose that’s true, now that you mention it,” she said.

“So, what are you doing?”

“I was thinking of mass producing weapons for those with special classes. Mostly for mid-level adventurers. I think it will make it much easier for people who can’t make their own weapons yet. What do you think?”



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