Volume 7 Chapter 10 Part 1



Translator: Kell

The monsters that were summoned until now were like disposable defense devices, and even if they were killed, the volcano would only lose a little of its power. It can also regain some of its power by having the trees absorb the dead monsters. But this Volcano Avatar is different.

As the name suggests, it’s basically the incarnation of the volcano itself. Creating a puppet of lava and moving it around is clearly the peak of abnormality. Without immense power, it would not be able to continue functioning. Materializing it takes a huge toll on the volcano, and moving it and using it to attack also consumes a lot of power. Just fighting it, then, weakens the volcano.

The active volcano is so huge that you’d think it has unlimited power. But contrary to appearance, its power is actually finite. It’s just a monster—if you weaken it, it’ll eventually run out of juice. That’s what active volcanoes are like in this world.

If it just acted like a normal volcano, it wouldn’t even consume any mana at all. Even on Earth, where magic does not exist, there were volcanoes. Performing its natural processes would not require mana in the least. In fact, this volcano can just behave normally even without any magical power.

But it’s different when it collects mana to do other things. The only way for the volcano to gather mana is to absorb stray humans and monsters. There’s mana in nature itself, but it’s too impure to be used by the volcano.

In short, active volcanoes use mana collected little by little from monsters and humans to create lava pools around them and grow trees that try to eat people. With all that considered, you’d see that the volcano is not that powerful as its size might suggest. Of course, for volcanoes that have been active for centuries, the amount of energy it has accumulated would be enormous, but still limited.

The Volcano Avatar is a monster that contains almost all the power of the volcano. This means that if it’s taken down, it will directly lead to the death of the volcano itself. Well, if it actually dies, I won’t be able to use the Awakening System, so I want it to survive. Then again, it’s not exactly an enemy you can go easy on.

“Acquire Skill, Skill Code 1225: Blizzard Tornado. Acquire Skill, Skill Code 1290: Magic Anti-Flame.”

It’s been a while since I learned high-level Skills. There’s not much utility for these spells, so I didn’t bother learning them until now. Unfortunately the monster before us can’t be killed with the spells in my current arsenal.

After it had completely transformed, the Volcano Avatar let out a roar. Its blackish body then turned red-hot, and the surrounding temperature rose rapidly. While watching it, I cast my anti-flame spell.

“Magic Anti-Flame.”

It’s a higher-level Skill with an anti-fire effect, similar to the Magic Anti-Electric that I used against the Heaven-rending Lightning Dragon. It’s one of the most powerful magic against fire. But I still felt the heat on my skin. So imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have Magic Anti-Flame.

Flames erupted from the trees around us. The temperature was so high that even trees spontaneously ignited, trees that neither flame magic nor lava can burn. Indeed. Just by standing there, a Volcano Avatar can spread intense heat to its surroundings.

Still this is not yet the final form of the Volcano Avatar. We’re talking about a whole volcano’s energy being concentrated in a single monster, after all.


I stacked one more normal flame resistance spell on top of what I already cast. It’s the same spell I used against the Raging Ape. It should be able to withstand an ordinary wildfire, but against a Volcano Avatar, it only serves as a support spell for stacking some defense.

As the Volcano Avatar roared again, pale flames began enveloping its lava body. It’s reached its real maximum power. The Volcano Avatar is now in its final form.

“Sir Eld, watch out!” Michael warned.

It’s not just the volcano that we’re up against. With the trees around us burned down, there was nothing to obstruct vision anymore. My figure was in full view of the enemy. All Ether Cannon shots are coming for me.

But I didn’t dodge it. Why? Because I don’t have to.

“Sir Eld, do you copy?! Evasive maneuver!”

Watching me stay still, Michael started panicking. Shorty after, the Ether Cannon… did not hit.

All I heard was a sharp hiss above. The spell was vaporized by the extreme heat.

‘It’s all right,” I said. “It can’t reach us now.”

The Volcano Avatar is not an Area Boss, but a Raid Boss. It’s about at the same level as the Heaven-rending Lightning Dragon, if not higher. That’s right, higher. Because while it’s possible to get close to a Lightning Dragon, this one won’t let you come closer at all.

It’s not just humans that it warded off, but magic as well. Even the Ether Cannon, a spell composed of almost pure mana and contains no combustible materials whatsover, was vaporized into nothing by the ultra-high heat of the Volcano Avatar. The heat wrapped around itself served as an extremely sturdy shield.

The distance between me and the Volcano Avatar was about ten meters. If I get too close, I would be burned to death even with the resistance magic. On the other hand, if I moved too far away, my spells won’t be able to hit it.

Since it completely materialized just now, it has not yet launched any attacks, which also shows just how strong it is. In the case of ordinary monsters, if they’re attacked without having any sort of defense, they will naturally die, so they need to move and fight right away, even if they just spawned. Staying motionless in the face of the enemy is a privilege of the invincible.

As its form might suggest, the Volcano Avatar consumes an enormous amount of energy, which means it exhausts a lot of power as well. Yet the volcano still chose to go with this form, because the avatar has enough destructive force even for a short period of time.



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