Volume 8 Chapter 7 Part 4



Translator: Kell

A while later.

We arrived at the city of Etonia without problems and entered the guild.

So far, there has been no weird movement around us. Then again, we took the busy street so maybe they just found it difficult to launch an attack.

In the worst case scenario, I thought we’d get arrested as soon as we entered the city. For now, we can relax. I would like to say that even the Empire wouldn’t arrest us when he had not done anything wrong, but we’ve already committed the crimes of illegal entry and identity fraud.

I headed to the counter of the guild.

According to the data provided by the Royal Intelligence Service, in order to enter the ruins, you have to be both an adventurer and an archeologist. There are no tests to be recognized as one; all you have to do is complete the registration process. Archeologist’s licenses are more strictly managed than the guild card, so the Royal Intelligence Service could not forge it. Which makes sense, really. Guild cards can be made anywhere, while archeologist’s licenses can only be used at ruins.

Apparently, a license can be created as long as you have a guild card, so let’s just hope that they won’t notice the forgery. I should also pray that the receptionist hasn’t received a wanted poster with our images on it.

“Archeological license for two, please,” I said.

“Understood. It’s 30,000 ibis for registration. Your guild card, please.”


Mylia and I presented our guild cards. I was a little nervous about giving a counterfeit guild card to the guild branch, but I tried to look natural so they wouldn’t notice.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know you had lesser classes,” the receptionist said as she studied our guild cards. She sounded somewhat apologetic.

The class written on my guild card was Lesser Mage, and the class written on Mylia’s card was Lesser Warrior. Apparently, the Empire doesn’t distinguish between special classes; they just lump them together under the Lesser Classes.

The Sages who attacked the kingdom were fighting as regular Sages. Maybe they have a policy of not telling the general public about the power of the special classes. I don’t know what their intention is, but their practice of prefixing class names with “Lesser” suggests that special classes are being discriminated against. Not that I’m surprised. Mylia and I are used to being discriminated against by now.

“Can’t Lesser classes register?” I asked.

“No, the registration itself is allowed. It’s just that the registration fee is 50,000 ibis for each person, so it’ll be 100,000 for two.”

“That’s not a problem.” I said, and paid the additional registration fee.

I don’t know why it’s more expensive for the lesser classes, but there’s no point in mulling it over. I entered the country illegally. I can’t just demand a better treatment.

“Very well. The registration is complete.”

The receptionist then handed me and Mylia our registration cards. This card looks official, so we might as well use it instead. Well, since the guild card that we submitted had fake names, this one has our fake names too.

“Also, when you enter the ruins, please wear this armband.”


“Yes. Inside the ruins, situations may arise where you may suddenly find yourself cooperating with other adventurers. If that happens, asking each other what their class is will only consume precious time. By wearing armbands, you can assign roles just by looking at them.”

I see… to assign roles. A good system to use in a place where an unspecified number of people enter.

Although there are some disadvantages, such as bandits knowing the party composition before they launch an ambush, it may be a good idea to adopt it in the kingdom as well.

Mylia and I took the armbands. Mine had a large red cross over what looked like a magic staff. Mylia’s was a sword with a cross.

Looking around, I saw that most of the adventurers were wearing armbands. Most of them were not marked with a cross, only swords or staffs. The red cross was probably a symbol of the lesser classes.

“Should we wear these when inside the guild?” I asked.

Most adventurers in the guild were wearing armbands. From her earlier explanation, she made it sound like wearing them only inside the ruins would suffice.

“It’s a hassle to take it off, so many people leave it on. There’s no point in taking it off every single time anyway.”

I see. It’s solely for convenience.

I don’t really mind the effort, but if we’re the only one taking off the armband while everyone else is wearing it, we might draw attention. I think I’ll leave it on for now.

“With this armband and registration card, can we enter the ruins right away?”

“Yes. No problem.”

“Okay. Is there any place in the ruins that we’re not allowed to enter?”

It’s what I wanted to ask the most. If there’s an area that’s off-limits because of the danger, there’s a good chance that’s where the Boundary is.

“No, not really. However, some areas are temporarily designated as off-limits at certain times of the year, so please follow the instructions of the guild officials on site.”

So even if there were restricted areas, they wouldn’t tell us here. I don’t know if it’s because they’re being wary of us, but I guess it’s good to know that there are restricted areas. Even if the guild doesn’t tell us, adventurers might know.

So it would be quicker to ask the local adventurers. But then again, asking around in the middle of a hostile country is like asking to lure us into a trap.

Maybe I should at least investigate the inside of the ruins myself a bit so I can judge the authenticity of any information. I also need to confirm if the ruins in Etonia is an Ancient Ruins of Hubris.

If we know what’s going on inside, we’ll know what questions we need to ask.

And so we left the guild.



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