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Fiancée of the Wizard Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 2

Filmina stood alone in front of Agedilus doing nothing. Even though she was just standing there, an unbelievably large amount of magical power flowed abundantly from her body. Agedilus sensed this with conviction.

The filthy magical power that was so thick it was suffocating. While this magical power filled the large hall, Agedilus finally understood. It was an understanding that was too late.

「I see」
「Ah, you have finally understood? 」

“She”——Filmina was giggling. Agedilus realized once again upon looking at this smile. That the demon lord’s core had been absorbed by Filmina. That it was caused by him almost being killed by Noct
Had Filmina despaired so much by me being almost killed? Had she bore so much hatred? Although he knew that both emotions did not suit her, Agedilus almost got happy at this. However, now was not the time to be saying such things.

Once Filmina’s soul and the demon lord’s core completely combine, there was no way he could undo it. The human soul is very vulnerable and fragile in front of a presence like the demon lord. Beside Agedilus or Clementine who received the goddess’s blessing, whom both knew how to resist the evil, surely a normal person like Filmina would have her soul swallowed up by the demon lord’s darkness helplessly. Wasn’t this the current situation? Although Filmina was standing in front of me now, “she” right now was about to transform into a something that was not the Filmina Agedilus loved.


「———!? 」


Just thinking of this—-rather, he did not want to think about this. Although Filmina stood in front of him, his voice and hand will never reach the “Filmina” he loves. He could not see her anymore. He would not be able to get her back anymore.

「I, don’t want it」

His voice was very weak. I don’t want, I don’t want. Such thought razed around in his heart. Could anyone accept such a thing? Even if the demon lord desires so, even if the goddess orders so, he could not allow this. Who would allow it? Although he thought so from the bottom of his heart, he could not find any way out.

Currently, somehow, he could not recall Filmina’s smile that had always resided beside his heart, saying 「it is alright」. The smile that was utterly different from the strangely chilling smile “she” had in front of him.

「Filmina! 」
「Yes, my dear? 」

Answering Agedilus’s call that was almost alike vomiting blood out, Filmina continued to smile gently.

「Please, wait a while. Hehe, please do not worry. It would be over soon」

She was alike an aria that was singing joyfully. Or if not, she was like a child that was counting the number of days till its birthday with its fingers. Unbearable excitement. I could not wait. Such emotions were clearly conveyed in her voice. Then, Filmina clapped her hands together as if she had come up with something.

「Ah, let me start with those priests. Let them pay the price of putting you in such a state with their own bodies」

Upon saying so, the magical power that was overflowing from Filmina’s body became even more powerful. Probably, the more she spoke, the more the demon lord’s core was responding to her words. Even if Agedilus was to interrupt her, as expected, Agedilus’s words did not reach her ears anymore.

「After taking care of those priests, next…… hm. After returning to the capital, those people that insulted you from the publishing company. And the castle’s people that were influenced by those rumors. No, that is not all. Before returning to the capital, I must make Sir Yuri pay the price of not being able to notice the demon’s intrusion. Ah, yes. Also, the princess also to blame for not taking care of the church. Let me make her pay the appropriate price. Ah, how terrible. Why does everybody; everybody want to put you into peril? 」

Convey how she could not understand this, Filmina tilted her head slightly. Her young girl like gesture closely resembled her mother. However, currently, it seemed weirdly doll-like in Agedilus’s eyes.

「Oh no, careless of me. The main cause was that child——Noct. Then I must make Noct pay the price first. Hehe, there are lots of things to do. But it is alright. I would properly complete all of them」

Agedilus could not believe that Filmina would say such things. The priest and the people from the publishing company aside, who could have imagined Filmina deeming Yurifalet, Clementine, or even Noct as an enemy? Even though Yurifalet and Clementine were both so close of friends to her that he was almost jealous. Even though she had poured her heart out to Noct.

「Give me back my Filmina! 」

Using the wand that was lying on the ground beside him as a support, Agedilus stood up. While doing so, he shouted. He could not forgive her for denigrating Filmina herself.

Even Agedilus shout did not change Filmina’s smile. As if facing a stubborn child, Filmina told Agedilus.

「Haven’t I told you? I am “Filmina”. Darling, I am sure you know in fact」
「Stop mimicking her. Don’t call her amicably. Neither my name nor my Filmina’s name should be dirtied by “you”」
「Ah, how mean of you. Even though “I” am certainly a part of the “Filmina” you are talking about」
「Wrong! 」

Agedilus could not believe that the presence in front of him was Filmina. He did not want to accept it.

Agedilus knew how close Filmina was with Yurifalet and the others. With this usual Filmina in mind, he could not imagine her saying such things about them.

That, Filmina. Agedlius’s Filmina would never talk about hurting her own beloved friends. To Filmina, even if the current situation was so unforgivable, yet, Filmina was. Agedilus’s Filmina was.

Agedilus was lost for words, and could only stare at Filmina. While Agedilus was like this, Filmina continued talking while smiling.

「Hm, darling. You don’t need anybody else already, right? There isn’t a need for them, right? As long as there is just me and you, everything is alright. Then you would not be hurt by anybody. Ah, how splendid」

As if dreaming, Filmina narrowed her eyes. Magical power spread from her feet like a wave. Filmina’s faint colored hair that was tied up in the chignon suddenly fell loose. At the same time, a tremendous amount of magical power flowed from her body in one go. A gust of wind that was filled with this evil magical power razed around. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and started turning black from its ends. Filmina’s eyes that were wet as if it was about to melt, turned dark. Its darkness was a pitch-black that was darker than a bottomless pit.

「Please don’t worry. Mm, my adorable darling」

How mellow was her voice? Her voice was as if it was whispering sweet nothings on the bed. Agedilus felt as if his whole body’s hair stood on end. He sensed that his mouth became dry with nervousness. But still, Agedilus faced Filmina and said.

「Do you understand what you are saying? 」

He wanted Filmina to deny him and say, 「Had I teased you too much? 」. He wanted Filmina to laugh him off. At least, if she was really the Filmina Agedilus knew, she would definitely say so.

Nonetheless, the “Filmina” in front of him nodded deeply as if crushing his hopes.

「Yes, I do understand」

Calmly, with a smile, and more importantly seriously. Filmina’s voice conveyed a firm resolution.

「No matter who it is, I will not forgive anybody who hurts you. I will destroy everybody who puts you in pain. Since currently, I can do so. What is there to fear? 」

「Do you think I will let you do so? 」

Agedilus sharply eyed her while partly desperately begging her. Filmina looked back at him and forcibly widened her eyes as if it was unexpected.

「Are you going to stop me? 」
「I only listen to what “my Filmina” wants」

Agedilus implied that she was not his Filmina. Filmina softly muttered 「oh」, then smiled.

「How many times have I told you that “I” am also “Filmina”? If you would not understand, then shall we have a “couple’s fight”? 」
After saying this joke-like line, Filmina’s black hair started floating and spreading in the air. Her dark eyes gleamed in a way that did not suit her calm expressions.

Agedilus held his wand at the “something” that resembled his wife and was completely ready to have a “couple’s fight”. The sound of the magical constraints on his limbs was disturbing to his ears.

If Agedilus was in his usual state——that is completely recovered, the magical constraints that were usually used for criminals or demons, would be of no concern. However, currently, it was bad. Because he had lost blood, magical powers, and vitality, his body did not function properly.

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