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Fiancée of the Wizard Volume 8 Chapter 6 Part 7

That is why it is alright. His smile seemed to say so. Certainly, his smile seemed quite happy. That is why, all the more, I could not help but see the sadness and pain in him. What kind of words could I give him now? Even though surely, he had experienced immeasurably tremendous pain until today, undoubtedly, he must be much stronger than me. Since he can say such things.
My words were of no consolation to him. Only those who have experienced the same feelings as him could reach his heart. Yes, that means——……I looked at this person, my husband in the direction of my gaze. After locking eyes with me for a moment, he then looked at Noct.
「The demon had said you were an unwanted child, right? That is correct for a demon. However, it is not for us. For the demon, she called you so because gods are an enemy. That was why she called you an unwanted child. That is also why she had tried to use a magical tool to seal your godly powers and tried to make you a demon……however, it seems that you yourself had spoiled her plans」
「……what? 」
Apparently, the man’s words had been unexpected for Noct. His yellow eyes widened. Both Noct and I waited for the man to continue, seeking what he meant. The man plainly continued.
「The reason why the demon tried to make you killed Filmina instead of doing it herself is surely because she was trying to dirty your godly powers with blood. The reason why you could not hurt a human till this point was probably because your instinct as a descendant as a god was working. However, that is not it. At the same time as your instinct, your active conscience——your own original personality also prevented it. Gods who are dirtied by blood often become a cause for misfortune, but we were fortunate」
Saying this, the man smiled gently at Noct.
「It was not wrong for you to not hurt anyone to this day. You can pride yourself in it」
It was very rare for the man to give such obvious words of praise. Noct’s entire face turned into bright red, and his tail that had been dangling under the chair now waved around furiously. I could not help but smile at Noct’s wholesome reaction. However, Noct immediately changed his facial color as if realizing something. Dangling his tail once again limply, he made a face that seemed to be filled with regret.
「But, I, still pierced you, with this hand」
「I am an exception. That time, a contract was between you and me. The filth you had in that time was compensated by the consequences of the contract. Additionally, by gaining back your godly status, you have been purified. That said, I will make you compensate for putting a hole in my stomach in the future」
The man completed saying so, easily wiping out his smile. Noct seemed surprised. Had he thought he would be blamed again? No, although I definitely did not know, Noct did not intentionally do so. That is why he should not be blamed.
「Hm. Noct. Then in order for you to compensate as Edi says, I have one favor to ask of you」
「……Favor? 」
At my words, Noct tilted his head. I smiled at him, then glanced at the man.
「Edi, is it alright? 」
「What is alright」
「Sigh, don’t be mean. Even though you already know what I want to say」
Yet, pretending to ask me huh. Well, even if he obediently said, 「sure, go ahead」, I would not be able to stop myself from questioning him; 「what happened to you? 」
Did he realize what I was thinking or not? The man sighed loudly. Then, he smiled. It was a very beautiful smile that at times gently supported me, and at times push me forward.
「Do as your heart desires. That is my wish」
「Wow, how reliable. That is my husband」
「If you think so, please fall for me again」
「I always am falling for you again」
We exchanged a conversation that seemed like we were joking, but actually serious. I giggled. I could not help but think, I cannot beat him. I had made a clear resolution right now. However, perhaps this man had made up his mind a long long time ago before I did so. If not, he would not say yes so easily.
Really, I could not beat him. I thought so over and over again. While smiling, I looked into Noct’s face again.
「Hey Noct. If you don’t mind, would you become our family? 」
「……………………what? 」

Noct froze, while opening his mouth wide. Well, if somebody says this suddenly, of course, anybody would make such a response. It was within my expectations. While I continued smiling, Noct seemed to think that he had heard wrongly. Dumbfoundedly, he continued.
「What, did you say」
「Oh, was it difficult to understand? We right, Noct. We want you to become our child, and become an older brother to our children to be born. Of course, it seems that there is still chaos in the capital. Hence, that would be after the chaos subsides there」
Besides, the man and my stomach’s babies still have allegations that they are the second demon lord. The princess and others had filed a new report earlier to clear these allegations. However, this rumor that had already spread would surely not die down that quickly. Undoubtedly, it would be difficult to immediately welcome Noct as our child. However, that being said, no matter what kind of process it required, I could not help but want to be family with this boy.
Trying to convey such thoughts, I said it again, this time in a manner that is easier to understand. Noct further widened his already wide eyes. Then, his yellow eyes glared at me.

「Are you guys stupid or what! 」

His voice scolded with all his might. Yet at the same time, his trembling voice made him seem like he was about to cry. Even if I was scolded by such a voice, or glared by him, I was not scared at all.
「Oh, how rude of you. Me aside, even if Edi is a royal head magician」
「I don’t mean that! Sto, stop fooling around! 」
「I am not fooling around, and I was not lying or joking. We are very serious, and we really mean it」
I stopped smiling and looked into his face. Fool around? He was the one to stop fooling around. Who could say something for fun? Noct seemed to finally understand that I was serious. He gulped as if he was frightened, and then still desperately tried to refute me.
「There is no way that would be allowed! Even if I am really a descendant of a god, I was at mother’s……a demon’s place!? I might be captured by the church again, yet! 」
Noct’s shout was trembling so much that he seemed to be about to cry at any moment. Captured by the church? Hm, I would refuse that from the bottom of my heart. Even if anybody asked me to, I would say no. However, that was that, this was this. Getting captured by the church and becoming family with Noct did not connect for me anymore. I am terribly sorry that I am going to mainly intending to rely on others. However, as and when something happens, I do not mind relying on this man who is currently silently listening, and the princess who is now stamping out the rumors and clearing the church of immorality. I could not leave this boy alone anymore.
It was not just me who was thinking so. Most probably, the man is also the same; the man who was listening to Noct’s shouting as if disturbed. If not, surely, he would have refused my wish immediately.
I thought, could he at least be honest in these kinds of situations? I silently continued listening to Noct’s words. Noct had insulted us all he wants, then seemed to be left with nothing to say. Breathing with his shoulders, he muttered as if he was about to cry.
「I am, not going to hope anymore. I don’t need dreams that don’t come true. A dream like you guys……! 」
「Hey, Noct」
Interrupting his words, I called his name. Cupping his cheeks in my hands, I fixed his face so that he would not look away. Then, I looked into his proportionate face. Hey, Noct. Please listen to me.
「You might not remember, but we had promised to you. That『we will never leave you alone ever again』」
When I had entered Noct’s subconscious with the man, we had made a promise to the boy who was burying himself in his knees. We had taken his hand, and said, let’s go home together. Even if Noct himself did not remember it, in our hearts, this promise definitely remained.

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