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Volume 4 Chapter 4-1: Omen of a New Battle




In Erin some people who followed me gathered my information and a strange customer……both of them ended up being the same person, but I was able to sell all of my products.

The goods I had brought from Erucy were all safely sold and even the crepes I made from ingredients I bought in the city were sold for a healthy profit. In total I had made 140 gold and 1,180 silver in profit.

This amount was more than enough for three days of business.

While I was at it, Roleau and Kona were drilled in hospitality and were also taught how to make crepes by Rera. The three seemed to be doing well, so I think it’d be fine to leave this business to them next time.

The food, liquor, vinegar and other seasonings that I had bought in large quantities had arrived safely at the inn, and the wedding dress had been completed, and Lucy and Kuu were going to pick them up with pleased looks on their faces.

What was disappointing was that they wouldn’t let me see them yet…it seems they wanted me to look forward to the day of our wedding.

I had also requested a black dress with an apron for Yukino as a present for watching the house. I had gotten some popular accessories as gifts for my little sisters Kemin and Kurone.

「Cyril where are you going now?」

「Roleau and the others are readying our luggage in the carriage so I was thinking to go buy some chickens. You ate the egg dishes at the inn right? Well I asked where they got eggs from and they introduced me to a poultry farm so I wanted to see if they would sell me a hen.」

「That sounds great, I think it’d be wonderful if Erucy gets to have eggs.」

「Un, it might be a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it.」

In this age eggs were expensive. Even just three of them would cost a silver.

I definitely wanted to buy a hen, but the issue was that since eggs were expensive, chickens that were still laying eggs would be even higher in price.

A chicken that lays an egg every day would earn you a gold every half a year, so owners wouldn’t want to part with them easily.

The price for a single hen could easily reach 2 gold in price.

Thinking of how many people were in Erucy, I wanted to buy at least 50 of them, but if I did that then all of our profits from sales would disappear in an instant.

「Eggs? They’re delicious. I love them so you have to get some chickens for sure!」

「Well that’ll be up to luck. Even if I offer money there is a chance they won’t sell to me.」

If they had a surplus of chickens they would surely sell above market price if I offered, but if they did not have enough chickens to continue to increase their flock, then I highly doubt they would sell a single one.

However, I was headed to the largest poultry farm in Erin so I thought they would have some leeway.

「It’d be nice if you could buy them…if Cyril-kun can’t then I’ll use all my pocket money to buy them as souvenirs for the kids back home!」

「It’d be better if you didn’t…the carriage sways and they’ll break before we return.」

「It’ll be fine if I wrap them in my tail!」

「Then you’ll only be able to bring enough for a few people…」

「Uuuu, if only my tail was more splendid…」

I smiled wryly. For her not to be satisfied with such a beautiful tail despite being the envy of all the Fire Foxes…how luxurious.



I quickly grasped Kuu’s tail causing her to jump in surprise.


「 What are you doing!?」

「Well I suddenly wanted to grab your tail. Didn’t you say that it’s alright for your spouse to hold it?」

「Please choose an appropriate time and place! To do so in public…it’s embarrassing…」

Kuu murmured in a low voice as she blushed bright red. If she reacts like this then I’ll start to feel guilty.

I still don’t really understand the sensibilities of Fire Foxes.

「How nice Cyril…I want to grab Yukino’s tail like that…」

「….I know it doesn’t sound convincing coming from me, but you’d best give up on that idea if you don’t want her to hate you.」

It seemed that Lucy was in a trance thinking about grabbing the tail of her new little sister. Most likely if she did grab it then the usually quiet Yukino would get seriously angry. Though it wasn’t good, it was definitely something I was interested in seeing.




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