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Frontier Lord Chapter 027: Dias and Elden

Chapter 027: Dias and Elden

「Dias-dono! Dias-dono! I want to hear your story too!」 hollered Elden from his bed.

After the lengthy conversation earlier, Aruna and I simply wanted a break. When Elden invited us onto his bed-carriage, however, I smiled bitterly as I had already expected it to happen.

Since they had told us so much about themselves, it was only fair that I do the same. Yet, it felt like my story paled in comparison to Elden’s, and I hesitated to even begin.

「Recent anecdotes of yours, tales of the battlefield or events at the capital – I’d like to hear them all!」

Whether he noticed my hesitation or not, Elden was flapping his ears and swinging his nose. His excitement seemed to be unending. Pure anticipation was evident in his eyes. Seeing this, I knew that there was no escape for me.

I sighed gently.

I looked at Elden and his entourage, neither of which made any effort to conceal their curiosity. After giving the disclaimer that they were nothing to write home about, I slowly told them about the events that had led me here, recalling details as I went along.

They learnt how I was orphaned and how I had become one of the volunteer corps. Finding that we would be here all day if I related every detail of my war experience, I made that part as concise as possible.

Then came how I ended up as a lord and my encounter with Aruna… since it was not in my place to tell them about the monsterfolk, I left out as many details as I could. I told them about life on the grassland, the time I slayed the Earth Dragon and lastly, my people – about Klaus, the old ladies, and a little about the twins.

Their reactions varied as I told different parts of my tale. While reluctant to hear the end of my war stories, they also cheered loudly upon hearing about my battle with the Earth Dragon. Elden’s wives were especially jubilant when I elaborated on my engagement with Aruna.

Elden had many questions to ask about my reunion with Klaus. He apologised profusely when I told him about the old ladies’ plight. When hearing about Senai and Aihan, everyone present was all smiles.

「So you’re really the kind of person my mother made you out to be, Dias-dono! I’m so glad I could make friends with you –」

I then realised something.

「This is a sudden thought,」 I interjected slowly, 「but how did Neha learn about me? Aruna was the first ajin I ever met… so I have no recollection of ever having met Neha.」

「From stories of your exploits!」 replied Elden. 「Mother learnt all about you through the various tales of your heroism. Tales of you on the battlefield… even in a rural place like the Casdekus fiefdom, they are known by all!」

He lifted his nose high, swinging it left and right. Every part of his body moved as he recalled said tales about me. Apparently tales of heroism – not only mine, but also of others who had made an impact in battle – had been adapted into a theatrical performance back at the royal capital. It had been performed every night in an effort to boost soldier morale and recruit more volunteers.

Dias, a hero who had grown up as an orphan.

Boasting unparalleled strength, he made short work of a myriad of enemies with his trusty battleaxe and shielded a myriad of allies from enemy blades.

Not only did he rack up achievements in battle, but he also honoured his parents’ dying wishes, helping the weak and thwarting the powerful. Though he taught cruel nobles a lesson with his fists, he nevertheless saved the very same nobles if their lives were in danger.

His tale was still being written…

…those were, more or less, the contents of the play about me.

Though supposedly well-received by the general public, the nobles had objected to the play’s contents. Before a full week had passed, an order banning it had been issued. The ban had only served to amp its popularity up, however – the stories of heroism featured in my play were spread through word of mouth, making their way throughout the Kingdom and eventually to the Casdekus fiefdom.

Neha had picked up a few of these stories while working as a slave… or as an attendant. She had lauded the idea of living by my parents’ last words, as she believed it was what the former king of the elephantfolk would have done.

Elden finished by speaking excitedly of how Neha had raised him to be a capable adult just like I was.

I see…

I had no recollections of ever meeting a noble on the battlefield, and nor could I recall having tried to help them mend their ways. In fact, only the part about living by my parents’ last words was true – most of the other stories were utter balderdash.

Tales fabricated purely for theatrical purposes.

「Ah… Elden,」 I said. 「I don’t remember any of those encounters with nobles you speak of. I think Dias the hero, who you are familiar with, is quite different from who I actually am.」

「I don’t think the tales I heard about you are entirely true either,」 he replied. 「Yet, everyone has sung praises of you. From the merchants and soldiers who returned from war to my private tutor, all who have seen you in action on the battlefield have had good things to say. That is why I look up to you, Dias-dono. And now that I have spoken to you in person, not to mention listened to your story, I find that you and Dias-dono the hero are, without a doubt, one and the same!」

While he had replied instantly, I was at a loss for words. His impactful words and sincere smile dispelled the foolish notion that he had been looking up to a false version of me all this time.

「So, Dias-dono, I really hope we can be on good terms going forward! We can collaborate to expand your fiefdom and make it a place where humans and ajin can live together in harmony!」

Elden extended his hand with a smile. I followed suit, lamenting the fact that I would never be a match for someone like him – someone who acted so much older than he actually was.

Our handshake was firm. He then clasped my hand in both of his.

At that moment, I saw the brightest smile he produced that day.

We discussed various topics in between sips of the tea that Camarotts had brewed.

They included the three ladies who had visited me, the power struggle for the throne that Klaus had mentioned, my relationship with Aruna (brought up by Elden), Elden’s health and whether I could attempt to visit Neha if I found the time to do so.

We then arrived at the topic of my food supply.

「I think you absolutely need a larger stockpile of supplies, Dias-dono,」 said Elden. 「Things will get bad if your stash runs out immediately upon a turn of events. Not only do I think it necessary to beef up your food supply, but I also believe that you need to find a means of food production. Winter, though it seems distant, is drawing closer. We must make haste.」

Hmm? Is that so, I thought. Doesn’t the current stockpile suffice…?

Guess not, huh.

Okay, then… looks like we have to keep this goal in mind.

The first step would be to convert some of the grassland into farmland, right? I did a bit of farming here and there before the war, you know? It’s showtime!

Leave it to me! I’ll have a bunch of fields ready in no time!

[Chapter 2 Result]

Population: 【1】 → 【16】

Dias fashioned 【a set of equipment for Klaus】 with material obtained from the Earth Dragon.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for 【Barley】,【Dried fishes】,【Dried grapes】,【Walnuts】,【Salt-pickled sausages】 and 【Cheese】.

This, combined with the present food supply, is【3 week’s worth of food】 for 16 people.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for 10【Gold pieces】.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for 2 pieces of 【Tanned cowhides】.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for a box of 【Ores】.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for 3 barrels of 【Salt】.

Dias pawned raw materials obtained from the Earth Dragon for 2【Telescopes】.

Though also receiving other such 【Tools】, Dias could not understand how to use them.

Dias established 【Friendly relations】 with Elden, lord of the neighbouring fiefdom.


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