Chapter 103 – Part 2

「For someone who doesn’t show emotions very much, you sure have no hesitation in conveying your feelings in words.

If you show such a lack of hesitation, then I’ll become embarrassed, you know? Anyway, I should get going now. It isn’t good to make Fio and the others wait, after all」

After Gio and Sajin-san finished talking with the village chief, they finished loading their sluggish companions onto the wagons, so now they were all just waiting for Diadora to join them.

As she left Bern Village, Diadora sadly lowered her eyes at the thought of saying goodbye once again.

Selina and Dramina had been pouting with their cheeks puffed up until now, but now they showed expressions of regret and sadness from having to part with Diadora, who was their comrade, and their love rival.

「Alright then, Selina, Dramina, Christina, and Lenia, let us meet again sometime soon.

I have no interest in the position of being Dran’s special someone, but I do intend to stay by his side. That’s why I’m sure we’ll all see each other again.

I like all of you just as much as I like Dran. It’s really surprising, even to me. But if you let your guard down, I’ll become Dran’s number one. Just like this」

The sweet scent of black roses wafted on the wind toward me and tickled my nose, and then Diadora’s warm lips touched mine. She stayed there for a moment with no intention of separating from me.

We weren’t alone though. The village chief, Fio, and everyone else were all watching, and Diadora’s actions were extremely bold, so silence quickly fell around us.

Even as our lips stayed connected, she stared into my eyes, and I stared back into hers, which were welling up with tears.

Her hands, which were grasping onto my shoulders, were trembling slightly, but for the always dignified and elegant Diadora, this was a sign of her nervousness.

I could hear the sound of flower petals fluttering in the wind, the voices of various bugs, and even the breathing of the animals that would pull the wagons…… but not a single voice from any people. Diadora made a small sound as our lips finally separated.

Diadora removed her hands from my shoulders, averted her gaze, and then glanced toward Selina and the others, whose mouths were agape with troubled looks on their faces.

「Unlike all of you, I am unable to stay by Dran’s side, so I have to do at least this much, you know? Selina, Dramina, don’t let down your guard. And, Christina」

Selina and the others were still looking troubled with their mouths hanging open disgracefully, but Christina, having not expected her name to be called, looked surprised as she returned Diadora’s gaze.

「Me? What is it, Diadora?」

「It’s about time for you to be honest to your own feelings. If you keep turning a blind eye like this, then you’ll end up living a life of regrets. One more love rival doesn’t make a difference to me」

Fumu, Diadora’s words contained profound deeper meaning, but if they are taken at face value, well, fumumu.

Christina-san had a difficult expression on her face, but when she noticed me looking at her, her face turned awkward, no, she looked embarrassed as a slight blush rose to her cheeks, and then she looked away.

Oh my, based on this reaction, could it be? Oh my, my, my, fumu, fumu.

Selina and Dramina were still taken aback by Diadora’s passionate actions, so Diadora’s words about Christina-san hadn’t reached their ears, and they were both unusually quiet.

It was only when Diadora turned her back on us while waving her hand goodbye, that the two of them regained their senses. Diadora headed toward Fio and the others, who were looking back at us, their eyes shining with curiosity.

「Selina-san, this is not good. As expected, Diadora-san is a formidable enemy. This is very, very bad!」

The first one to speak was Dramina.

Dramina always had a relaxed and calm atmosphere around her, but it seems she couldn’t remain calm this time. She looked clearly frustrated as she desperately shook Selina’s shoulders and spoke to her.

Upon getting shaken by Dramina, Selina’s mind finally returned to reality.

And then Selina became upset, just as much as she did during that time when Christina-san and Lenia discussed how strong of a love rival Dramina will be.

「Fu, fufufu, fufufufu, wh-wh-wha, what are you getting so nervous about, Dramina-san?

We already predicted a l-long time ago that Diadora-san would use her unique charm to seduce Dran.

And, and just like Diadora-san said, the ones who get to spend every day with Dran-san, for the whole year, are us.

That-that, that’s why, our advantage will not be shaken! Probably, surely, definitely, most likely…… at least, I hope so」

Fumu, Selina has a habit of speaking strangely whenever she gets mentally agitated. Well, it’s cute, so there is no need to forcefully correct her.

On the other hand, the grim figure of a queen that Dramina usually shows in front of her enemies had disappeared, and she maintained an agitated state, just as upset as Selina. It would be good if they calmed down a little bit.

「That, that is right. I feel like Diadora-san is being a little unfair, no, she indeed is being unfair, but we already have promises of marriage, s-s-so our advantage is unbeatable」

Dramina and Selina looked like they wouldn’t be calming down anytime soon, and meanwhile, Christina-san kept looking at me, then looked away, only to look back at me, over and over as she mumbled to herself.

Diadora was surrounded by Fio and the other female soldiers, but she returned a complacent smile.

「Fumu, we’re always getting tricked by Diadora」

「This just means that the women who truly understand Dran-san’s charm have finally showed themselves」

Unlike the other three, Lenia spoke to me proudly, without any agitation, jealousy, or frustration, even in the face of Diadora’s actions.

Although Lenia’s usual attitude and behavior are extreme and arrogant, she has evaluated Selina, Dramina, and Diadora’s abilities and personalities, and has a good perception of them.

It’s only toward Christina-san, the descendant of the hero who killed me, that Lenia is always unfriendly.

「You always overestimate me, Lenia. Try not to accept things by their appearance」

「More than anyone, I understand your true power.

If you didn’t purposely keep your power restrained, then all the women of this world would surely give themselves up to you.

In that way, Diadora, Selina and the others, well, they should be praised for being able to see that」

Fumu, as I thought, Lenia thinks far too highly of me. It will be hard to fix her blind acceptance of me.

My parents, the village chief, and the other villagers were all racking their brains to try to figure out why Lenia is so blindly devoted and obedient to me, and they’ve asked me many times if I’ve done something to her to make her so loyal to me, so I want to improve on this matter. But unlike Caravis, her mother who gave birth to her, Lenia had aspects that were uncontrollable.

「In that case, I am grateful to Selina, Dramina, and Diadora for being there for me. But what about you, Lenia, have you found a good partner yet?」

I unconsciously turned toward Lenia, and asked about one of the typical things all fathers of this world worry about, when their daughters reach a certain age.

Lenia didn’t seem to completely understand my question, and her beautiful, neat eyebrows furrowed as she answered mysteriously.

「A good partner? Hmm, let’s see. If I must choose, I can say that Irina is a good partner, but…… I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the true meaning of your question」

Lenia apologized, looking truly sorry from the bottom of her heart, and I chuckled in response.

At any rate, Lenia actually recognizes Irina as different from all the other students at the Magic Academy, and sees her as someone she is close to.

Now that I was able to confirm that as a fact, I felt a little relieved.

「No, it’s fine. If you don’t understand what I meant yet, that alone answers my question.

But you know, Lenia, I think it would be nice if you can find meaning in having been reincarnated as a woman, or if you could think that it was good you were born as a woman. I’d be grateful if you kept this hope of mine somewhere in a corner of your mind」

「Yes, I will keep your words in mind, not just in a corner, but at the center」

If I want to change her overly devoted attitude toward me, I should respond with words of denial right now, but this is a problem for Lenia to worry about in the future, as a human.

In that case, it would be a problem if I handle this too casually, so I want her to take this seriously.

I always knew, but as expected, the bud of human romantic feelings hasn’t sprouted in Lenia’s heart yet, and ever since she was born as a human, she hasn’t even once imagined the thought of a man loving her, or of her getting married.

Lenia’s parents are probably very worried about my child’s future spouse.

That’s why, because I am someone of the opposite sex who is close to Lenia, they sent many people to investigate more about me.

「Hey, a chance might arrive someday for you to meet a man who will become more special to you than I am」

「That is impossible. Even back when I was still a Divine Beast, and even now that I’ve been reborn as a human, for me, the one who I should prioritize above all else is you, and the mother of my soul」

And so, Lenia responded exactly as I expected her to. Fumu, is it really impossible to correct this? My daughter is truly indescribable.

As a result of Diadora’s special parting gift, Selina and Dramina both spent the rest of the day in a daze, and Christina-san retreated into a world of her own.


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