Chapter 106

In the botanical garden that exists in the Magic Academy’s grounds, there are many types of  magic flowers and plants being grown there that hold stronger magic than regular plants, which require greater caution with which to care for them.

So that interaction with magic flowers doesn’t become a dangerous situation, the black roses that were recently brought in by the residents of Ente Forest were put in a separately prepared room, and their black petals, which wouldn’t grow in sunlight, were blooming.

In order for the pollen not to circulate outside of the room, wind magic was being used to filter the air within this cultivation room. The room was made of hardened glass, which brought in enough sunlight to make it seem like the season was changing into autumn.

The soil underfoot was mixed with special nutrients, and the black roses were planted in the flowerbeds on three sides of the cultivation room. Ever since they were transferred here from Ente Forest, thanks to Diadora’s green thumb, they were now blooming vibrantly.

Selina, Dramina, Fatima, and I were there to take a class about how to care for the rose-class flowers, which held strong magical energy.

It was a class which was being taught by Diadora, the Magic Academy’s recent hire.

Besides us, there were also around thirty other students in Diadora’s class. She had changed her usual black dress for long sleeved white robes, and a name tag which marked her as an instructor hung from her neck.

The fact that Diadora was a Black Rose Spirit who played a big role in the battle in Bern Village was something that the other students already knew because they’d heard it from me, and when they saw her, they could feel great magical energy emanating from her, together with a bewitching scent, which both marked her as a non-human. Thus, none of them looked at her with any contempt.

I thought Diadora would be at a loss from having to teach an unknown number of humans about how to handle black roses, an experience she’s never had before, but she was as calm and composed as always.

Standing in the center of a garden of black roses which sucked up the sunlight into its darkness infinitely, was Diadora. She stood with an air of dignity and charm, fitting for one who is the embodiment of black roses that swallows all other colors.

When it comes to the one who is most beautiful at Galois Magic Academy, the one who comes to mind first is Christina-san. But Diadora possesses a devilishness that she doesn’t have, on top of being beautiful.

Upon seeing the spirit of the Black Roses which they’ve only heard of in books and stories, and being affected by Diadora’s unconscious seduction, not just their hearts, but even their souls were charmed by her beauty. Besides us, all the other students let out sighs of admiration.

If they only knew Diadora was actually strong enough to fill the whole city with Black Roses within an hour, I wonder what kind of faces they would all make.

Although the students were speechless from seeing her, and couldn’t even voice their curiosity, Diadora didn’t seem to show any interest in reciprocation.

Because she was focused only on things related to her class about Black Rose cultivation, a grim sternness could be seen on her face.

Diadora passed a potted plant, each with a single Black Rose that she’d grown in it, to every student. It seems she would start with teaching everyone about the general characteristics, how to handle the rose, and points to take note of, for today.

As for my group, she only gave one flowerpot to us.

As expected, plants weren’t prepared for Selina and Dramina, since they were my familiars, but that was also proof that she wasn’t giving us special treatment. And since Selina and Dramina didn’t have any plants, that was a good enough reason for them to openly get closer to me, so we had no complaints.

Just as she declared to the Headmaster earlier, Diadora wouldn’t shirk her work and change her attitude around us. She was treating us the same as all the other students.

I was a little worried about how the class would actually go, since Diadora usually has her own way of doing things, but it seems there was no need to worry.

「Take care not to cut your fingers on the Black Rose’s thorns.

If these were normal roses, then you’d only bleed, but Black Rose thorns have poison on them, so it will drain away your magic and vitality」

Upon hearing that dangerous characteristic of the Black Roses, many of the students’ faces cramped up as they gingerly looked at the roses in their own flowerpots.

Well, in the case someone cuts their finger and gets poisoned, Diadora would most likely neutralize the poison immediately, and she had probably prepared Black Roses with weaker poison, out of consideration for the class.

There was probably nothing to be so wary about, but the students’ reaction was understandable, considering they were being made to handle poisonous plants right away.

When making magic tools, mixing magical medicines, or performing alchemy, we usually use plenty of materials that could be life threatening if mishandled, so I felt that they were overreacting.

「I believe they’re also nervous because Diadora is here」

Oh, my thoughts must’ve been showing clearly on my face, because Selina answered my doubts with a quiet voice.

「Because they’re in front of the professor? But this is a class, that much is a given…」

「But Diadora is also pretty and quite sexy, so it’s different.

Besides it’s probably the first time they’re touching Black Roses, anyone would be nervous when experiencing something for the first time」

「Fumu, I see. It’s obvious it won’t be the same for us, who are used to both Diadora and Black Roses」

「Yes, that’s right」

As Selina said that with a triumphant look on her face while straightening her posture to appear taller, I could feel my facial expression softening.

Dramina, sitting across from Selina, saw that I’d been bested by Selina, and I could tell that she was also smiling underneath the veil, as her shoulders shook with laughter.

Anyway for now, we would be taught the basics and warnings about how to handle Black Roses, and once that was done, we would move on to the cultivation techniques.

Diadora’s stay at the Magic Academy wouldn’t last for even a whole year, so the curriculum of each class would be fully packed.

Compared to this first day of class, the rest of the class looked like it would be quite difficult, so many students might end up dropping the class.

But the Black Rose is a magical flower that is hard to handle. Rather than learning the knowledge and techniques halfheartedly, it’s much better for those people to just quit now instead, for both themselves and everyone around them.

With her widely publicized exploits during the battles at Bern Village, and with an appearance and atmosphere that was nothing short of stunning when seeing her in person, Diadora quickly became the center of attention for all the students at the Galois Magic Academy.

She has a natural, older sister temperament, and she is also surprisingly good at taking care of others, so her brethren from Ente Forest, and a lot of students too, were coming to her for advice.

She could also be seen pretty often in the large dining hall, and although she doesn’t usually eat regular meals, she was usually sitting at a table together with the other Ente Forest residents or the Headmaster, chatting pleasantly.

Fumu, it seems that she wasn’t actively trying to make connections with people here at the school yet, but knowing her, Diadora’s circle of connections would definitely widen soon enough.

She just has a tendency to clearly state when she hates or likes something.

That’s why Diadora was a woman who clearly adores the people she takes a liking to, and hates the ones she doesn’t like.

I was worried about Diadora’s social life here, but it would be weird for me as a student to butt in, and besides, she’s a perfectly capable adult woman.

I’ll just watch over her warmly, until she asks for help.

Aside from myself, the Headmaster was here, and the other residents of Ente Forest were here too. Diadora has as many people to depend on as she could ever need here.

That fact makes me feel a little lonely, but this is something to be happy about. Fumu, fumu.

Diadora’s life here at the Magic Academy looked like it would go well, so there was nothing to worry about for now. But now the next one to worry about was Dramina.

Dramina had entered the Academy before all the students had returned to school from their hometowns. So right now was her first time getting to spend time with the other students.

The fact that she was a vampire and my familiar, that her existence here was authorized by the Magic Academy, and that she could even move around in sunlight, was all already told to the students beforehand.

The attention I’d gotten from having Selina, a lamia, following me around for a while, had started to die down lately. But with Dramina, clad head to toe in black clothing, added to my group, the attention from everyone was revived.


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