Chapter 188

After the Galois Magic Academy graduation ceremony ended, and after exchanging goodbyes with all the people I had formed close relationships with, I went with Selina, Dramina, and Lynette to the Headmaster’s office.

This is because we had received an invitation from her beforehand to come visit after the ceremony ends. From here on, our relationship with her would deepen, but not as Headmaster and students, but as good neighbors.

Considering that today would be the last day we would be in contact with her as students, I felt considerably emotional thinking about that.

We passed through to the Headmaster’s usual reception room, and sat down face to face, and she greeted us with her usual emotionless face, welcoming us with her expertly crafted facial expression.

As a person who has been Headmaster of the Magic Academy for a long time, she had sent off many students before, so I wonder how she felt toward today’s graduation ceremony.

「It was a good ceremony. Phenia has calmed down a lot after meeting all of you, and I have great expectations for your activities from now on」

If I looked really, really closely, it looked like the Headmaster was smiling slightly. Looking back on it now, we’ve had a very intense relationship during this past year.

This High Elf Headmaster is the inheritor of the oldest and noblest bloodline in Ente Forest, so it would be reassuring to have her as a good neighbor from now on.

「At the very least, I think it was a graduation with the strongest lineup of students that the Magic Academy has ever had, and ever will have」

This lineup consisted of me, the reincarnation of the Ancient Celestial Dragon, Christina, the direct descendant of the hero who killed me, and Phenia, who possesses the factor of the Phoenix.

Including the other two, and myself in particular, it’s safe to say that there really won’t be another set of students like us ever again. It might have been a big burden on the Headmaster to continue to treat us as students despite knowing our backgrounds.

「You’re definitely right. For someone who is actually a part of it to say that hits differently though… But you weren’t the only strong student.

You brought along your familiar, Selina, and then added the Vampire Queen Dramina as a second familiar, and even acquired the golem Lynette. Not to mention the fact that you were the reason why Diadora, a resident of Ente Forest, was able to come to the Magic Academy.

Because of you, not just students, but a lot of other people gathered here during this past year who have never been able to come here before.

In particular, if the upper class of the kingdom were to know your, Christina, and Dramina’s true identities, and even just a portion of your true abilities, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration or a joke to say that the entire world would be turned on its head」

When news of my reincarnation became known throughout the heavens, I became like a lighthouse and a guide for the gods to descend to earth more frequently.

I’ve told the Headmaster about that situation, although just to a certain extent, but for the Headmaster, there was probably no student that was more striking and troublesome than me.

「We’ll be staying in the north from now on, so I don’t think we’ll be causing anything earth shattering」

I intended to say that without any falsehood, but the Headmaster shook her head slightly, looking inconsolable. It seems the Headmaster thought that would definitely not happen.

My, how regrettable. Except for Alexander in the Dragon World and Lenia, my focus from now on will be concentrated on pouring my all for the sake of my hometown, Bern Village, and its people, so I don’t plan on causing any uproars or being the eye of any storms, but…

When I said that, not just the Headmaster, but also Selina, Dramina, and Lynette also more or less had the same reaction, and they all seemed to have the same opinion as they smiled bitterly.

It seems right now, I was on my own here. But why were Selina and the others so convinced that I would be the center of some uproar? Is it because of everything that’s happened so far, after all?

「Could it be you all are thinking that there’s no way I couldn’t cause a disturbance?」

「But, considering everything that’s happened so far… And considering that we’re moving back to a place that’s right next to Ente Forest, it’s easy to imagine that Ente-Yggdrasil will happily come over too」

I see, Selina is right. The seedling of the World Tree that Ente Forest entrusted to us has slowly begun to grow, and even if Ente herself doesn’t come, she could at least manifest a projection of herself through the seedling.

「With Ente’s presence in Bern Village, the elaborate relationship with Ente Forest can be proven, and moreover, the fact that the personification of the World Tree will just be striding around freely, that’s a situation that is rarely ever seen」

Among the people who know my true identity as the Ancient Celestial Dragon, Ente adores me in a different way than Alexander, Lenia, and Ryoukichi do, and no matter what, I cannot treat her with disregard.

Just because I am friends with the World Tree itself, does not mean that we are in a position to negotiate with her on our own terms, and that has to be made clear to the kingdom.

When I folded my arms, and hummed a bit in deep thought, an important person from Ente Forest, the current topic of our conversation, Diadora, laughed as if teasing me.

「Give up on Yggdrasil-sama. Her heart is very young and innocent. The fact that she’s pure has its pros and cons, but she will surely cause you trouble」

「It’s not troublesome at all. I’m happy that she adores me so innocently. Besides, I’m not the only one who has to worry about how I act around Ente, the same goes for the Headmaster as well, right?」

「This is only the beginning of her wild behavior. Besides, as residents of Ente Forest, we depend on her benevolence to keep on living in the forest, so we’ve never been in a position to voice our opinions to her in the first place」

「That is a humble statement. Considering Ente’s personality, she would cry endlessly if the people of the forest were gone. Your people and Ente, you’re in an inseverable symbiotic relationship」

「Hearing you say that makes it reassuring to continue living alongside Ente-sama.

So, that’s also how our relationship with your Bern Village will become from now on.

Now then, while Christina is visiting her Almadia family home, you will be returning to Bern Village, but have you already talked with the Village Chief and the others about your plans for the future?」

「Yes. When talk of Christina taking up office came up, I heard that they rushed to get a mansion constructed.

I heard that they also brought in many of the soldiers from the governor-general’s office, using the strength of the military to build it.

They’re recruiting civil officials to start working under Christina, and they plan on promoting Baran to captain, and Mareeda as his adjutant, and asking them to lead the military garrison that will be stationed at Bern.

And before we go back to Bern Village, we have to buy a lot of documents according to public standards, as well as spare sets of military equipment」

「It seems well planned out. If the number of soldiers were still small, you could have used alchemy to prepare all the needed equipment, but if their numbers increase, you won’t be able to do that anymore.

It will cost a lot of money to make orders from an arsenal, but if you do, you can expand your connections, and if you set one up within Bern Village, it will increase the power of that territory considerably」

Because of its location, Bern Village is self-sufficient, and taking into account the conflict with the north, it would be best to build a production system that can provide military munitions and supplies by itself.

This is a point that Dramina also told me about. However, right now, the blacksmith workshop in Bern Village is focused on making farming machines and tools for everyday life, and isn’t specialized in things like blades and armor.

「I don’t mind if it’s a blacksmith who is out of work, I’d like to gather a number of them first.

From here on, if we order the equipment needed to increase our military forces, we can also create jobs in the future.

If we can gather a good number of mages, we can enchant the weapons and armor ourselves, which will be useful during the conflict with the north.

Firearms seem to be popular right now, but that is still a luxury item, so it will still be a while before we can get our hands on them」

「If guns become the next leading weapon of battlefields, battles will change drastically. It seems even the Celestial Beings used guns as their main weapons, not swords or spears. Though with that said, in regards to a weapon that an ancient civilization used in the past, rather than me, you, as an Ancient Celestial Dragon, should be more familiar with that」

「That is true. Well either way, it’s been a common factor among most civilizations that the side that can attack its enemies from further away can reduce the casualties on their own side, and inflict more casualties on the enemy’s side.

The spear beats the sword, the bow beats the spear, and magic or guns beat the bow. But after a certain point, it’s usually the case that there is not much of a difference between magic and science. The Celestial Beings stepped past that point, but it will still take several more centuries until the current civilization on earth reaches that level」

As far as I knew, the civilization that developed both science and magic the most, was the one which the Seven Heroes who killed me belonged to, but the weapons they used were swords and spears. But they also had equipment that was derived from and assisted by scientific technology.

I know that Christina’s Dreadnought was not only created with magic, but also with the most advanced science and technology of the time as well.

It didn’t seem like the director disagreed with my opinion, but after some time passed, she looked at Dramina’s face, and then she let out a sigh, which was rare for her to do in front of us.

「Whatever the case, no matter how powerful of a force that the demons try to create, with you and Dramina there, it will be a meaningless effort. As for Selina, Diadora, and Lynette, they may not be quite as strong as you two, but they are strong enough to win easily against whole armies.

There is absolutely no reason at all to worry about the defense of Bern Village, but I suppose it is fortunate that Dran and Christina are aware of the need to prepare a military force that is sufficient for whatever might come after you」

「It may be a pipe dream, but I want to make it so that no one in our generation dies in war」

「You could have done whatever you wanted, no matter the means, but I can only be grateful that you have the self control to choose the means carefully. But should I be grateful to you, or to someone else?

In any case, your presence means that the threat from other worlds and from the Demon World has become less of a threat now. For that, I can never be grateful enough」


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