Chapter 194

Included within the Caravis Tower were beings that could be said to have been “caught up” in Caravis’s sloppy, careless, and crude nature.

Since space inside the tower is distorted, there is no top level in the Caravis Tower, so it is meaningless to count the floor levels. At least, not in its current unorganized form.

But if I were to try to count the levels, all those who got involved in this by Caravis lived in a section of the tower that consisted of about 5,000 to 5,100 floors.

These are people who descended to the earth between the tenth and eleventh dimensions due to a battle with the evil gods, before their own ancient wars could end, and now to this day, they are still fighting together with their guardian deities.

For them, their world is nothing more than a miniature garden.

In order to protect their people, the guardian deities had covered their cities with barriers so that the evil gods, who outnumbered them, could not enter. But now they were stuck in a state of wandering on top of this giant disk-shaped ark, a closed off world in which they were born, had children, and died over the course of time.

Due to Caravis, who is far stronger than all the evil gods they were fighting, having good will towards Dran, they are still fighting without even knowing that they have already escaped from the interdimensional space they had been wandering inside of.

One side wants to survive. And the other side wants to destroy.

This miniature garden was surrounded by a cylindrical barrier set up by a guardian deity, who had turned his own body into a shining pillar of light.

It contains a clear blue sea, mountains surrounded by rich and deep greenery, and cities where people live in, but they are still fighting to this day, unaware of the abnormality that has occurred around them.

The guardian deities use up most of their power to protect their miniature garden and the lives of their people, so in the battle against the attacking evil gods, they had to regretfully leave it up to the very people that they have to protect.

The vanguard of the attacking evil gods had a strange appearance, with the surface of their bodies taking on a gray color. In the center of their round bodies, which look like full moons, is a row of square teeth, and twisted horns that extend in all directions.

Each of them are big enough to be able to swallow a two-story house whole, and they are invading the city with their numbers in the thousands.

The ones who were under attack called the vanguard of the evil gods as the Soulborn class.

Then came the giants known as the Squawk class, with their long, thick arms and their scorpion-like tails growing from their rears to the back of their necks.

There was also the Schroth class, a half-human, half-horse type, with their lower body consisting of an eight-legged horse, and their top half had a smooth, egg-shaped face, with two arms with holes in them because the hands were missing from the wrists.

All of these monsters were more than ten times the size of a human, but the ones facing them in battle were teenage boys and girls.

Due to their guardian deity’s protection and blessing, the young guards of the garden were wearing garments that were mostly white, which reveal the color of each of their souls, and they fought with the weapons in their hands.

With their backs to the pillar of light that is the sacred body of their guardian deity, the group of only seven children stood atop the sea before the unprecedentedly large group of evil gods.

In the face of more than ten thousand of these deformed monsters, some of them were stifling their fear, some were crying in despair, and some were even prepared to give up their lives.

A red-haired boy, who appeared to be the emotional pillar of the group of children, desperately lifted his face even as his knees were trembling, and he spoke to his friends while glaring at the evil gods. In his hands, he gripped a large bayonet, which he has used to kill many evil gods.

It was the first object that was given to him by the guardian deity, it was a sacred weapon which is so reliable, he would call it his trusted partner.

With his mind made up, he attempted to speak the words that would mark the start of the final battle. These words were solidified by the conviction of his determination, even to the point of being pitiful.

「Everyone, let’s go. Just like always, we’ll kill these evil gods—-」

A voice from far, far behind the group of evil gods interrupted the boy’s attempt to say those words, even though he knew such a thing shouldn’t be possible.

A torrent of enormous power that easily transcended the evil presence of the countless evil gods flowed toward them.

All of the children gasped, nervously thinking that the main enemy of the group of evil gods had finally appeared, but……

「Nuhahahaha!! What, there’s just a bunch of small fry buzzing around. I remember seeing them somewhere before, but I wonder where!」

With the sound of a long spear swinging, the atmosphere changed into a storm, and the Soulborn class, with the sound of their teeth clacking, was shattered into pieces. The tiny particles that were left over were purified and dissolved by the guardian deity, and they disappeared.

「It’s a construction of the Tenteishi group. I didn’t know they were still fighting, I thought they were trapped in a dimensional space, and had escaped the reach of the giant barriers that cover the world」

Following the hearty, laughter-filled voice was a serious and inflexible-sounding voice, and a series of horizontal slash attacks flew in, cleaving through the Squawk class like the claws of a giant beast, cutting into their ranks one after another.

「I can feel Chioshu-sama’s power coming from that pillar of light and those children over there.

From the looks of it, it seems Chioshu-sama is protecting all the humans of this world from the Tenteishi invasion. It must be quite a heavy burden, but his compassion is deep」

More arrows rained down like a meteor shower, glowing with a jade green light.

The Schroth class shot bullets of light from the holes in their arms to intercept the attack, but the jade arrows riddled the giants of the Schroth class with holes, one after another.

By the time the three types of attacks stopped, the total numbers from the group of evil gods had dropped by half.

The children, who had witnessed the sudden reduction in numbers of the evil gods, looked up dumbfounded at the hole in the barrier, but the three people who were responsible for the attack paid it no mind.

A large man with blond hair holding a huge spear that was taller than himself raised his voice in slightly strange laughter, and he had two beautiful women behind him, with pure white wings extending from their backs.

The man landed lightly on the surface of the stormy sea, as if he made no sound and had no weight, while the two beautiful women stayed in the air beside him.

Needless to say, these three people were the God of War, Aldeath, and his followers, the war maidens Sarako and Saha.

Since they were the only two of all of his followers that could keep up with Aldeath’s mood and temperament, they were a small, elite group consisting of just the three of them.

The children didn’t realize that what had appeared before them was a great god who was one or two levels stronger than their guardian deity, Chioushu, and the evil god, Tenteishi.

They knew that the existence in front of them was something that they couldn’t even imagine, but this was the first time, that they knew of, a visitor from outside of the evil god’s group had made it through the barrier, and that it was an adult too.

Up until now, only children under the age of 20 have been able to stand up and fight against the evil gods. The adults, gritting their teeth at their own inability to help them, had to stay back to provide support, leaving the teenagers to risk their lives by themselves on the front lines.

Sadly for them, the sight of an adult standing on the battlefield was an extremely strange and alien sight to see.

Moreover, just when the group of evil gods had changed the rules up until now, and were starting to invade on a frighteningly large scale, Aldeath and the others had shown up to scatter a part of the evil god’s forces, and so the children were especially confused.

Aldeath steadily walked up to the red-haired boy, who was staring back at him blankly, and the pink-haired girl next to him.

Aldeath was aware of the confusion in their minds, but even so, he was the type of man that it was hard to tell if he would be considerate toward them or not.

Aldeath held no hostility toward the children, but because of the fact that he possessed such supreme power, and that the children had such little information, the children were naturally wary of him, and they gathered closer to the red-haired boy and the pink-haired girl.

Meanwhile, the evil gods were unaware that their allies had been defeated, and were about to invade the city, but there was still enough time to exchange a few words.

The first thing that Aldeath said was this. He raised one hand, smiled brightly, and as he waved his hand, he said:

「Hey there!」

At his extremely brief greeting, the red-haired boy, Akahi, and the pink-haired girl, Momoka, looked at him with bewildered faces. Now then, how will they respond to Aldeath’s greeting, as he did not hide, nor did it ever occur to him that he needed to hide, his feelings?


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