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Chapter 60 part 2




Translator: “Kousei”

This phenomenon has continued since the beginning of their special training, and no matter how many times people saw it, they couldn’t get used to the transcendent beauty. Rather, the number of victims increased the longer this went on.

The rumors spread and people in Galois rushed to see the out-of-this-world beauty, gathering all along the road to the Magic Academy while pushing each other and having a skirmish, jaws dropping as they witnessed the real thing and their consciousnesses flew away.

Moreover, aside from Ryu Kitsu, Liu Yu and Vaje were also very beautiful women.

Just by being together with three Dragonians, a race that is very rarely ever seen, Dran attracted even more attention, which caused further rumors to be born both inside and outside of the Magic Academy.

Even after we made it into the Magic Academy, the sound of the agonized cries of the students and faculty members as they fainted and rolled around with blissful smiles could be heard.

Dran, who played a part in causing this, felt a little responsible, so he would move the people who fainted to the side of the road so they wouldn’t be in the way, and he set many of them down on benches.

Anyway, today too, as always, Dran and everyone went to the bath house after completing their special training, where they could cleanse their bodies and heal their fatigue in the water that was prepared by the Thermal Golems every day.

There are some cultures where people are opposed to exposing their skin to others even of the same sex, but fortunately, Ryu Kitsu and Vaje didn’t seem to show any aversion to it.

As for Ryu Kitsu and Liu Yu, they seemed to look forward to the time they spent together as just mother and daughter, both during the special training and at the bath house.

While Irina and Fatima weren’t participating in the special training, they still joined everyone in the bath, but Sierra, being a half-vampire, seemed to have an instinctual avoidance of water, even bathwater, which isn’t even flowing water. So she would just wash her body in the corner of the bath.

But when Fatima tried to wash her own body and hair, Sierra would still run up to her at full speed despite the slippery floor of the bath, and she would do everything for her, since she was her familiar, without letting Fatima lift a finger.

Fatima would let out a troubled laugh at Sierra’s overprotectiveness.

As Christina and Phenia washed their hair, and Lenia had her hair washed by Irina next to Nell, who was washing her body, they began to regret not being able to land a hard hit on Ryu Kitsu sooner.

Although Phenia was the daughter of a genuine noble and always acted like a princess, she was surprisingly able to take care of herself all on her own.

「It would have been such a shame if we couldn’t hurt Ryu Kitsu, even after challenging her with this many people」

Christina, who was washing her own hair on Phenia’s left, seemed to be of the exact same opinion as she nodded with a meek look on her face.

「It’s exactly as you say, Phenia. I don’t think anyone as strong as Ryu Kitsu will be participating in the Magic Tournament, but this was a strong reminder that the world is truly wide.
Considering that our opponent was a True Dragon, it’s only natural that we were no match」

「I don’t think any of the other Magic Schools are doing special training against dragons. This was a very valuable experience. But still, I’m disappointed that we couldn’t even reach the same level as her」

Nell, who has shorter hair that takes less effort to wash compared to the other three, stood up and headed for the bath after washing her hair and body, but there was a faint hint of emotion coloring her face, unsuitable for the one nicknamed Ice Flower.

Being unable to stand up against Ryu Kitsu must have been just as, if not more, annoying than when she was defeated by Eksu, a student of the western Magic Academy, last year.

She probably didn’t intend to reply to Nell, but Lenia, as she was having her hair washed by Irina, opened her mouth to say some frightening words.

Moreover, Lenia kept her eyes closed while Irina was washing her hair.

Just by looking at the sight of her letting her hair get washed, one would think she was just a cute girl, but in Lenia’s case, her inner self truly betrayed the impression her appearance gave off.

「Someday, I will rip her head from her neck with my own hands」

「Le-Lenia, you shouldn’t say such scary things.
Besides, Ryu Kitsu is Dran’s friend, so if you do something like that, don’t you know how angry Dran would be?」

As soon as Dran’s name was mentioned, Lenia immediately grew weaker.

She groaned, and folded her arms in annoyance over the gentle curves of her chest as she began to complain.

She must have been thinking about how she could harm Ryu Kitsu without earning Dran’s wrath.

「Anyway, you really adore Dran, don’t you, Lenia?
I heard you helped out Dran when he was in trouble in Solania, and even in a previous quest too, right? Did you do that because you love him?」

In response to Phenia, who asked that with expectations suitable for a young woman of her age, Lenia laughed through her nose with her eyes still closed and her arms folded.

Lenia would not deny that she held familial love, but it was not the kind of love that Phenia was expecting, and that was because Lenia understood her feelings as a human, despite being a divine beast.

However, she does not know when or how this love could change.

「It’s not suitable for the young lady of a noble to spin stories based on rumors like that.
Hmph, it would trouble me if you were to think that my feelings for him were something so vulgar.
For me, he is the truth, a god who should be respected, revered, and worshipped. Standing by his side is my greatest joy!」

When Lenia boasted such claims without any hesitation, Nell, who was already heading for the bath, looked at each of the other five people’s faces, as if they were asking each other, “What in the world did Dran do to her?” They strongly suspected that he might have committed some crime.

If Dran were here, he would have protested in a loud voice that these were false accusations.

Meanwhile, Selina, Ryu Kitsu, Liu Yu, and Vaje were already in the bath, soaking in the hot water, and somehow strangely, it was the group with tails and scales that had gotten in the water first before the others.

Even though her blood had been boiling, Vaje regretted that she had challenged Ryu Kitsu with so much fighting spirit, and she silently implied that no one should talk to her as she sat meditating in the bath, soaking up to her mouth in the hot water with her eyes closed.

In addition, she was weakened due to Ryu Kitsu’s spiritual water nearly drowning her despite being on the ground, so she was especially tired today.

On the other hand, Selina, Liu Yu, and Ryu Kitsu were still in good spirits, and the three of them also seemed to get along well with each other. There were many things for them to talk about, such as being a lamia who lives in a hidden village in the mountains, and dragons living on the ocean floor, as well as their encounters with Dran.

With summer vacation and the end of their special training soon coming to an end, the bath house was filled to the ceiling with conversations of their regrets.

With the sound of splashing and rippling water, Ryu Kitsu stood up, covered in countless droplets of hot water, and she wiggled her tail as she stepped out of the bath.

Liu Yu couldn’t help but admire her mother’s alluring figure, which even from her point of view as her daughter, could only bring out a sigh of admiration and envy.

Liu Yu herself was blessed with exceptional beauty, but her mother was the true master of beauty, so much that even the word “exceptional” would not be enough to describe her.

Also, there was the difference between them in their power as dragons, and it made her wonder if she really was this person’s daughter. This had fostered quite a bit of a feeling of inferiority in Liu Yu’s heart.

「Mother, are you done already?」

She usually spent longer in the bath, but today, Liu Yu felt like she was leaving somewhat earlier than usual.

「Yes. Dran must be tired from maintaining and concealing the barrier, so I thought I’d go wash his back for him」

“Oh, I see,” Liu Yu thought to herself, and sat back down in the water, but the moment she understood what her mother had just said, she immediately stood up without any reluctance at showing her nakedness as she shouted.


Ryu Kitsu’s dash toward the men’s bath house was narrowly blocked by Selina and Christina, in addition to Liu Yu.





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