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Chapter 75 – Part 2

「Hmm, it seems we’ll be having an enriching time tomorrow. But I’d say we are already having a great time right now, so I’m sure we’ll feel even more fulfilled tomorrow as well.

However, if things are going to get a lot more lively, then it won’t suit Diadora that much.

Sorry if my assumption is wrong, but I thought Diadora was most suited to elegantly showing her love for the moon under the night sky」

「My, I may look like this, but I am also part flower spirit, so I can’t live without the light of the sun, you know?

It’s just that submerging myself in the light of the moon and the darkness of night is more fitting for me, that’s all.

In that sense, your assumption is correct. As always, your intuition is sharp. Though I can’t say that you know a woman’s heart well」

「The woman’s heart, huh? For me, that is the biggest mystery in the world. I have some knowledge, in theory, but nothing more」

「You don’t have to think so hard about it. But judging by the way you get along with Selina, it’s not like you’re completely insensitive, so you’re just a troublesome man, aren’t you, Dran?」

「Hmm, then I can’t express my gratitude enough for Selina, who continues to stay by my side, no matter how troublesome. If she ever abandons me, I’ll have to repent and think hard about what I should do to better myself」

This is without a lie, truly what I intend to do. If even Selina, who had gone so far as to become my familiar, would abandon me, then it must be because there is a problem with my personality.

「Then do your best so she doesn’t leave you. But it doesn’t seem like you have to worry about that ever happening though……」

「If even you would say that, Diadora, then for now, I feel reassured」

「Dran, Selina, look over there. Tomorrow, that’s where the Priestess Princess will be announcing the start of the festival. Once she does that, Yggdrasil will start releasing a huge amount of beautiful mana, born from its harmony with the earth veins」

Following with my eyes toward where Fio was pointing, what came into my line of sight, was the half circle shaped stage that had been constructed on the trunk of Yggdrasil.

「The Yggdrasil Festival, huh. It would be nice if it could have a positive on Bern Village too. I want to pray for that to happen」

We continued to talk as we rode the cage on the Ropeway, and finally arrived on the other side. We got out of the cage, and saw that many other people of various species were also getting out of other cages around us, just like we had.

Hmm, from what I can see, there aren’t as many stalls sticking out here. Instead, most of them are proper stores, attached to people’s homes.

「Fio, that area we were in earlier, was that a residential area, and then is this a shopping district?」

「That’s about right. All the people who come from villages outside of Deep Green gather here, and all the shops who handle the goods and the venues for trading negotiations, all set up shop here, too.

Each village sends a representative to come here for negotiations, so this area isn’t really a place where the native residents of Deep Green will be stepping foot into.

Dran, you seem like you want to get more into active trade for the sake of your village, so I thought if we came to this place, it would be helpful for you to learn more」

It seems like Fio was being extra considerate for me.

But I did have a single matter of concern. Yggdrasil’s output of mana has the highest quality and quantity in all the world.

It was the source of very excellent food and resources, and not just for the living beings on the surface of the earth, but also for creatures from other worlds, such as the spirits from the spirit world, and the fairies from the fairy world.

「Hmm, but it’s Yggdrasil’s mana.

It is definitely a blessing for the people who live on the earth’s surface, but it should be common for people with bad intentions to target that mana too. That’s why there are so many defenses around us, cutting this area off from the outside space…」

It was a brief moment for me to speak of my anxieties and concerns.

The walls of this dimension which had Yggdrasil at its center, began to shake. The spirit veins seemed to get disturbed by some great distortion. All of the spirits began to raise their voices noisily.

The branches of Yggdrasil all started to shake together, as if the World Tree had just been swallowed up by a storm. The leaves made noise in the wind, as if they were screaming in agony.

「No way. Don’t tell me it’s actually happening, just because I said all that」

While I turned my solemn gaze toward Yggdrasil, Fio, Marl, Diadora, and Selina all looked back at Yggdrasil without trying at all to hide their conflicted thoughts. They took deep breaths as they faced the irregular incident occurring at this World Tree.

It wasn’t just Fio and them. All of the residents here in Deep Green turned their eyes as one toward the World Tree Yggdrasil, and I could feel the tension on my skin, as all of them were on the verge of falling into a panic.

「Dran, you don’t happen to know what’s going on right now, do you?」

「Diadora, I want to say that you’re overestimating me, but well, hmm, I do know.

It’s the thing I was anxious about just earlier; a raid from outside invaders. Their goal must be to attain the mana from Yggdrasil.

I’ve been checking beforehand for any signs of something being amiss, but it seems like the enemies have been lying in wait for this exact moment. Thanks to that, I wasn’t able to prepare any countermeasures yet」

I looked above and saw, at the top of Yggdrasil, a new crack in the wood had formed. From that, I could tell just how determined those aiming for Yggdrasil really were.

「I was wondering why this made me suddenly remember that time when I had met those heroes, but now I understand. The reason I had even met those heroes was because of you, wasn’t it, Niezheg?」

My eyes changed color into that of the rainbow-colored dragon eyes, and from within the deep crack in the tree, I saw the figure of evil winged dragon, Niezheg, releasing poison breath with every exhale.

In my past life, the seven heroes had come to me for help. To beg me to help them take down the dragon Niezheg, who was trying to eat one of the Yggdrasil trees.

I do not know if it is karma or something for what I had done that time, but the fact that I was here in this place, at this moment was a stroke of bad luck for me.

Just like I had done back then, I will offer everyone some advice this time as well.

「It’s an evil dragon, one who eats forbidden food. His goal is to eat the Yggdrasil trees of this world. He’s despicable」

In response to the aura of evil intent radiating off of Niezheg, Fio, Diadora, and everyone else here in Deep Green felt in their minds and hearts that something was wrong. I activated the power of the Ancient-Celestial Dragon swirling within my whole body, and swore on my now hardened heart that I would definitely eliminate this fool who had dared spit on this treasured festival day.


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