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Chapter 76 – Part 1

A fissure in the space directly above Ente-Yggdrasil appeared from another dimension, and on the other side, two spheres of fire burned ominously.

They were the two eyes of the hungry demon Niezheg who wanted to devour the World Tree Yggdrasil, both of his eyes filled with hunger. The fire burning in his eyes was repulsive.

His pupils were narrowed vertically, blazing with the glint of an insatiable hunger, as he looked down upon the young Yggdrasil tree. His gaze was one with intentions of assault and violation.

When all the people gathered here in Deep Green looked into the fissure in space and caught a glimpse of the figure of the devil, and of the demon gods’ domain peeking out behind him, it was as if their mental states had taken a direct hit. In the blink of an eye, they grew weak.

But the reason why the mentality and spirits of the people of Deep Green did not break completely upon laying eyes on Niezheg, was thanks solely to the protection of Yggdrasil.

From the very moment Niezheg had first appeared, Yggdrasil had also released its store of mana and spiritual energy, which cancelled out the evil energy and aura emitting from Niezheg’s very soul. It still was in the middle of this process even now.

「Dran, did you say Niezheg just now!? The name of the fearsome dragon who eats the Yggdrasil trees!!」

The one who responded first to my speaking aloud Niezheg’s name was Fio, who looked like she was about to cry from anxiety and fear.

She came from a long lineage of Wood Elves, and was one of many who had grown up living alongside Yggdrasil with great affection and respect for the tree. To her, the existence of Niezheg, who was trying to destroy that tree, was probably a very abhorrent and disgusting existence.

No, it wasn’t just Fio.

The second the surrounding Wood Elves heard Niezheg’s name, without even questioning or doubting if it was really him or not, the anxiety and fear they had immediately started to change into rage and hatred.

They were now standing before the being who would do the one most forbidden thing to them, and so a blazing fire of righteous indignation seemed to light up in the hearts of the citizens. Finding an enemy that threatened to take away something they all loved, they were filled with loathing and anger.

「That’s right. Niezheg is fairly young, but since he can materialize in this dimension of the world, then he is no doubt very powerful.

Ente-Yggdrasil is still a young tree, barely older than a sapling.

This may be offensive to say, but if it continues to fight off Niezheg alone, then it will become quite tough to say if it will survive, that is for sure」

「That can’t be…… Then, let’s hurry up and go to the Priestess Princess for help!

If she can do her ceremony earlier, then by tuning in with Yggdrasil, she can release a large amount of mana.

If we use that power, then Yggdrasil might gain an advantage over Niezheg. Isn’t that right, Dran?」

「Hmm, if the spiritual veins in the surrounding area are used to release mana out into the world, then Yggdrasil might indeed be able to defeat Niezheg on its own.

But Yggdrasil’s mana could also be a reward to Niezheg, something that comes along with eating Yggdrasil itself.

If we make a mistake, then it’s possible that the created mana would only end up becoming food for Niezheg to grow even stronger」

「But at this rate, Yggdrassil will fall!」

「That’s not our only problem. There are more coming out besides Niezheg」

I felt bad being the bearer of even more bad news, but at that moment, the air around Niezheg seemed to blur as if a summer heat haze was being produced.

And from the other side of those shaking heat hazes, the presence of more beings could be seen, and although inferior to Niezheg, they still held terrifying power. They crossed over into our dimension maliciously.

「Dran, a-aren’t those magic soldiers!? No way, we just chased away Georg not that long ago」

「Hmm, we’re not dealing with just the magic soldiers here. I also see some low level and mid level class demons too.

I know the ancient Niezheg clan has always lived in a certain region of the underworld, but I heard a relatively new lineage has recently set up somewhere in the demon world as well.

All of those guys in the demon world are probably loyal to Niezheg.

If they are, then we’ll also have to face off against Niezheg’s demon subjects」

A few months ago, just before spring had begun, when new life was supposed to be budding up everywhere, one of the four Demon Generals, Georg, had tried to invade, sinking his fangs into the western section of Ente Forest. The memory of their attack was still fresh in our minds.

For Fio, it couldn’t be helped that she considered this a threat even greater than back then, and there was no need to wonder why.

Back then, there was always hope for reinforcements from the various other species. But this time, it was Deep Green that was under attack. It was the heart of Ente Forest, the place where most of the population of the forest lived.

Furthermore, Yggdrasil was the essential cornerstone of Ente Forest’s heart, but I could see these guys meant to devour the tree like food, like it was prey.

The demons’ numbers were increasing, and polluting the clean atmosphere and the fragrant smell of greens that filled this city.

Most of the demons that I could see appeared to be newcomers, born after the great war between the former gods had ended, when the demon gods had been defeated and had fallen to the demon world.

The aura that these demons were giving off lacked the weight and the intimidation of demons that had richer histories.

「In order to defeat these insolent people who dare to attack the capital city of the fairies and spirits, then it would be appropriate to use the power of the spirits after all」

The magic power of the Dragonkin started to overflow from my whole body, and the walls in the surrounding area began to shake and connect to another world. Noticing this, Selina, Diadora, and Fio turned to me with surprise on their faces.

However, Selina was the only one to say「Oh, this again?」and was perhaps satisfied as a relieved expression rose to her face.

「Oh Great Spirits from distant worlds, heed my voice and entomb my foolish enemies!

『Miraculous wind that blows in all directions』Wondergust!

『Pure water that cleanses the earth and heavens』Tuaqua!

『Solid earth that rumbles without end』Vaias!」

Above our heads, a space opened up, and green, blue, and light brown; those three colors rippled out in great big rings. On the other side of those rings, three Great Spirits were summoned from the spirit world, and they appeared in our world.

Standing at the top of the hierarchy and born from the spirit gods was the Spirit King. And directly beneath him, were the Great Spirits, who all held high intelligence and spirituality.

Same as with the gods, they were not originally residents of this earth. The moment they had arrived on earth from the spirit world, their authority and power decreased greatly, but even so, they still held power so great, it transcended any species on the earth in comparison, that much would not change.

When it comes to summoning from the Great Spirit class, it is a high grade secret technique of Spirit Magic. Summoning one is hard enough, but summoning three Great Spirits at the same time is so difficult, it is probably a display of power that only I can do.

A young girl with long, solid green hair and wearing robes dyed jade green: the Great Spirit of Wind, Wondergust.

A beautiful woman who wore clothes made of clear, flowing water, such that her appearance is no different than if her naked body were exposed: the Great Spirit of Water, Tuaqua.

And lastly, a huge bear with green moss and fruit-bearing trees growing out of its dark brown fur: the Great Spirit of Earth, Vaias.

『I thought that was a really rough way of calling us, so I came out to see who it was』

『Ah, how nostalgic. To think I would be able to worship your respectable face again, oh great Dragon』

『I see, so you’ve been contained in this human body now. I always thought you were a strange person, but this is beyond my expectations』

The one with the young, childlike way of speaking was Wondergust, the one with the old fashioned speaking style was Tuaqua, and the one who complained with similar speaking habits as myself was Vaias.

At any rate, these were the Great Spirits that I had known in my previous life.


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