High School Hack and Slash Chapter 112 Part 1


「… Flying pigs (orc) are just too surreal, though.」

Orcs that don’t fly are no more than orcs, so it can’t be helped.

However, the sight of them flying with jets shooting out of nozzles on the tips of their limbs ends up making me laugh.

The orcs are equipped with strangely mechanical suits of full-body armor type.

The design looks like that of near-future science fiction.

I get the feeling that the monsters in this raid are somewhat strange.

「Though, well, as a matter of fact, I guess the kind of monsters that fly in the sky are really a pain in the ass.」

Seiichi mutters as he looks up at the orcs, which are flying while squealing oink oink like mosquito dragonflies.

True enough, the classes that have a long-range means of attack are mostly those of the『Arts User (Magi)』 branching.

The standard combat classes, those of the『Fighter』 branching, for instance, have the worst compatibility with them.

「Sample, secured.」

「Melon-chan-senpai. It’s such a pain, so can we just shoot them down altogether?」

In our case, Meiron-senpai and Mai boast peerless antiaircraft prowess.

Daidara-kun pulls down flying pigs with spider shots from one end to the other, while Mai shoots homing magic bullets at the fleeing pigs.

Perhaps they are not orcs endowed with flying ability, but flying in mechanical suits equipped with flying units.

So when they stall and crash, they are dying from fall damage.

The orc suit seems to be fragile, perhaps designed to be lightweight.

Like it’s specialized more as a flying unit, rather than for armoring purposes.

「Chieri-chan, Kakine-chan. We totally want some, so they way.」

They are a pair who have mad scientist-ish classes such as『Engineer』 and『Alchemist』.

I’m sure they’re going to start some outrageous magical modifications again.

Like that, we are on the march to the target point in the West area, all the while collecting materials rather than fighting.

According to Miharu and Natsumi’s search skills, we can tell that it appears that the raider group in the West area has also sent out a reconnaissance unit and is moving toward the South area where our base is located.

It seems that we passed each other, in a switching places manner.

I asked whether or not we should return for once, but since we were close to the point where the other party was based, we decided to give priority to the investigation.

Even in the unlikely event that negotiations between the group headed for the Demon Lord’s castle and the Senpais who are house-sitting there break down, an emergency call is set to be sent via Meiron-senpai.

Surrounded by walls, the defense of the Demon Lord’s castle is reasonably strong.

If we get on the fuzzy cloud and rush there, we should be able to get there in time.

There are also about 10 people left at the other party’s base, seemingly on standby, so I think it’s possible to do at least some information exchange with them.

「Are they using that entire apartment?」


「They are still inside.」

The raider group in the west seems to be using a building that has existed in the raid domain from the beginning as their base.

After fighting off the strange mechanized monsters that have been attacking us sporadically, we arrive at the target point.

「Well then, let’s throw some light magic cannons at them.」


「Hey, wai….」

Mai, thrusting out and holding up the staff she’s holding, floats a volleyball-sized ball of destruction.

As a light greeting, about four balls of destruction knock the four-story building.

It’s the so-called light gunboat diplomacy.

「Th, the wall?」

「It’s blown away, isn’t it? What shoddy durability it has….」

The calm and collected Shizuka-san gives a follow up to Tatsuya-kun and Honami-san, who are looking pale.

「Like, it’s more fragile than I expected. Even though if it were the dungeon walls, such a thing wouldn’t have left even a single crack on them.」

It’s most likely not earthquake-proof.

You mustn’t compare it with the buildings in Japan, the kingdom of earthquakes.

「Hmm~, should I try throwing some more magic cannons until someone comes out?」

I feel like it would turn out like playing daruma otoshi or Jenga.

We should go with the standard protocol here, sending out some scouts to take a look at the situation.

I was thinking about asking Seiichi, the ninja man, but Peperon speedily sticks to the building on his own accord.

The color of the scales covering his body blurs and assimilates into the surrounding scenery.

You can tell that he’s steadily ascending the wall of the adjacent building, but all you can see is the faint noise.

How he can stick to the wall like a gecko is a mystery.

Common sense tells us that the outer wall should have collapsed as it could not support his weight, but it doesn’t even make a sound, so it must be some kind of skill-like ability.

I thought he was a metabolic dragon, but he’s uselessly light and has a tremendous optical camouflage ability.

It seems that the name『Colorless Swallowing Dragon (Chameleon Gulper)』 isn’t just for show.

「… By any chance, is he supposed to be acting as a scout?」

「It hurts Peperon because everyone always calls him a useless metabolic dragon that’s just round!」

「Ah. He jumped to the rooftop, didn’t he? Or rather, he understands our language, though, that fat dragon.」

「Well, he’s been listening to Oto-chan-senpai’s orders, after all.」

I envy them for their honesty.

He seems to understand even baby Nue, but he is a selfish and willful naughty boy.

Seeing such arbitrary action appeal of Peperon, the Fluffy Army is indignant.

They are reporting to Miharu and Natsumi that they too are going to sally out.

They’re basically doggies of the canine family, so they must have fixation about the pecking order of the pack.

「Let’s leave it to Private Pepe to deal with the ones who run away, shall we? I’m going to check the situation inside for a bit, so you guys be on standby here—」

「I, I’m coming, too.」

Being glared with the eyes which seem to be saying: you’re going to act arbitrarily too, huh, newbie? by the doggies, Tatsuya-kun is trembling.

Seiichi, scratching his cheek, stares at Tatsuya-kun.

「… Very well, but… Just in case, be sure to resolve yourself, okay.」

「… Yes. I get it.」

Seiichi and Tatsuya-kun rush into the building while sneaking around.

We’ve dumped a grand one into it, so I get the feeling that it’s a little late for that.

Let’s obediently wait until the infiltration mission is complete, shall we?

◇ ◇ ◇

「… Riru, chan.」

「Noo… Tatsuya, don’t look at me.」

Riru, who hugged her own body, turned her face away from Tatsuya, her back shaking.

Only her school uniform was recovered from the place of confinement, but her underwear was not found.

For an entire week since she was taken captive by the raider group, she had not been allowed to wear a bra or panties.

It was only natural that they would keep their tools in an easy to use state.

Back when Riru was found in the raider base.

Riru, bound with a collar that had been placed on her, was fixed on a table in a pose with her legs spread as wide as they would go.

Her pubic region, which had been used until just before the attack, was leaking a lukewarm cloudy fluid that dripped onto the floor.

「Riru-chan, how many people have you been raped by…?」

「!, that’s….」

The crotch of Tatsuya, who was breathing heavily, was swollen and bulging as never before.

What was sweetly itching and tingling in Riru’s womb was the sperm of the boy, whose name she didn’t even know, who had used her the whole time as his hug pillow.

It was interfering with her rewritten buttock imprint, completely enslaving and altering her female flesh.

That was why, it was the heart that tingled at Tatsuya’s question.

「Th… There were, sixteen of them. I was made, to taste all of them….」

「Th, that many.」

「Yes. There were also other girls who were kept, but… The boys, took turns, raping us.」

Riru’s cheeks flushing little by little as her skirt was rolled up by Tatsuya, who was crouching in front of her.

「The girls, you see, didn’t have any free time at all. As soon as they were done, another boy bent over us and… Umm, some even made us straddle them on top of them. Even while we were sleeping, you see, we were used as cock cases by the boys who were on night watch duty….」

A sticky mass dripped from the depth of her labia, which were spread open with the tips of his fingers.

「Th… Those guys’ cocks were, larger than yours, Tatsuya, but… they were soft and limp. But they didn’t get any smaller even when they ejaculated, and as they were, they kept going over and over and over again….」

「Over and over again.」

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