High School Hack and Slash Chapter 138 Part 2

「… the worst … that one, he’s a high-ranked boss who has established his own character …」

「Given things, if we handle it carelessly, we will be annihilated-squeak. Our only option is to buy time somehow and wait for the 『Twelve Labors (Hercules Quest)』 to be conquered-squeak.」

「That whatever quest, who will and how do you conquer it?」

At Mai’s question, Nenene shrugged her shoulders, shaking her bunny ears.

「Beats me-squeak.」

「Eeh~, what’s with that answer?」

「The conditions for generating the subquests were never handed down, I believe. As I recall, it seems that the Hero class holder at the time conquered it, though.」

Otoha, scratching her cheek, looked up to the heavens.

No matter how you looked at it, the situation was abysmal and the path ahead was dark.

「Come to think of it, I don’t seem to see the figures of the two boys from your side, but did they oversleep or something-squeak?」

「No, they disappeared somewhere. Without a doubt, I believe they are caught in trouble. Yes, well, it happens all the time, so….」

Shizuka, holding her hand against her chest, asserted.

It was a conviction that was tantamount to faith.

「Hmm. In that case, it gives us some hope-squeak. That one is probably an oddball blessed by such a star-squeak.」

「Ah~, I don’t have a reason, but I’m starting to get that feeling too….」

「Ahaha. Yes, I’m sure that Touma-kun and Seiichi-kun are currently challenging the trials.」

Laughing next to Otoha, Mikan nodded her head.

In a sense, that was probably a form of trust as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Go check your potion inventory! Don’t be stingy with them, and take all your disposable (instant) items out!」

Among the reserve members of Tenjou Tenge (World’s Mine), a support personnel carrying magic bags was in the mix.

Even other top-ranked clubs did not neglect their support personnel department.

They were essential factors in their prowess by providing equipment maintenance as well as granting quasi-enhancement (instant buff).

「Tch, the figures of the committee member bunch are nowhere to be seen. They should be storing the potions somewhere, so go grab as many as you can!」

The dungeon-born potions traded at the purchasing department were stored in an airtight special warehouse to prevent the miasma from volatilizing even on the above ground.

The potions produced from treasure chests in the dungeon had a high appearance rate.

They were also put into use in events, but they had also become a major underground interest of the academy.

Such potions could be said to be the most accessible magic items for ordinary students.

To put it bluntly, they were considered as a miss among the items that came out of the treasure chests.

Even if brought back to the above ground from the dungeon, the miasma would dissipate in less than half a day, and they ended up losing their effectiveness.

Something along an item limited to that dungeon dive only, could not be carried over to the next one.

The ones who made use of these potions were high-ranked clubs that were regular participants of raid quests.

They purchased the potions stored in a special barrier in the purchasing department and brought them into the raid quest as they were.

When it came to combat in extreme conditions, where physical loss was nothing unusual, a means of recovery was essential.

In other words, a situation like the current one.

「Hercules in a fully buffed state, huh. He’s probably a foe not at all inferior to an 『Extreme Class』 boss.」

The extreme class other world (raid) they had once challenged, 『Onigashima』.

It was reminiscent of the overwhelming violence of the Oni Lord and the Four Heavenly King ranks, against whom they couldn’t even put up a fight.

「Oioi, Senpai. Don’t make such a happy-looking face, duh. Have you forgotten the fact that this place is outside Rashomon?」

「That’s exactly why. If it’s now, I’m sure we’ll be able break out of our shells and reach new heights.」

「You’re not sane, dang it. I mean, it’s not a game, after all.」

With her hand on her divine katana, she felt herself sharpened as never before.

There was no reason for her feeling in wanting to simply get stronger and reach the realm called unparalleled under heaven.

The intense sense of discomfort she harbored against her everyday life, in which she was obviously born in the wrong era, was now gone.

For sure, they must share that same feeling.

If it was the ponytailed samurai standing next to her.

「… I see you are close with the 『Black Honey』 club.」


Even she herself didn’t know what she was saying, but she naturally called out to her.

「Truth to be told, I was intending to tell you this after I beat you, but….」


「If you would like to… No, come and join Tenjou Tenge (us).」

Saki, who had been ignoring her like air until then, turned around with a vacant face.

「It, it’s not like I want to fight side-by-side with you or train with you in swordsmanship, okay?!」

The club members, who had been observing her dangerous and distorted act of hiding embarrassment with amusement, let out a sigh.

Her valuation in the club was that of a battle-freak swordsmanship fanatic.

It was amusing to see her act like a maiden in love, but it was too out of place.

Saki, receiving a sudden headhunting, floated a faint smile on her mouth.

「Let’s cross swords and decide who the top is and who the bottom is later. I’m sure, it will be fun.」

「Yes, but of course… Also, m, my name is Karin. Do remember that.」

「Yes. I’m, Saki.」

Her soft smile made Karin’s face dyed red.

The loosening of the strained presence.

It was a shift to natural stance, as opposed to negligence.

Lightly stepping forward, she smoothly drew her katana.

Toward the front of Hercules, who was crossing his arms and carving a ferocious smile behind his loose and disheveled hair.

It was a footstep more natural than even a gentle breeze, slipping through the perceptions of everyone on the stage, to the point where the surrounding Dragon Fang soldiers did not react to it.

「… Err, ah. S, Saki-chan?」

Even Otoha’s voice, the first to notice, was left behind on her back.

Buying time and delaying the outbreak of the war.

It was not limited to the challengers.

The same was true for Hercules, who needed time to activate his numerous authorities (gimmick).

Therefore, he bared his teeth and welcomed Saki with a wide and ferocious smile.

「The first tachi is the hon’r of the battlefield. Anon, I shalt treateth thee to a single moveth. 」

「Wait, not yet…!」

The main reason why the super class boss 『Hercules』 was said to be invulnerable was because of the authority (gimmick) of the 『Great Lion of Gold (Nemea)』 that nullified physical attacks.

The same was true of the 『Boar of Retribution (Erymanthos)』, which nullified magic attacks, but boss-class monsters boasted a high anti-magic resistance from the beginning.

The surging silver sword flash was easily repelled by the powerful arm.

The enhanced physique boasted sturdiness equal to that of a steel.

The line of wound that was left behind also healed in an instant, as if vaporized.

「Huh, a damage, is done?」

The golden lion pelt that Hercules wore had already lost its invulnerability blessing.

That was proof that the first Hercules quest had been overcome.

Taking a stance with the swung down katana in her right hand as well as her left hand-sword set up in front of her chest, Saki, standing in front of the gigantic champion, looked up.

「I, shalt becometh the vanguard sw’rd, and wend ‘gainst the fate as a human!」

*Grrrrt* Clenching his bared teeth, an unbearable war goosebumps made Hercules’ muscles swell up.

His roar in response to her opening speech made the arena shake and rattle.

Now, the curtain for the decisive battle had been cut off.

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