High School Hack and Slash Chapter 142 Part 1


 Well then, what time is it, I wonder?

My sense of time has gone numb, so I am not so sure.

But as a matter of fact, not so much time should have passed.

A palm tree growing in the castle courtyard.

Grabbing the belt of Queen Hippolyte, who is holding her hand on the trunk of the palm tree, I make her lift up her hips and stick out her ass.

She’s wearing an outfit more revealing than a swimsuit here.

So her voluptuous and fleshy raw ass comes to be exposed.

It’s not a tan, so her skin tone is dark brown and is glistening to no end.

Still holding the belt so as not to let her escape, I rub her ass with one hand.

A sweet and sour smell of a female in heat rises from the queen’s ass.

Grabbing my own penis, I embed it into the softly loosened female organ.

「Ha… Ngh.」

In the never-ending night.

The body, which has been repeatedly mated, is showing an honest reaction.

Even though I put it in as I see fit without doing any sorts of foreplay, the inside is hot and slippery.

*Smack smack* The flesh of her ass is bouncing as it is being pounded.

「Not, yet… I has’t, yet to… conceiveth, ngh.」

I pour my ejaculate into the queen, who is moaning deliriously, as if admonishing herself.

Pulling out my cock slipperily, I bury it again inside the queen as she limply has her strength drained from her body.

My penis is erect all the time, to my own dismay.

Most likely, among the banquet dishes, there must have been a dish that had that kind of effect in the mix.

I embrace the amazoness in the never-ending night, fill my stomach with the never-ending banquet, and even when I go to bed and wake up, the night is not over.

Nonetheless, it cannot be said that it is a hardship by any stretch.

「Not yet, not yet, not yet… M’re.」

The queen is very cute as she pushes her ass against me and shakes it on her own accord.

I must not accept it.

In that case, it truly is a trial.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Having done my first business, I wake up on the bed.

The room, decorated with gold and silver, is so luxurious that it can be said to be of a somewhat bad taste.

The world outside the windows remains dark, while the inside of the room is illuminated with amber color.

I wonder if what is used for the lamps is coconut oil.

There is a sweet smell drifting in the air.


When I wake up in the bed wrapped in a thin cloth like a mosquito net, the captains of the amazoness group are sleeping on either side of me, snuggling up to me.

Sex with these toughness-filled girls had a wild wrestling feel to it.

Of course, victory was mine to take.

These girls, who had challenged me as if to engage in a return match, also turned into spoiled kittens in the end.

Seeing the gap difference is, like, there’s something rising inside of me.

「Nmm… Nmm… Nmm?」

And then, they’re basically carnivorous.

One of the captains, who has woken up, is holding my penis in her mouth and licking it all over erotically.

The other captain is asleep while still clinging to me, so I can’t move.

Quickly finishing it up, I proceed to seed the next amazoness girl.

It may be hypocritical, but I have no intention to do such a work play.

As such, I hope the captain, who straddles me as soon as it gets big and shakes her hips wildly on it, will calm down.

*Jiggle jiggle* Her big boobs are bouncing up and down.

This kind of thing inevitably makes me stiffen up from the visuals alone.

Captain-chan is cute as she seems to have her sweet spot hit by the warped part and becomes drained of strength.

Naturally, the sleeping Captain-chan wakes up, too.

So I knock them both down in an extended battle.

After that, I’m faced with a series of battles against the amazoness girls who have been waiting for their turn outside the room.

I do what has to be done, and when I get hungry, I go back to the banquet hall.

More or less, I think I’ve gone through about five rounds of that cycle.

By that time, it seems that I had already planted my seed inside all members of the amazoness group.

It was my fault that I didn’t notice for a while that we were getting into the second round.

The order was random, and I was also caught in a blatant temptation.

Before I knew it, the figure of the queen had disappeared from the banquet hall, and even when I proceeded to replenish my nourishment, I ended up getting my thing sucked off right then and there.

It was a state that can be described as nothing but a harem.

At that time, I also noticed a dish that seemed like an aphrodisiac.

I think I was getting carried away as I made the amazoness girls sitting in a row on the couch stand in a half-rising posture and take a round on their asses in order.

The amazoness legion recognizes that such a thing is also a yes.

As there seems to be some kind of rule, I’ve never been reverse raped, but they have come to boldly seduce me.

If it were just completely carnivorous amazonesses, things would have cooled down.

But when a serious girl type shyly shows her ass or a shy-looking girl shows her boobs with her face bright red, it boasts that much destructive power.

Somehow or another, I manage to sound out the queen’s room, but I have to overcome a number of trials before I’m able to get there.

「Thee behold quaint haggard th’re. Doth receiveth some rest.」


The queen, with an expression of both admiration and exasperation on her face, offers me a seat.

The food arranged in the banquet is no doubt nourishing.

And they probably have some magical effects as well.

But, not quite the same as stamina and vitality, it seems that my mental exhaustion is showing on my face.

「A nev’r-ending coquettish voice wast echoing through the castle, thee knoweth. V’ry valorous, v’ry valorous. I’m sure ev’ryone und’r mine own commandeth wast eke having their ennui comf’rt’d.」

The queen, dressed in a see-through, scantily clad outfit, personally brews a cup of tea for me.

The refreshing, minty flavor is pleasant.

The queen, sitting on the opposite side of me, rests her breasts on the table.

「Lief me, thy pe’rless condition sure is an astonishing one, muko-dono. I bethought t wouldst taketh about fifteen nights, coequal if ‘t be true thee taketh on two ‘r three of those folk a day.」

It seems that she can grasp the passage of time to a certain extent.

I wonder if it’s her ability as the boss, or rather the administrator of the raid.

「The number is a little too large.」

「Hohoho. Thee w’re enjoying t thy heart’s content, w’re thee not? Though, as did expect, coequal i nev’r wouldst has’t did expect yond ev’ryone wouldst accepteth t with pleasure.」

Well, that’s because we had formed a mutual understanding through the wrestling tournament on the beach beforehand.

「Yond is both a valorous and a lacking valor thing, but… As f’r the numb’r of challeng’rs, the case wh’re th’re is only a single challeng’r is unusual. Thus far, we has’t hadst at least five challeng’rs, each did grant with retain’rs, aft’r all.」

「What happens when a woman gets in here?」

「Mm. This oth’r w’rld (raid) hast a condition yond is male-only. The oth’r limitation is the numb’r of people, which is limit’d to 20. Similar limit’d oth’r w’rlds (limited raid) art by nay means uncommon, but has’t thee not known of this?」

I don’t know.

She pours a refill into my empty cup.

The calm air drifting over all the while is not painful.

「So, O Muko-dono. Has’t thee madeth up thy mind? T wouldst not beest a lacking valor path to remaineth in this oth’r w’rld (raid) as our king, and enjoyeth the timeth of et’rnity with sumptuous feast. We shall devote ourselves to thee. We shall not changeth our minds eith’r. With our whole hearts, we shall beest faithful to thee, thee knoweth, muko-dono?」

In a sense, I guess that’s the ultimate goal of fantasy harbored by all boys.

Which is building a harem of beautiful and devoted girls and becoming the supreme ruler of a kingdom.

「I’m sorry. There are those who are waiting for me outside.」

「… Mm. Thou art not wav’ring, art thee? V’ry valorous, v’ry valorous. I f’rgive thee.」

The queen, nodding in a somewhat satisfied manner, takes a sip of her tea.

As I thought, it’s strange.

This queen, or rather, everyone from the Amazoness Warrior group as well, seems to be cooperating with me.

It even feels as if they’re letting me conquer this raid.

I can’t trust hospitality without a reason.

Call me twisted, but I think the world system is not built to be that kind.

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