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High School Hack and Slash Chapter 59 Part 1




The Next Stage

γ€€The interclub tournament is over, and as we get past the first half of June, the atmosphere in the academy grounds is calming down.

γ€€Although the overcast sky that incessantly blesses us with its drops of rain in this rainy season is gloomy, it feels like we’re finally getting some leeway in our academy life.

γ€€As for the academy’s events, the end-of-term exams are waiting for us at the beginning of July, but once we get past that, there’s this so-called summer vacation, so the atmosphere is quite on the relaxed side.

γ€€Our dungeon conquest is also progressing well, and we have now reached the tenth stratum.

γ€€We were surprised by the condition of the dungeon that changed completely in one go, but as it was a field where it was easy to form aγ€Žmilitary warfare (Raid)』, multiple joint parties, it was convenient for us in a way.

γ€€Thanks to the experience gained from clearing the raid questγ€ŽDemon of the Deep』, the participants have all undergone a class change, except for me.

γ€€So as we’re accustoming ourselves to this change, we’re in quite a leisurely mode.

γ€ŒYah, haa! Sha!」

γ€€Otoha-senpai, swinging a long weapon, continues her dance performance in a fluid manner.

γ€€The spearhead, with a reverse bend at its blade tip, draws a blue trail in the air.

γ€€It is a triple Named magic item called theγ€ŽDraco Scale Piercing Whale-Harpoon』.

γ€€Each of them is engraved with the inscriptionsγ€ŽDragon Factor』, γ€ŽCarapace Scale』 andγ€ŽPierce』.

γ€€Once a weapon gets to the level of a triple named vessel, it seems to be of the highest ranking among the magic weapons normally available in the store.

γ€€The magic items imbued with multipleγ€ŽInscriptions』 that come from treasure chests, as opposed to the one from raids like this one, are inscribed completely at random, so it seems that the matter of hit-and-miss play a great role in it.

γ€€If it were a magic items that is inscribed withγ€Žinscriptions』 that are all practical, it would turn into a gem that everyone would covet.

γ€€I remember everyone lukewarmly playing and toying with Otoha-senpai, who was throwing a tantrum, saying, γ€ŒIt’s perfect for me, isn’t it? Eh, but it’d be better if I use it, right? No~, I’m the one who’s going to use it~」.

γ€€In fact, getting theγ€ŽDraco Scale Piercing Whale-Harpoon』 before the class change must have been a great opportunity for Otoha-senpai.

γ€ŒDragon claw!」

γ€€At the tip of the swung down spear, an invisible claw mark gouges the ground.

γ€€I give Otoha-senpai’s Interface another check.


γ€€Name, γ€ŽAobayama Otoha』

γ€€Race, Human

γ€€Attribute, Blessing (Lightning)

γ€€Rank, 10+20+30+1

γ€€Abilities, γ€ŽHuman』, γ€ŽFighter』, γ€ŽKnight』, γ€ŽDragon Knight (Dragoon)』

γ€€Existence level, β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

γ€€γ€ŒA female student from the second year dog group of Toyoashihara Academy」


γ€€She just had a class change toγ€ŽDragon Knight (Dragoon)』, a third step class of the fighter branching.

γ€€Though, when I first took a look at it, the only options she had wereγ€ŽHoly Knight (Paladin)』 andγ€ŽWar Maiden (Valkyrie)』, and this one was an additional class that popped up as she got her hands onγ€ŽDraco Scale Piercing Whale-Harpoon』.

γ€€It seems that there are various unusual requirements when it comes to class change.

γ€€Even though it’s a tank oriented Knight class, it appears to be an attack-heavy type rare class.

γ€ŒTo put it bluntly, it’s a class that is strong in both offense and defense, anyway? Dear me, what a bind~. What to do if I get scouted by the High Rank Club~… Huh, eh, eh?」

γ€ŒOtoha-senpai seems to be getting carried away, so let’s nail her before she gets herself into trouble.」

γ€ŒTake her.」

γ€ŒOver there.」

γ€€Getting both of her hands locked by Miharu and Natsumi, Otoha-senpai ends up getting taken somewhere, along with Shizuka.

γ€€I feel like I can hear an unladylike scream, but, well, let’s not pay it any mind.


γ€€Saki, who has been standing still with her hand on the katana whose sheath mouth has been unlocked, lets out an exhale.

γ€€The newly opened training area located on the east side of Asagi-sou.

γ€€Several makiwara hammered into the edge of it slide down to the side.

γ€€It was probably an iai or something.

γ€€Not only could I not see it, I couldn’t hear any sound either, though.


γ€€Name, γ€ŽNangou Saki』

γ€€Race, Human

γ€€Attribute, Blessing (Lightning)

γ€€Rank, 20+20+30+1

γ€€Abilities, γ€ŽSuperhuman』, γ€ŽSwordsman』, γ€ŽSwordmaster』, γ€ŽKatana Lord』

γ€€Existence Level, β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

γ€€γ€ŒA female student from the first year tiger group of Toyoashihara Academy」


γ€€Saki also just had a class change, or rather, everyone’s in the state where their steps are in line with each other.

γ€€There seems to be a bit of a difference with Otoha-senpai, but, well, let’s not pay it any mind.

γ€ŒThe state of no wasted SP is so great. Like, the power assist isn’t in effect, but while I’m at it, I shall go over the basics.」

γ€€Saki-san, who is in serious mode, repeats a stance-like dance performance.

γ€€If left alone, I get the feeling that she would stay up all night swinging her katana, so let’s keep an eye on her.

γ€€However, reading someone’s personal information with this Interface might end up turning into an invasion of privacy, so it looks like I should use it with prudence.

γ€€By the way, Shizuka has changed from aγ€ŽMiko』 to anγ€ŽItsukime』, Miharu has changed from aγ€ŽPriest』 to aγ€ŽBishop』, and Natsumi has newly acquired theγ€ŽSurveyor』 class since the subclasses have been opened up.

γ€€Mikan-senpai and others, theγ€ŽCraftsman』 types, had also had their subclasses opened up, so they have already acquired new classes according to their respective wishes.

γ€€Speaking of things that slightly caught my attention, there was this one case where Shizuka’s race turned intoγ€ŽFollower』, and this other one where things likeγ€ŽPerfect Unison』 andγ€ŽESP』, mysterious skills that were maxed at level 1, popped up in the abilities of the twin sisters, but, well, let’s not pay it any mind.

γ€€As for my own data, it has turned into some nonsensical reading, so I think there is a bug in the interface.

γ€€The next time I see Suke-san, Heru-san, or perhaps any of the other spirits, I’ll have them upgrade it to the latest version.

γ€ŒIt sure is nice to have a place where you can practice your skills like this, right?」

γ€€Mai, sitting on a bamboo broom, is floating in the air.

γ€€It’s a basic skill ofγ€ŽWitch』, her new class, a flying skill called Witch’s Broom.

γ€€I hope she could exhibit a little more shame.

γ€€Mai’s scornful gaze is Iceland Blue.

γ€Œβ€¦ I can sense a penetrating gaze, though. Or rather, is it fun to take a look at panties at this point?」

γ€€There seems to be a misunderstanding here, but I do indeed want to see some panties, while the contents are relatively trivial.

γ€€Nevertheless, it shows no reaction to Saki-san’s unnatural panty flash.

γ€ŒBy the way, O Seiichi. Have you made up your mind yet?」

γ€Œβ€¦ As expected, it’sγ€ŽSpy』 I guess. But the skills ofγ€ŽOniwaban』 are also…. When it comes to ability correction, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, but….」

γ€€Seiichi, who remains sitting on the training ground while holding his head, is groaning all over.

γ€€In spite of this appearance, he is a cautious and thoughtful type, which is both a merit and a drawback.

γ€€Once he’s made up his mind, he’s the kind of guy who could come to a clean decision unemotionally, but until he comes to a clean decision, he’s basically indecisive.

γ€€Well, as expected, endeavoring for a re-class change at the third step class seems to be arduous, so it’s a good thing that he’s taking his time to think about it.

γ€ŒYup, yup. The dungeon space barrier seems to be working properly, right~.」

γ€ŒAs expected of the material of a super class boss, I suppose. It continues to retain its magical energy even in the outside world and all.」

γ€ŒI did my best.」

γ€€The additional class that Mikan-senpai has acquired is theγ€ŽMaster Smith』.

γ€€It is a derivation class with a prerequisite, which only has a few precedents among Craftsman classes.

γ€€It is a class that in a sense is a Jack-of-all-trades class which boasts corrections to all creation skills, but for all that matters is that she has chosen a path that could strengthen theγ€ŽBlacksmith』 even if only a little.

γ€€Rinko-senpai chose theγ€ŽForger (Faker)』 class, an additional class that seems to be able to copy a degraded version of the skills of Guild members, but it’s a special characteristic that I still don’t understand even now.

γ€€The person in question laughed and said that it would normally be a trash class, but I wonder if it would be okay.



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