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High School Hack and Slash Chapter 59 Part 2

As for the other Senpai sirs, they have mostly gone with the options that seem to strengthen their original classes.

It’s just that, Umeka-senpai, who had a rare class called『Fortress Architect (Ingeniator)』, has acquired an even stranger class.

It is an unregistered (unknown) class called『Dungeon Creator』.

I didn’t recommend it since I had had a firsthand experience on the harshness of having an unregistered class, but as she had no other option, there was no helping it.

The design of this training ground was also done by the hands of Umeka-senpai.

But originally, the method to create a dungeon space barrier is a top secret of the academy, so if we secretly create a semi-permanent field like this, we would get scolded.

When push comes to shove, we’ll have to destroy it physically to destroy the evidence.

We and some of the Senpai sirs are able to use our skills even without this dungeon space barrier, but on the above ground, it appears that not only is the SP consumption steep, the activation is also relatively hard.

Above all else, even if we were to be seen as we use our skills, we could cover it up by attributing it to this barrier.

As I pat Umeka-senpai, she shyly closes her eyes and yields herself to me.

Mikan-senpai, who is grinning and standing in line behind her, and Rinko-senpai, who is standing in line behind her as if it were only natural, are in the state of waiting for their turn.

But I don’t know what to say about the other Senpai sirs, who were in the dorm, coming out one after another and starting to line up as well.

「… Even though there’s someone here who was humiliated to the point of almost not being able to be a bride anymore, what’s with this love event?」

Otoha-senpai, whose back is somewhat sooty, is drained of strength.

◇ ◇ ◇

『It’s fine until B, right?』

『Stop screwing around.』

Inside the classroom, just the two of them.

As the hands were slammed on the wall with a band, the escape path was blocked.

『… C’mon, no need to raise your voice. I can tell that you’re scared.』

The Ice Face, who never showed warmth to anyone, only showed a meanly smile when he pressed him.

『If anyone sees us, in such a, place!』

『You should just shut up and let me love you.』

The tyrant, who was overbearing to no end, tormented the prince trapped in a cage of his two arms.

『… Kuh.』

『Tear-stained face looks the best on you.』

『Damn, you.』

His warped face was stained vermilion and his body was drained of strength.

『Come now, I’m going to be love you again today. Do your best to cry in a nice voice, Seichi.』

『I’ll, definitely kill you. Toma!』

『… That’s right, swallow it as is, my gender transcendence rod (Over-Greed Gear).』

After this, they had sex like crazy.

「… H, how indecent.」

Grasping the tablet tightly, Kaori’s back was shaking.

The student council room after school.

The classroom building of the supreme department was not particularly noisy, unlike that of the regular department.

Much less to say, there had to be no way for there to be students who would make a fuss in a place where the eyes of the student council could catch them.

「It, it’s only natural that such an indecent manga should be designated as a banned book. F, for a man to do it with another man, how filthy.」

The boys’ love manga in question, which had been secretly in the talk even among the girls of the supreme department, was set in this Toyoashihara Academy.

The story focused on the relationship between Seichi, a lone wolf male student, and his roommate in the boy’s dormitory, Toma, who was an egotistical character.

At times he teased Seichi and at other times he supported Seichi, who tended to do something reckless in order to achieve a certain goal, from the shadows, but behind these all, Toma devoured Seichi’s body almost every night.

Among their classmates, there were also those who were aiming for Seichi, such as the refreshing hero, the black-hearted glasses, and the threediot trio.

Even as he got violated by them due to the betrayal of their classmates or due to getting caught by the traps set by the academy, Seichi overcame those events along with Toma and deepened their bond.

It was such a completely fictional fantasy manga.

Incidentally, the one Kaori was reading as she held onto the tabled was 『Chapter 42: The Cage of Heaven Set Up at the Tournament』.

The boy’s love manga, whose author was unknown, was irregularly uploaded to the academy intranet and was steadily gaining readers among the female students, infecting them with corruption.

The intranet was put under a strict filtering when it came to access with the outside world, but when it came to local content, it was comparatively free.

Even so, given that homosexuality was forbidden in the academy public morals, it had been designated as a forbidden book.

Even if kindred spirits were to upload the data in their own possession, it would end up getting immediately censored and taken down, but many female students strove to collect the whole stories as they exchanged data with their friends and classmates.

Incidentally, when the latest chapter was uploaded, it escalated to a state where the private server went down, and the battle of virtue between the residents of the exposing thread and the fujoshi thread raged on.

*Creak* The sound of the door being opened made Kaori, who had been absorbed in reading 『Chapter 43: Roar, Rose’s Special Sword (Judgment)』, straightened her posture with a start.

「Good day. Kaori-san.」

「Y, yes. Good day. Reika-senpai.」

The student council meeting that was regularly held had a stronger significance as a tea party.

The reason why Kaori, who was in charge of accounting, and Reika, who was in charge of general affairs, were the first to arrive at the meeting was because they had to carry out preparations as people of the lower standings.

In that sense, it was only logical for Reika to carry out the preparations, but Kaori, who had just enrolled to the academy from the outside, still had consciousness pertaining to senior-junior relationship.

「Thank you very much. Kaori-san.」

「No, the training period just happened to finish early, so….」

Reika took a seat in front of the tea set lined up on the desk.

*Ticktock* The sound of the clock inorganically ticking echoed in the dead silent room.

Fellow officers of the student council were by no means a group with good relationships.

In fact, it could be said to be bad.

This was as expected largely due to the problem of factions.

「… 『Rozusuku』, is it?」

「Huh, w, what might you be talking about?」

Reika shook her head at Kaori, who dropped the tablet she had nonchalantly kept away with a thud.

『Rose School Hack & Slash』 was the name of the banned manga.

「As an officer of the student council, I believe we need to investigate it.」

「Y, yes. I believe so too.」

「However, gathering the whole story is, unexpectedly difficult, isn’t it?」


「If you’d like, I could give you a copy of the data from chapter 1 to 48 as investigation materials.」


Kaori, who stood up vigorously, suddenly came to her senses and sat back in her chair.

Finding it endearing inside, Reika nodded at Kaori, who blushed and hung her head in shame.

「Umm, thank you very much…. I couldn’t quite find those around chapter 10, though I did stumble upon a couple of 『.5』 type of stories.」

「What chapters are they?」


「The off-numbering gaiden types are not fully known even in the wiki compiled by the sympathizers. There are also some that were drawn later on as additions, or so we are led to believe.」

Her posture remained the same, but her voice was strangely filled with zeal.

「U, umm… They are only chapter 14.5 and chapter 18.5, but….」

「… Not yet known gaidens, huh. Perhaps you were the first to find the original, Kaori-san.」

「Umm, would you like, a copy?」

「By all means.」

These girls seeking after it were ultimately for the purpose of investigation.

But the contamination was certainly spreading.

◇ ◇ ◇


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