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High School Hack and Slash Chapter 73 Part 3

「… So, in short, do you mean that if you change your perspective, that’s all it takes for you to kill the world?」

「No. I mean I envy that mental state of yours.」

That is an undeniable proof of her being a member of the world.

I think it’d be such a waste to throw it away on her own.

The self-proclaimed genius senpai exhales through her nose and stuffs her art supplies into an antique leather trunk.

「Spare me the sophistry. I will not allow those outside of『My World』 to exist without regard to me. If I want to kill, then I will drag all of them with me and exterminate them all.」

That’s quite arrogant of her.

After finishing the cleanup, the senpai promptly turns on her heel and walks away.

The canvas is left behind as is, but I receive her word saying that she’s giving it to me.

Rather, I wonder if I can get off now.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Ah. Touma-kun, welcome back~.」

When I return to Asagi-sou, I’m greeted by Mikan-senpai, who is clad in an apron.

She totally has a new wife vibe around her.

So I say, but rather than a frilly cute one, what she wears is a worker’s apron with some real specifications.

「Likewise, good work, Mikan-senpai.」

Not only Mikan-senpai, but all of the craftsman group of the Adept Orders have been working hard without rest even after the raid conquest.

Mikan-senpai is manufacturing new weapons with materials brought back from the Cannibal Mine.

Anzu-senpai and Ichiko-senpai are similarly manufacturing armor and items using the new materials.

Chieri-senpai and Kakine-senpai are researching Multi Mobility Vehicle in the newly expanded plant at the Asagi-sou forging area.

Touka-senpai and Hoodzuki-senpai are developing updated parts for the Armed Golems.

Kurumi-senpai and Meiron-senpai are providing care and support to Asagi-residents who seem to have suffered from sweets withdrawal symptoms while they were away.

Akehi-senpai is dealing with the vegetable garden built in the corner of the training area, which before we knew it had somehow turned into a jungle.

Umeka-senpai, whom I thought had built the plant in a rush, has also built a workshop (Factory) for blacksmithing in the basement of Asagi-Sou.

Rinko-senpai is like a free support member.

Somehow, it seems that recently our senpais have ended up forgetting the word self-respect.

「If we stand out too much, there’s the worry that we’ll be inspected by the academy, though….」

「Isn’t it fine? It doesn’t harm anyone anyway.」

Null Mobs that look like luminous deep-sea jellyfish are floating around in the hallway.

There is even a palm tree walking outside the window, but no one minds it since they have gotten used to it.

「Well, Asagi is a dud dormitory located in a corner of the grounds, after all. I suppose no one but the residents would ever go near here.」

I’m served tea by Rinko-senpai in the『Adept Orders』 club room (provisional), which has completely assimilated into part of the scenery.

「That’s why we can’t tell where the information will leak out from.」

「Just in case, though, we’ve put some covers on the ones that seem dangerous, you see. On the contrary, I suppose trying to hide them will be more conspicuous.」

Showing no sign of being concerned about it at all, Rinko-senpai pours refills into their own cups as well.

Mikan-senpai, who puts tons of sugar cubes into her cup, is so cute.

It’s like, the senpais, who have been scattered here and there and endeavoring in their works, are returning to this place for tea as a breather during their break.

Up until now, for the works that make use of their skills, there was a need to utilize various academy facilities.

However, if they can utilize their own workshop (factory), it is safer in many ways.

「Everyone in the dormitory is very cooperative, so it’s fine~.」

Beyond the swinging doors leading to the recreation room, the chairs lined up alongside the wall are fully occupied.

Well, rather than chairs, they’re more of massage chairs.

Moreover, they are the huge ones of the full-body types that massage the whole body from the heels to the scalp.

The electronic massagers, which are powered by elemental crystals, were built by Kakine-senpai the『Engineer』 using dungeon materials.

At first, it was just a prototype that was created as the thought「I think there’s something like this among the fixture of an open air bath」 crossed her mind, but the users seemed like they were close to waging a battle of neither humanity nor justice, and thus she decided to increase the production, such was how it was all started.

Right now, there are about 10 of them in the recreation room too, which are fully occupied by female students who are making strange noises like「Aaah~」.

On the side tables, sweets and tea are prepared, totally giving off the air of a bourgeoisie madam around them.

There are a lot of those who end up falling asleep as they are, and the girls who are waiting for their turn would toss them into the sofa and proceed with the rotation.

「As for the aunties in the dining hall….」

「Kurumi and the others have gotten close with them, and some massage chairs have also been put in front of the kitchen, I suppose.」

The grinning Rinko-senpai has committed a crime of conscience.

「We’re back~.」


「Here it is.」

It seems that Saki and the others have also come back from school.

Rather than going back to their respective room, coming straight to the club room (provisional) is the default.

What Miharu and Natsumi are holding in their arms are bright red ripe tomatoes.

What’s it, I feel like I might have some recollections of the basketball-sized tomatoes.

It seems that before entering the dormitory, they got them freshly picked from Akehi-senpai, who was tending to the vegetable garden.

Incidentally, it’s only been a few days since we returned from the raid domain.

I won’t say what, but isn’t the calculation a bit off, I wonder.

「Ah. Saki-chan. A new katana has been launched, you know~.」


「Hm. The updated parts are coming along nicely, so if there’s no problem with the test, I suppose we can give it another go.」

「Come to think of it, there was such a thing, huh. There’s been so much going on that I see everything else as nothing but small fry, or something.」

「Test…. U, ugh~…」

Reacting to the word, Mai holds her head like a vampire suffering from crosses and garlic.

「Ha, I’m back~. The dorm leader meeting was totally such a drag…. Hey~ listen to me. Hakutsuru and Kaien’s dorm leaders are so annoying, you know.」

Otoha-senpai, who comes back in a worn out mode, suddenly starts grumbling.

I don’t hate this sloppy chaos.

「So, you see…. Ah, please give me some tea too…. Or rather, Shizuka-chan, what have you been looking at since a while ago?」

「I picked up a masterpiece painting.」

Picked up, or rather, Shizuka-san, who came to collect me, wound up pilfering the abandoned painting.

She seems to have taken a strange liking to it and has been gazing at it all the time.

「Uwah… How should I put it, trompe l’oeil?」

「Yes, I suppose your head will fall into chaos if you stare intently at that painting. It’s bloodcurdling, or rather, it’s so deformed yet so realistic, or something.」

Peering into it, Otoha-senpai tilts her head.

What is depicted on it is not on a cherry tree with lush green leaves, but cherry blossoms in full bloom.

And then, amidst those cherry blossoms that are in full bloom, a lone man is hung upside down.

Grandly, unreasonably, righteously.

It’s so naturally depicted that it seems as if it’s not the man who is hung and becoming upside down, but the world of cherry blossoms itself that is in rebellion.

「It’s a very wonderful painting.」

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Shizuka displays the upturned canvas on the wall.

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