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High School Hack and Slash Chapter 74 Part 1

Lust Is a Quality

――『Yomotsu Hirasaka』, a branch realm attached to the labyrinth of Perforation Realm, 『YGGDRASILL』――

――The『tenth』 stratum, 『uncharted』 domain――

A small null mob was chirping.

What kind of phenomenon was causing the luminescence of the sunlight that illuminated the stratum, which had turned into an Other Realm, was yet to be identified.

Even if one were to investigate this, by the time one reached the second stratum, the influence of the world it was connected to would diminish, and measurement errors would also begin to appear in the laws of physics (world rule).

The academy had abandoned the investigation of the cause, taking it as, 『That’s just the way it is』.

The frog, which had been chirping *chichi, chichichi*, was startled by the multiple-circle login effect and fled on two legs.

「… No sign of enemy in the vicinity.」

「Hmm~, as expected, it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve dived into the regular dungeon.」

「The next ones are coming, so let’s move on.」

The party that logged in was a group of six people, consisting of Shizuka, Seiichi, Mai, Saki, and Otoha, with Touma serving as the leader.

Raising his right arm and left arm, Touma pulled Miharu and Natsumi out of the middle of nowhere.

The twin sisters, limp, were holding senbeis that they seemed to have received from someone.

「… A town, had been built.」

「… There was a maid.」

Touma nodded at the customary mysterious report, but without a doubt he did not understand it.

Multiple circle effects soon followed, and girls clad in white cloaks were appearing.

「We’ve arrived~.」

「We’ve successfully joined up, I suppose.」

Two parties of six members each, led by Mikan and Rinko respectively, joined up with them, bringing the total number of full 20 members of the Adept Orders.

Although the Craftsman members had been taking turns joining the party to earn EXP and achieve their assignment quotas, this was the first time that all members had dived at the same time into the regular dungeon.

A party of Craftsman class, which numbered more than 10, was as expected unbalanced in normal battle.

However, what they were about to face was not a normal battle, but a boss war.

「Looks like the synchronization is off, I suppose?」

Rinko peered into the student notebook that Kakine was operating in her hand.

As opposed to Kakine’s status, the display screen of the electronic organizer showed various numerical information.

Originally, it was a mode that students were unable to see, as it was designed for developers.

「It’s in the middle of transmitting the network. Recognized client: 20… Synchronization, all green. Recognizing in party co-op mode, there.」

The student notebook was a portable observation device terminal.

It collected various personal information as data, such as EXP and stratum during dungeon dives, monster kill counts and death counts upon death.

For example, for the EXP processing procedure, as it sensed the phenomenon of reduction to miasma that occurred after a monster was subjugated, it then divided it equally among the terminals present in the surrounding area.

The amount of EXP according to the monster’s existence level was adopted from the observed average value within the known area.

It was by no means that it actually perceived monsters’ amount of EXP.

Even so, as long as the dungeon stratum was correct, it could serve as an approximate value to the extent that there was no significant measurement error.

It was all a rule of thumb based on the accumulation of data.

However, there were difficulties in acquiring the stratum information which served as the base for this EXP observation system.

The means of directly acquiring information on the designated stratum from Rashomon during a dungeon dive had yet to be clarified.

All it could do was perceive the fluctuations in miasma pressure and record their log in and out as well as their movement between stratums.

In order to reduce such systematic errors, the student notebook was equipped with a client-to-client intercommunication function.

It performed data communication not only with fellow party members, but also with clients in the same stratum.

Forming a kind of network cloud, it complemented the stratum information as well as the subjugation information.

「The EXP average is recognized as that of the tenth stratum… But, is that really okay?」

Kakine’s『Engineer』 was a suitable class for mechanics.

In a sense, it could be said to be a class unique to this world that had developed mechanical civilization.

The same was true for『Creator (Developer)』, which she had acquired as her second class.

It was the same as other Craftsman classes in that it would be useless if the person in question didn’t have the basic knowledge that served as the base, but interfering with electronic devices was also one of its specialties.

Though, they couldn’t afford to tamper with data as they pleased.

They merely used various unexpected routes to get in and out of dungeons and debugged their bug-ridden student notebooks.

「Does that mean that if Kakine-senpai increases the stratum, we’ll be able to earn tons of experience?」

「Well, the EXP of the monsters we subjugate will increase, so the status earning displayed in the student handbook will also increase, I suppose?」

「Then, don’t start saying such a thing, okay. Even if you do cheat on your EXP earning, it’s not like you can actually do an experience points cheat, after all.」

At Seiichi’s retort, Mai lost interest, saying「that’s certainly right」, but Kakine let out a sigh, saying「I wonder if it’s okay~」.

If you did a hunting spree on transcendent individuals that exceeded the average in the unknown domain, there would naturally be some measurement error in the EXP calculation.

Even so, for better or worse, the calculation was that of you earning the EXP of an average student.

「My arms are itching.」

Touma cracked his combined fists.

At the end of his looking up gaze, the gigantic, heaven-piercing guardian of the realm gate, the『Legendary Mimic Tree (Legend Ent)』 was standing tall.

Last time, it seemed that he had made up his mind not to be so intrusive, but that was a lie.

No, he had simply forgotten, so it might be questionable whether it was a lie or not.

「This time for use, I’m going to cut it in a single stroke!」

Saki, carrying an odachi on her shoulder, slowly pulled it out of its scabbard.

With a blade length of nine feet, a stem length of three feet, and a total length of 3.6 meters, the curved katana weighed more than 50 kilograms.

If not for her superhuman physical strength as a class changer, it was a grade sword that would have been difficult for her to even lift.

The metal of the red blade was made of hihi’irokane (scarlet gold) refined from the ores collected from the Cannibal Mine.

Taking advantage of the characteristic of hihi’irokane, its threatening heat amplification property, it had turned into a weapon specialized only in literally amplifying firepower.

When swung horizontally, a red curtain gushed out like a fan.

The name was『Gaen Hanabi (Curling Smoke Fireworks)』.

「In short, it’s like the bonus stage of a beat em up game, right.」

Otoha, clad in heavy armor, was holding a new halberd in her hand.

Utilizing the fangs and claws of a fire drake, it was in a category called primeval armament (nature weapon).

Although it depended on the monster that was used as the material, it was easy for them to turn into an armament that inherited the special abilities and characteristics.

Also, if quality was disregarded, they were also favored by students at the academy as items that were easy to create.

In addition to Mikan-made items, they also arranged the tools each of them had created, putting in order the all-out war preparation of the Adept Orders club.

「Alright. Now then, everyone, it’s time to summon your golem!」

At Mikan’s energetic call, 12 『Armed Golem』 descended.

The Armed Golems were avatars, as well as masks (persona) that reflected the individual’s deep psyche.

There was no great difference in the characteristic of each golem, but upon overcoming a great battle, it felt as though something akin to『Pressure』 began to dwell within them.

「Just in case, let’s do a final test, I suppose…. Activating each breath mode, output at minimum, elevation angle 45 degrees.」

The twelve giants, which were standing in a row, raised one arm to the sky as if in salute.

At the signal to fire, 12 fire rays shot up into the sky like a waterfall.

「… How should I put it, a flamethrower?」

「D, don’t tell me. Dragon breath?」

Gulping, Otoha doubly faltered.

One was a surprise at the ability that could be said to be the special move of dragons, military warfare (raid) class monsters.

The other was a sense of crisis over her identity as a『Dragoon』.

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