Chapter 10: The Strength of the Party and a Man’s Dreams




※The Author E K Z has declared that:

In relation to the status of Tooru’s Loyal Slaves, from here onwards, all the main heroines whom will be in the palm of the main characters hands will remain that way, there will be no betrayals or bending to another’ will (there will be no development of the main characters lover’s being stolen from him) i.e. No netotare: NTR will occur in this story.

In this particular aspect, I will defend it to the last minute. So for those of you that were anxious, please rest assured. (E K Z Comment Ends)

「By the holy spirit which resides in my sword, that which shall cut through all evil beings with its shining light………..Teeeeiiiii!! 」

A figure which stood at 4 meters in height was standing in front of Kirika’s knightly sword, as she unleashed her most powerful move with both a mixture of rage and bitterness in her yell.

It was the brutally atrocious bear type monster: The Rune Bear.

Its body is able to be strengthened with its own magical energy, and the bear can change its skin to be as hard as metal. However to Kirika whom has recently leveled up her sword abilities, the bear couldn’t even put up a good fight.

「The spirits of the Wind……………..Please, carry my arrow……………….」

In addition an arrow which was wrapped in a greenish light was shot through the sky in an impossible elliptical orbit, and plenty of these arrows could be seen stuck to the back of the bear where it would continuously target its blind spot.

This was a move that only Sierra was capable of accomplishing, with a mixture of both her mastery in the elements of nature combined with her expertise in handling the bow.

「You are great, Sierra! Nana will also show Master something to be proud of! Nuoooo!!」

Nana the armored golem went to the Rune bear and they began to lock arms in a show of strength.

Although Nana’s body should have been smaller than the Bear, the one who had the upper hand was Nana, like a bunch of logs she crushed the bear’s arms and a painful sounding noise of bones cracking was made.

「Nana-chan is Amazing! If you could continue to suppress it I shall chant my finishing move」

「Ou (Yeah), Leave it to me, Nina!」(Illustration: Fighting Against a Rune Bear)

On our way back to the cavern base, we were met with two hungry Rune Bears and they began to attack us.

The Rune Bear was very famous around this area as one of the strongest monsters in which adventurers would need to keep an eye out for, I thought that it was going to be a troublesome foe to beat, however…….


The Rune Bear who was covered with wounds all over its body with both Kirika’s sword and Sierra’s arrows, entered into a frenzy as it did a rabid charge straight towards me. It felt like a truck full of murderous intent was rushing towards me.

If this was in my old world, I would have made my peace with accepting my death. However, in this world I was not the least bit perturbed………This is because…

「Ohhtoo!! (Hey there) As long as I am here, I won’t let you lay a finger on my Master! 」

Amelia took a defensive stance with her large shield, and stopped the bull rush charge made by the Rune Bear.

She obtained this spare shield from the guild house store, and she was able to execute an even more powerful shield technique, thanks to her recent level up.

Moreover, she didn’t just stop the movements of the beast.

「I’m saved, thanks Amelia」

「Heheh, By the way, please have a look at my new skill! It’s called Rampart Knock!!」

Bashinn (*smack*) she used her new attacking ability and with terrifying impact she hit the bear with her shield.

The gigantic figure was flung into the air with the force of her shield and falls into the ground.

It truly was a style that incorporated both Offense and Defense simultaneously. Amelia managed to polish her special fighting style even more.

「Chanting Complete! Releasing the magic, Gravity Field! 」

「Guuu………? Guoooo, Gooooooaaaa!!?」(bear roaring)

Nina released her powerful gravity magic into the bear that Nana was previously holding and it pushed it into the ground as the ground began to cave in under the force of gravity.

Sierra promptly aims her arrow at the vital point of the bear right in between its eyes and finished it off.

And, Kirika dashed towards the last remaining bear who was barely staggering to stand up.

Kirika was wearing her silvery white armor as she kicked the ground and dashed towards the bear, her feat began to shine a blue light.

「Soar into the sky: Aerial Circle! Haaaaa!!」

Small blue circles appeared in the air out of nowhere and using that as a stepping stone, Kirika’s figure could be seen dancing through the air as both her mantle and black hair fluttered about.

She was able to jump over the Rune Bear and slash the bear from the scruff of its neck to its back.

At the same time Kirika lands in a graceful manner, the gigantic figure……… falls towards the hard surface of the floor never to rise again.

「You’ve worked hard. I mean it truly, you guys are amazing, all of you…….」

「Nn………I tried my best」

The party of my girls was able to take down two huge monsters within a span of only three minutes, I was totally in awe/respect as their strength and coordination was almost perfect.

I heard that this powerful beast required a veteran party to fight on even terms with it, but this almost makes it seem like it was child’s play to the girls.

「………Fu. My Heavenly Sword Techniques have progressed and improved in level since I last used it」

「Me too! My magical abilities have gotten better! Moreover not only is my casting time reduced, even the mana cost to cast the spell itself has reduced more than I expected it would……」

「Nana as well, feels as if her body is much lighter than usual」

「Ahh, Most likely this is all due to the new skill I obtained recently」

I recently obtained an ability which would allow me to provide/supply magical force to slaves whom are nearby to me.

It seems the ability allows me to enhance my slaves natural specs/abilities, whilst at the same time reducing the strain/consumption of mana required.

For me whom has obtained a large amount of magical power because of my contract with Palmyra, this kind of ability is really ideal for me.

「That’s amazing Master! It’s just expected of my Master-sama! 」(Amelia Speaking)

「Heh……A Slavemancer even has an ability like that huh? 」(Kirika Speaking)

「Being connected with My Lord…..I’m glad」 (Sierra Speaking)

Glances filled with both surprise and respect from my loyal slaves were focused on me. I’m slightly embarrassed.

「Fumu, You are gradually becoming a person worthy of the title “Slavemancer”…….Kufufu, as expected of the human being able to match our strength」

「Why are you talking in such an arrogant/haughty manner? It seems to me that you need more punishment later」

「Wha, what are you saying!?」

At any rate, I was able to determine the strength of my party members (excluding Palmyra), and I would say that the results are quite good.

The sense of fulfilment I get from being accompanied by so many strong and beautiful women is also truly a good feeling.

How to make use of this huge war potential, and what methods I use to obtain Princess Sistina……..All of these will depend on the strategies I can come up with and my commands.

All six of the girls including me have finally managed to arrive at our cavern base.

Although I haven’t been away from here for more than a full day, I already feel like I haven’t set foot in this place for a long time.

By the way Palmyra complained a lot saying 「We are not going to stay in such a shabby place full of holes……!」she was really rude as she screamed about, that’s why I decided to increase her punishment point by +1.

Well, my plans set for the future have two very important components.

The gathering of vital information, and the enhancement of my war potential.

First and foremost I need to search the private circumstances around Princess Sistina.

From what I understand, it is most efficient for me to place someone within the capital who can directly report back to me.

Sierra has the spying ability, and the person herself wants to redeem herself for her previous failure, therefore I believe that she is the right candidate for the job.

As for the person whom will be accompanying Sierra, I will just choose from either Palmyra or Kirika.

In terms of the enhancement of my war potential, I actually obtained plenty of useful things from the ruined guild house.

Because of leveling up Nina, is now able to enchant artifacts.

For example she is able to enchant rings with reinforcement magic, and this will greatly change the way in which we do battle as it has opened new avenues of strategies. She is also able to enchant Nana’s whole body with reinforcement magic and they are indeed very compatible/hold affinity with each other.

However, in order to apply the strengthening ceremony for Nana, Nina will need plenty of time, that’s why she won’t be able to join in Sierra’s investigation.

I’m quite worried about Iblis moving behind the scenes, however, even If I were to panic now there is no point.

The best thing I can do for now is to prepare to meet such an opponent with the maximum potential I can muster.

And for that end…….I will support “everyone by feeding them with my spirit” This is also one of the essential components.

Yeah, this is a very important matter.

Concretely, so……..

「This is the worst! You are reallllly the worst!!」

「You can’t talk bad about…………My Lord…………..」 (Sierra Speaking)

「Ahh〜 It’s been quite a while that my heart is beating so fast. If, if I’m the first one I’d be soo happy……」 (Amelia Speaking)

「That’s not good Amelia, the only one who can make that choice is Our Master, alright?」

「We, we can’t believe this…….! Are all the things you do always so perverted?! tr, treating us in thiss way…….! 」

Butt, butt, butt, butt ,butt.

The clean and tidy ass that poked out of her white skirt, it was moderately sized and very plump. (Kirika’s Ass)

The ass that peeks out of the mini green skirt and stands tall awaiting my entrance (Sierra’s Elf butt)

Having a belt around her hips, a ripe healthy ass that seemed to be able to give an easy child birth. (Amelia’s bum)

Rolling up her sorceress robe, the pure white round ass. (Nina’s butt)

The ass that was shaking in her dress skirt, a conceited tiny ass. (Palmyra’s rear end)

Five enchanting hips were swaying before me, and each of them were lined up for my choosing.

It was my choice as to what order I would do them in, that was my freedom.

All of these were mine, they were all……My possessions.

「Well〜 isn’t this a superb/magnificent view. Isn’t this a momentous moment when all five of my loyal slaves are here together? 」

Isn’t this view, the scene that all men dream about?

Now, allow me to enjoy and compare the quality of these vagina’s that were mine for the taking.

Slavemancer Tooru (Skill Level UP!)

Job: Slavemancer LV 9

Skill: 【Enslavement MagicLV7】【Contract with the DevilLV1】【Slave Strengthener 0→1】???




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