Chapter 12: Two meals and one information




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The next day it was decided that Sierra and Amelia, and one other member named Nana was to go to the kingdom of Ranbadeia in order to gather some information.

As a way we can keep in contact with each other, I retrieved a special scroll from the guild house, this “mailer scroll” is an artifact that was handed to investigation party.

This scroll works as a set of two pieces, when something is written on it, it will transmit the written characters to the other side regardless of the distance between us, and basically it’s like a fax machine that runs on magic.

However, this piece of paper can only be used to communicate once before the magic runs out and it becomes a normal piece of paper. The science of the earth seems to be more advanced than the magic of this earth and a strange deep emotion wells up within me. I feel a sense of loss when I think of the possibilities of having a device like a smart phone or being able to connect to the internet.

The people that remain in the base are: Kirika, Palmyra, Nina and lastly me.

In the end I chose not to send either Kirika or Palmyra as they stood out in public way too much, furthermore I actually needed them next to me so that I could improve my Enslavement Magic. Nina stayed behind because she acquired a new ability of being able to enchant things and naturally I needed her to prepare a variety of things for me.

Well, I wonder what kind of information the girls will be able to bring to me…………….Well no matter the case, my objective is to outwit the demon Iblis and make Princess Sistina mine before he can get to her, and this plan has not changed.

「Oh?………..What are you doing in such a place, Himeno-san? 」

When I peeped into the Kitchen room a faint savory smell drifted into my nose, Kirika was in front of the saucepan whilst moving her hands to stir the contents of whatever she was preparing.

She was wearing a white blouse and a rather short skirt, complemented with a black apron which really suited her.

「Can’t you see from looking? I’m cooking. Amelia-san taught me the recipe to making stew before she left on her trip」

「Heeeh, I didn’t know you could cook」

「How rude…..Well I’m not as good as Amelia-san, and it’s the first time I’m cooking since I’ve arrived in this new world, however, when we used to go to school I’ve made a bento or two for myself, you know?」

Indeed, for someone like her who was an honor student, it matches her personality.

I sat down on the wooden chair, and began staring at her slender back figure as she cooked.

Behind that Apron, what was hiding behind that was her E-cup breasts……

「uh-huh, it would seem that your sense of rivalry has ignited and you want to become my favorite wife by cooking for me, right?」

「I have absolutely no idea how you came to such a conclusion………..I am simply distracting myself with cooking, from the fact that an evil perverted Slavemancer has caught me to use for his own amusement」

「Hmmm, I thought that I could say something back but, your argument seems to have no loopholes in it……」

「After all, I have only spoken the truth」

Whilst I leaned back on the wooden chair, for a little while I just listened to the sounds of the pot boiling as it cooked.

Looking at her back as I sat down like this, reminded me of an old memory where I used to stare at the same figure back in school during class.

Originally she was an existence which I couldn’t even approach and barely had the chance to strike a conversation with, she was like an unattainable flower, she was my Class President and the most beautiful girl at school.

By some twist of fate, she was now in a Master-Slave relationship with me in this new world, it was finally a relationship between a man and a woman.

「………..Say Himeno-san, have you ever thought about returning to our previous world before? 」

When I casually asked her a question, she stopped stirring the pot for a single instant.

「I guess…….But having hope in something that seems impossible to achieve is useless. When you mention it, I have never really thought about such a thing」

「Heh, is that how it is? I didn’t expect that of you」

She was different from me who had many things that could be left to improve. She was very popular with her classmates and also with the teachers, her future also looked really bright, That Himeno Kirika, I completely assumed that she who had lost so much by coming to this new world would at least have some sort of regrets.

However just now when I asked her about the previous world, it would seem that she truly held no interest, and this fact made me feel uncomfortable somehow.

「Besides…………No matter where I am, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference」

She muttered that last bit in a really soft voice, it was a strange thing to say.

“It wouldn’t make much of a difference”…….What in the world did she mean by this??

As one would be inclined to think, being a class president or a princess knight, there is a totally big gap between being my loyal slave, isn’t there?

「What is your reason for saying such a thing, don’t tell me that behind the facade of being an honor student, you were actually living a double life as a beautiful Sailor Moon whom fought evil? Ah, Or was it that your weakness was grasped by some perverted teacher and that you were actually violated night after a night and trained to be his slave……..?」

「I’m amazed at how many ridiculous ideas come floating inside of your head…….If you’d actually say something more realistic I’d be totally impressed with you」

Whilst I was having fun teasing the amazed Kirika, I suddenly had a thought come to mind.

Before Kirika had met me, I wondered what kind of life she had as the Princess Knight.

Well my life in the old world was miserable to begin with so I quickly forgot about it, But for her she seemed to adapt to her new lifestyle within one month of arriving here, and to me this was certainly a little bit peculiar.

Even now, the ridiculous situation of her becoming my slave, and how it seems she was gradually adapting to the situation and actually building somewhat of a relationship with my other slaves is apparent to me………..Although she’s probably slightly effected by my strong wishes as well.

The honor student whom everyone can rely on.

The Elite Princess Knight who serves Princess Sistina.

And lastly, my personal loyal slave.

Each of her circumstances have changed/differed from one another, however, if you line these up and examine them closely there wasn’t really anything in common…

Organization and an individual, she was always serving someone, being assigned a task and accomplishing it………….The role she was requested to play was the obedient “good child”.

No matter where she was, that role seemed to have followed her.

And perhaps she has continued to accept such a position.

Princess Knight Kirika, Himeno Kirika………..I wonder what she thought of herself when she was in those positions?

『No matter where I was it was the same』。

Those words she just said previously, if it held such a meaning, then unlike me who faced a turning point in this new world, for Kirika in the truest sense, she didn’t really experience a “change” in the way she lived her life.

「It’s about time……..For now, the meal should be fully cooked」

「Oh, is it tasting time? Please get me some as well」

She was standing next to me with her apron figure, as we both stared at the sea of opaque stew together.

「Well at least the smell and the appearance looks appetizing」

「……..I cannot guarantee its taste though. Whether I have succeeded or not」

「That’s true, unless I thoroughly taste it we won’t be able to find out……Well I suppose let’s get on with the tasting then shall we? Eiya (here we go) 」

「Ah, Wa, wait!? My arms are moving on their own……! 」

Kirika scooped up the stew brought it close to me in order to spoon feed it to me, I had my mouth wide open with an “Ahhn”.

I commanded an order directly into her brain, and her body was partially manipulated by me.

「Paku(taste)…….Ho, HOT!? uwaa this isn’t really about the taste anymore, Water, waterr water! 」

「Without even cooling it you suddenly made me feed it to you, naturally it would be hot, Baka (how foolish)………..Fufufu, that kind of felt good, you deserved it」

Kirika was giggling, I was feeling somewhat sorry for her before but now all of that sympathy has flown out of my head.

This woman, I’m going to make sure she pants out “Hii, Hii” whilst still wearing this apron of hers, I swore this to myself.

「Geez, she didn’t have to get so angry just because I massaged her breasts from the spaces in between the apron………..Would it of been better if I made her unable to resist by giving her an order?」

After that, I was irresistibly turned on by her apron figure that I couldn’t help but to make a move on her, she said that because I was being a bother to her cooking and she quickly kicked me out of the kitchen.

Good grief, what an impolite slave she was, unable to appreciate her masters own massage.

I grumbled along the way as I returned to my own room, inside of my room there was someone already waiting for me.

In front of my bed was the loitering figure of a jet black goth-loli, she was looking down and trembling as her silver hair swayed.

「What’s wrong Palmyra, did you need something?」

「You…….Shameless beast, even though……you already know what we want…….! 」

Her red pupils glanced at me with upturned eyes, and her eyebrows formed the 八 character as her eyes became moist.

I was just thinking of a way to let out my frustrations when she arrived right in front of me, I grinned widely and let out a laugh in the back of my mind, before I closed the door shut behind me.

「Kukuku, for a demoness whom is connected to me by the pledge of loyalty, instead of eating a meal, it is necessary to obtain the magical supply directly from the Master in order to sustain herself…………….However I would have never expected, for you to be able to obtain my “magical supply” in this form/way, right? 」

「Do, don’t sayy itt……..In order for us to be able to sustain our body this is an unavoidable action……Hapu, churuuu, Chururuu………! 」(swallow, slurp, slurpp)

I was sitting on the chair with my groins exposed, and my fully energetic penis was being wholeheartedly (with intense concentration) licked by the demoness girl.

She was sitting on the floor with both of her hands on her knees, she had a face of an animal in heat as she intensely sucked on my member.

「That’s the way……….Don’t use your hands, just like I’ve taught you only use your mouth and tongue to chase after my cock, suck it for me in the most indecent way」

「Ahh, Afuuaaaa………For us to be doing this kind of ungraceful thing, for you to make us pursue this cock so shamelesslyy ohh…………Nchuuuu, reroo ryurooro」(kiss, lick, slurplickk)

「Hahah, You’re starting to drool, you know?」

Unlike before, after she was contracted with me, she was only able to receive the bare minimum amount of magical energy, and for Palmyra right now she was in a condition where her stomach was empty and she was craving nourishment.

For Palmyra, my semen was the ultimate form of magical energy, and this energy was fully ready for her within my erected cock, in other words, my semen was like the most nourishing treat/feast for her right now.

「Nnnuu, Npufuuu……..! Your seed of life, from here on don’t be shy and quickly let out your thick magical energy to your heart’s content and pour it all over us………Tsupuu……….!」

「Ohh……..You are rubbing the tip of my urethral opening with your tongue, Kuuu! Haven’t you become really obedient, sucking on a human’s penis and servicing them like this, what happened to your haughty confidence, Noble Demoness of the Fourth Rank!?」

Whilst writhing in shame and disgrace, the high-ranking demoness with a pretty face as perfect as a doll was slurping on my cock, it was a scenery that made me feel good to be born as a male.

Her small beautiful face was getting clammy with my overflowing juices, however because she was fervently desiring my “magical energy” too much, she forgot such details.

「Don’t say anymore, please……! It’s because you’ve made us go crazy when you drove your cock night after night into us, we’ve become addicted to this male scent/stench and this throbbing hot cock……..AhhhyaaaaAiii!?」

When I scratched her cream colored horns with my finger nails and rubbed it, a moan of pleasure leaked out of Palmyra. (Illustration: Palmyra Servicing Tooru for “Nourishment”)

Similar to how an elf’s ears are extremely sensitive to touch, a Demon’s horns are also a sexual organ.

「You are so adorable when you obediently suck on my cock, Palmyra………Just be patient, soon I will allow you to taste/drink the thickest semen……! 」

「Auuu, I, I’m relying on youu…….!」

And at the time.

Suddenly the sound of a knock was heard on my door, Biku! (Shudder) the lips which was covering my engorged penis glands suddenly shuddered in surprise.

「Odamori-kun, Are you there? I’ve finished preparing the meal, so you should come over and eat dinner」

「Ahh, I understand………..I will “cum” right now………! 」

I continued to tease her and rubbed her two horns with all ten of my fingernails. Whilst hearing the voice of Kirika whom didn’t know what was occurring in my bedroom. The demoness became desperate as she tried to suppress her moans from leaking out.

I burst my load to my heart’s content and released all the semen into her mouth which was mixed with both saliva and Cowper juices.

「………Uupuuu!? Nn,NohhhPuu…………Nkuu, Gokun (swallow)………Gokun (Swallow)………..!」

「Alright then. By the way, do you know where Palmyra-chan is? Although she probably doesn’t want to eat, I want to at least let her know she is free to join us」


「No, I’m not quite sure……Well, don’t worry about her, she will probably come if she wants to….. right? 」

“That’s probably true” after saying such things, Kirika left from the front of my door.

Palmyra was hungrily coveting and sucking (chuu, chuu) unto my semen till its last drops with her Loli-fera-lips, I gradually pulled out my penis out of her mouth.

「Alright…….After receiving my heavenly seed, what did I teach you to say again? 」

「Puu Haaaauuu…..! (Gasping for air) Yesss…….Th, thank you very muchhhaahh….! 」

Her cheeks was puffed out like a squirrel as a large quantity of semen was all swallowed down by Palmyra. She extended her tongue which was dyed with the smell of my cock as it began to twitch and wriggle in euphoria. Palmyra raised her two hands and made a double peace sign.

This was the submissive pose I taught her to make. The small demoness’s body which was now fully satisfied with receiving my “magical energy” was now undulating in waves of pleasure as it made such a pose.

「Nn, This is actually quite delicious! Ah however, if you took more time in preparing the chicken meat, I believe this would have been even better」

「Thanks. Indeed, I suppose that is a good idea too」

「Nina you, actually gave her pretty good advice…..」

「Fufufu, My cooking skills has improved as a result of tasting so many of Amelia’s dishes」

That day, we talked and critiqued the stew that Kirika made whilst eating at the table.

Recently, Nina has been stuck inside her room all day performing her enchanting duties, and she was finally able to enjoy a group meal.

「Hmph……Although it’s a little bit crude for us to like the dish, the idea of covering up the stinky smell of meat with sweet herbs is not a bad idea」

「You, I thought that you wouldn’t touch any meals made by humans?」

「If it’s just tasting the meal, it is possible to do. This is just one of our amusements」

「Didn’t you just experience something, thick and nourishing a little while ago…..?」

「Wh, wha whaat are you saying!?」

「Eh? Eh? 」

Just as we were in the middle of our harmonious supper…

The mailing scroll which was on top of the table began to faintly glimmer, and words/characters began to surface.

「It’s arrived…………The emergency communication scroll has been activated! 」

It’s been several days since Sierra and the others have left. For them to garner some information at this point in time was nothing strange.

「Let’s see, let’s see……『The party is currently alive and well. However, from the results of the investigation, we found that Princess Sistina is………』」

I was relieved to find out that they were not in the huge predicament like the time when we had to face Palmyra, I continued to read the characters as they appeared in the scroll.

「『The Princess is not located in the Capital. She was heading towards a place called the “Tower of Revelation”』……………. What is this Tower of Revelation? 」

I have never heard of such a vocabulary before, Kirika however reacted to those words.

「This place is a facility where the “Princess of Prophecy” from each generation would come to in order to meditate and create a more accurate vision which can garner important predictions…..!」

「This Tower, Where is it located?」

「If I am not mistaken, it’s right after exiting Siberia Valley……………In the western edge of Varisu Plains 」

「Heh, that means that it’s actually a very little distance away from where we are currently, it’s even closer than going to the capital!」

What an opportune event this is.

The important thing to note is that The Princess has left the Capital, and most likely she isn’t travelling with a large number of guards whilst heading for this tower.

If this is not a chance for me to act then what is it?

To parties whom were secretly aiming to capture the princess…….Yeah, it’s an opportunity for both me and this Iblis fellow.

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 7

Skill:【Brilliant BurstLV5】【Magical ResistanceLV2】【Cooking SkillLV0(It has yet to Level up)】???




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