Chapter 18:  Three Housemaids and their Mixed Desires.




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A terrific impact destroyed the door to the bedroom partially. Princess Sistina was in the middle of being taught the cleaning fera by me, she was in the middle of servicing my bulge with her velvety smooth tongue and I just released my full load into her warm mouth. I was just thinking “finally it was time to take her delicious virginity”……..It was at that precise moment that I got interrupted.

「It is an emergency, Odamori-kun!」

Even so for Kirika to actually break down the door so impudently (even though she’s not using her full strength) I was seriously getting irritated and angry that I wanted to hit something, however considering the fact that due to my absolute compulsion she was unable to approach the door, I suppose she used the most effective means to garner my attention.

Although Kirika seemed to be genuinely anxious about something…… that look on her face made me wonder if she just wanted to tick me off by breaking down the door? Well, let’s just forget about it.

「So, you are telling me that Celesta’s body just disappeared somewhere?」

「Ye, yes one of the horses are also gone along with her」

「That Woman Knight, did she really just escape by herself?」

「If we take into account her personality, that would be impossible. This is really unnatural」

A woman with such a hardened sense of loyalty towards the Princess, and seeing that the Princess’s wagon was parked outside the tower of revelations, it is not easy to imagine that she would run away all by herself leaving her precious Princess all alone.

Moreover the rope placed around her body was enchanted with Nina’s reinforcement magic, it would be impossible for her to escape just purely with her own strength. I also confirmed this fact before I got off the wagon.

「Princess, was there other detached corps that came as guards besides Celesta who may have arrived a little later?」

「No, I have not heard any such news……」

「This is becoming stranger by the second. At any rate, shall I make sure that nothing is wrong by tracking her? 」

I opened up a map of the kingdom, a thin metal piece as big as a one yen coin was taken out and placed on top of the map.

The piece of metal slowly and automatically started to slide down on the map.

「Ah! Is that perhaps, the pursuit crest tracing emblem? 」

「As an emergency, I thought that something like this may happen, so in the case that Celesta was able to get away from me, I placed the tracking emblem within her armor where it wouldn’t be noticed easily」

This was one of the artifacts I managed to salvage from the guild house.

It worked similarly to a GPS, it has the function of showing the rough present location of the emblem that it was paired with.

「She did mention that it was an important armor handed down by her family. If we assume her statement to be true, we can conclude that wherever that piece of armor is = to where ever Celesta is at, right? 」

「For being able to think of such things so quickly……..」

The metal piece was moving along the main road, towards the Kingdom Capital, taking the shortest path available.

「This is bad. Though I’m not quite sure about the situation, but judging from the direction she’s headed, it is likely that she wants to report my existence to the Capital Kingdom.

If I tried to mobile now, it would be difficult to catch up to her. Furthermore I have run out of methods of communicating this information to Sierra and the others.

In the worst scenario, the King of the Kingdom that receives her report sends a large military force towards this tower….. That would not be amusing in the slightest……..If this is true, then me acting like a “villain” in front of her may have just backfired majorly」

「What should we do, Odamori-kun?」

「……….Three days, no only two days, we will persevere here. Most likely, that is the time limit in which we have to mobilize before it starts to become unsafe」

Even so, it will still take some time before Iblis sends a fresh force after us.

In that period of time, there is something that I need to challenge to the very limits.

「Princess. Though I must apologize, but will you be able to enter the tower of prophecy immediately? 」

「Indeed. Though we are making a bet whether the revelation will be accomplished within the span of two days, that is probably our only method right now」 (Palmyra Speaking)

「…….I understand. Tooru-sama I will show you my usefulness」

Well, I am certainly anxious about the results of the prophecy, in the case that a prophecy is unable to be obtained within the two days, I will think of something else when that time comes. The Princess seems convinced that she will succeed and we are exposing ourselves to the bare minimum amount of danger with this option.

And as for Celesta, I will make sure to track her down and make her mine.

Another thing is the regrettable fact of…..being unable to obtain the Princess’s delicious virginity, I suppose I will have to put it off for now.

Darn it, why is my groins always thirsting……….–Well I guess it’s a natural thing.

「Wh, what’s with that gaze? For some reason, I have a really bad premonition about it…..!?」 (Kirika Speaking)

The darkness of the night and the rainy sky, wraps around the tower of revelations.

I was laying down on the bed that I just used a little while ago whilst stark naked, as three beautiful girls gathered around me.

「Wh, why did you make me wear this kind of thing? Or more like, where did you obtain these outfits in the first place!?」 (Kirika Speaking)

「Ah〜 surely this was all prepared for the princess of prophecy before she arrived here」 (Nina Speaking)

「What is the reason that even we are made to wear this kind of skivvy maid outfit……..How, humiliating jya」 (Palmyra speaking)

It was a lovely housemaid outfit. Right now, the three people in front of me were made to wear these outfits in accordance with my orders.

A black blouse and a white apron, white tights with a garter belt, no matter how you saw it, it resembled one of those cute family restaurant type uniforms, it was a lovely design which was colored with ribbons and frills here and there. What a good sense of taste in fashion these royal family people have.

Kirika’s chest was emphasized as it jiggled and jerked, the apron fits tightly around her breasts (Moreover, I made her wear no bra), On the other hand Palmyra seemed sad that her breasts were flat as a board. I suppose this is what someone would refer to as a qualitative disparity?

「Well guys, there is no need to be so shy/strained. Come, please service me properly」

「Uuu…..And you are making me lick such a thing…….I don’t get the point of this, rero, nnchuuuu! 」(sfx lick, kisss)

「We completely agree jya, who do you think we are?………..Npuaa, renyoroo…..!」(sfx smooch, lick/slurp)

Whilst wearing these maid outfits, the Princess Knight and Demoness was respectively licking my left and right nipples. The Sorceress was gently performing a hand job & fera, this was a 3P (Triple Play).

My two role-playing house maids who was in charge of servicing my upper body was moving the tip of their tongue in lewd motions as they continuously licked me. Furthermore they were glaring at me with their upturned eyes, truthfully this scene was sublime.

「Kuu, Kuha………It makes me let out my voice in reflex, this feels really good. It isn’t so bad to feel like a king」

「Fufu, my Master’s venerable penis is much more stiff than usual……..Chupa, Chupuu, Jyupu……………Jyurupupu」 (sfx kiss, pa/pu=sound of lips smacking, kiss/slurp)

Nina’s vast knowledge in performing fera is really her bestselling point, of course her outstanding servicing spirit is also important. Nina never neglects my jewels/balls and her touches were gentle and exquisite, it gave a kind of ticklish feeling that was quite pleasant.

「Hora hora (Look, Look), you guys are such low-grade housemaids, unlike Nina who is really praiseworthy. As your master, I’m going to give you a little bit of punishment for slacking」

「Yaa, Naahhn!? Wait, my breasts, yo, you……..Fuaa!?」

「HHyaannn!!? Where are you placing your fingers……? Hihhahiinn!?」

With my left hand, I massaged the Princess Knight’s soft milky breasts. As expected, she indeed loses to Princess Sistina in terms of volume, but I can never get tired of feeling this elastic soft tissue.

And, my right wet middle finger, was invading the Demoness’s ass hole as it wriggled about. Apparently Demon’s do not excrete any waste, that’s why I plan to develop this hole and train her into feeling only pleasure from it.

「Ahh〜I’m so jealous of you two……..Won’t you give this maid your passionate reward soon……? 」 (Nina Speaking)

「Alright, then turn your back towards me, and straddle my cock by yourself」(Illustration: Nina ~In Cute Maid Outfit~)

「Ye,Yes! Then please excuse me…….Ah, AhnnnAaaahh…….! M, My Master’s large cock is entering meeee…………tsu! 」

「Ou, Kuu, What a good greeting Nina, your pussy is simply superb!」

The back of the maid outfit was open boldly, it came with a really cute frill apron and a miniskirt, her vagina was completely swallowing my cock as she grinded her hips.

I was making slight pumping movements with my waist as I enjoyed the dancing rhythmic movements made by Nina. I lightly gripped on the corner of Palmyra’s horn and brought her closer to me.

「I’m going to blind fold you later, and screw you in your favorite doggy- style right in your ass, I’m going to fiddle around with it so much that I will make you cry, have you made your preparations?……..My masochistic maid? 」

「Hii, Th, that kind of violent thing, we don’t really like it…..Ah, Ohaaahh….! 」

I continued to slowly knead and rotate my wet middle finger in her narrow hole, and I purposefully whispered in a low voice right into her ears. I was training my extremely masochistic Demoness Maid thoroughly and her silver hair started to quiver/tremble and her ass shut tightly.

「Ah, Class President Maid-san, please declare to us what sexual position you would like to be screwed in this time around. By the way, if you choose not to answer me, I will force you into the most shameful pose you can imagine, so much that you would want to die in shame. So be warned」

「Ehhhh!? What’s with that, if you say something like this so suddenly, I, I can’t……!?」

I was fondling her breasts and playing around with it as she was still licking my upper body as ordered. Her face went bright red and her innocent eyes were staggering/wavering.

Just a very little, a whisper that seemed to vanish in half a second leaks from her mouth.

「Th…….The usual….thing…..」

「The usual thing? Ahh missionary position? I understand, so my former Class President Himeno Kirika likes the missionary position, a lovey dovey type of sex, I see, I see I will remember this」

「I, I didn’t say that kind of thing! I didn’t say the words lovey dovey at all! 」

She was panicking with a lovely reaction adding to the spice, my desire to ejaculate rises more and more and I was about to release it all within Nina’s soft lower body with a spurt.

Her semi-long blonde hair becomes disheveled, the sorceress maid let out a lusty moan.

「Ahhh〜. HyaaaaannnnNNaahh!? I’m sowwy, muasterr!! Nina is a bad muaaidd, Nina is cummingg before muassterr, Iiii!!」(Gibberish: I’m sorry master, Nina is a bad maid, Nina is cumming before master)

「Oh are you cumming? You are going to cum whilst straddling and shaking your hips on top of me aren’t you, Nina!? Good girl, I will reward you with a large amount of my semen which has been enchanted by your own magic, make sure to catch every last drop and squeeze it out…….Kuuu!!! 」

Bubyuuu Dobyuuuruuru !! Dopu Dokun Doku Dokuuuuu!! (Sfx Spurt, Gushh, twitch, splashing profusely, pulse, pulsating)

「HyaaaaH hott, HyaaaaannnHaaaaaNnn!! It, it’s cominggg, it’s coming inside of meee, Master’s semen is gently striking the back of my wommmb」

She was like a small cute animal which didn’t suit the avaricious/greedy movements of her vagina. I discharged my full load into her sweet vagina and a feeling of pleasure runs all throughout the back of my spine, and a sweet numbness overcomes my brain.

Moreover, the moans of pleasure of reaching their peak did not only come out from Nina.

「Nnnaaaaahh!? My chest…..from on top of the clothes my nipples are merely being brushed but… this is……Ah, uso (you’re lying), AhhhHyaaaa!!?」

「Haa, Haahiiiiihyaaaaa!? There is a heat coming from our ass hole, it’s expanding outwards and spreading over our entiree body………Ahh, our brain is meltinggg, we are becoming stupidddd jyaaa…..tsu!」

Because I recently leveled up, the influence of my enslavement magic has been reinforced, I am able to tune the sensations of my slaves even more freely with more control than ever before.

Both of these girls were being respectively pleasured from their ass and their tits, moreover I was slowly sending the pleasurable sensations of Nina reaching the height of her orgasm and resonating it throughout their bodies…………….the bodies which were wrapped with the maid outfits started to twitch and spasm as their bodies trembled with a feeling of euphoria.

Kirika’s braless nipples were erect to their limits and it was really stiff. My middle finger that was inside the Demoness’s ass was being gripped so tightly it was like she was trying to bite my finger off, two different sensations ran through my finger tips and it was really fun.

「Well then, I will now blind fold Palmyra and leave her neglected for a while…..I want to slowly savor Himeno-sans Maid pussy, just like you desired I will slowly ravish it in the missionary position, alright? 」

「Iyaa……Ahh………Please waitt, let me rest a little……NhiiiiiiiAahhhh!?」

I pushed down the Princess Knight Maid unto the bed, her moderately sized plump and soft thighs that was decorated with a garter belt and long white tights was Zubununununu……….Pierced by my reinforced erected penis in a surprise attack.

Contrary to her words, her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own as it happily swallowed my cock. I still felt a little bit of resentment for her earlier interruption when I was with Sistina, and I was going to make sure to pour all of my semen into her instead, my spine was shaking in the excitement.

The next morning: The rain has completely subsided.

I was washing my face in the well outside of the tower and Kirika noticed my presence and was approaching me.

I suppose she took off her maid blouse and apron, she was now just wearing her casual clothes. Her black hair was monotone in color and I thought that it really suited her.

If I remember correctly during the school festival performance she was also wearing something similar to this…….a nostalgic memory was suddenly recalled.

「Odamori-kun, that is……..I wanted to…… to thank you for yesterday」


She was looking down a little as she said these unexpected words.

「What? Was the missionary position lovey dovey sex really that pleasant? 」

「Of, of course it’s not about that! You were being so persistent in your……No, what I mean is! Look, I meant I wanted to thank you for the time you painstakingly travelled to give me Alkanshel」

「Ahh, what about that?」

「…….At that time, if Odamori-kun hadn’t risked his life, I surely wouldn’t have been able to win…….and the Princess would have fallen into danger. That’s why…….Thank you」

Her behavior was strangely meek as she bowed her head in gratitude.

Apparently, she was looking for a good chance to tell me this since it happened.

「Pu (heh)…… Himeno-san, you really have a strange sense of integrity」

「It, it’s not what you think. I just didn’t want to keep holding it in my chest for ages, so I thought that I’d properly say it! That’s all」 (TL: Hontouni Tsundere desune, Himeno Kirika wa)

She was drawing circles with her fingers, in a strange motion. She was also panicking and starting to blush, it’s really cute.

「Well, If I didn’t do what I did back then, there was a danger of everyone being annihilated, besides I already calculated the fact that Groom would hesitate to attack me with his full power knowing that the Princess was behind me. Just like I normally do, I was merely choosing the best course of action with the choices at hand」

「So…..That was all, was it? 」


「…….It, it’s nothing. By the way, it’s regarding the Princess but……Were you telling me the truth when you said you weren’t turning her into your slave? 」

With a voice that projected her complex feelings within herself, she tried to gouge out an answer from me.

「Ahh, at least for now that is. I believe that I can trust her. Besides, it would seem that she fell in love with me」

「Uu……As, as I thought is it really like that? Ahh Geez, why did things become like this…..?!」

「Hey, it’s impolite to speak like that」

Her black hair was glittering in the light of the morning, and she was shaking it whilst feeling a little anxious about the Princess.

For her to be so confused like this, is really quite unusual.

「An, anyways. It seems that the Princess has totally believed in the fact that you will be the “Savior of the World”. That’s why…..I want you to not betray the Princess’s expectation as much as possible」

「Hee, For you to request something from me, how unusual」

“Don’t make fun of me” before I knew it, she already had a serious expression on her face as she gazed at me with her black eyes.

「The Princess…..Although she doesn’t show it to other people, she always thought of being the Princess of prophecy as her first priority, and she gave up on her own happiness since a long time ago, that’s the kind of person she is」

As her friend and as a person who serves the Princess, Kirika shows her admiration and respect for Sistina and a hint of loneliness came out of her voice as she told this story.

「That was the first time I have ever seen the Princess be so happy…….If….being with you and helping you is what will make her happy, then…….I want to help as much as I can in order to keep it that way」

「I understand. That’s why you want me to act as her ideal prince? 」

「I won’t go as far as to say that……..Besides I don’t think you could achieve such a thing anyways」

As usual she belittles/disrespects me casually, and she looks at me with a complicated expression that she has never shown me before.

Well, she is conflicted because she has to work with the person she hates, in order to help her close friend achieve happiness, so I suppose it’s natural.

「Well, I understand what you want to say. So if I am not mistaken, what you are trying to tell me is that I should do the missionary sex position with the Princess in a lovey dovey manner whilst dearly loving her gently, am I right? 」

「Wh, why does it always go in this direction when I talk to you!? When are you going to stop referring to that!?」

「No but seriously, you giving me permission to do plenty of erotic and perverted plays with her, right Himeno-san?」

「Uu…..Ev, even if I say that you shouldn’t, you will do them anyways…..tsu」

Well, after all, there is no chance that I will miss out on teaching the Princess a variety of things.

Seeing the reaction of Kirika’s heart where her calmness can be so greatly affected by the Princess, can only mean more enjoyment for me in the future, I laugh secretly in my own mind.

The Dame Celesta repeated one name over and over again as she sped up at full throttle driving on her horse.

From her hip joint that hits the saddle of the horse, a throbbing and dull pain continued to run through her.

「Tooru, Slavemancer Tooru….tsu! I won’t forgive you, never ever……! 」

Both Kirika and I was captured and humiliated, whilst he was hiding behind his shabby mask.

It was the name of the most evil person who “killed” the former leader of the Shinto Priests Groom and “kidnapped” Princess Sistina.

However, why am I heading for the Capital all alone?

More importantly, why did I not try to confirm the safety of the Princess with my own eyes?

Another thing is why was the rope which bound my body suddenly loosen and the “magical binding power” was gone?

And why was it that whenever I thought that I was “missing an important truth” about Groom, a mysterious headache overcomes me and I become unable to think straight, what is this strange sense of incompatibility/uncomfortableness I feel resounding in my heart.

「Kuu….I will surely return with an army, I will track him down to the corners of the earth, I will! I shall place my honor on my name as the “Crimson Rose” and save the Princess from his grasp! 」

Celesta did not notice/realize. Her memories have been altered, and a suggestion was placed within the depths of her mind by a certain “being”.

She was riding on the horse back and the wind blew past her blowing her flaxen colored ponytail, and on the nape of her white neck, there was an existence of a strange black stamp/mark.

it was a symbol of the Rumein god that was previously hanging on the former Shinto Priest’s neck, except it was currently upside down and it was in a strange shape…….It was faintly pulsating with a dark energy.

Before the day ends.

Outside of expectations, the Prophecy was already complete………..It was a vision that nobody in their right minds would be able to predict.

The third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom: Sistina

Job: The Princess of Prophecy LV 13

Skill:【Prophecy of DreamsLV13】【Noble ResolutionLV1】 ???




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