Chapter 29: The Mad Princess and The one who fell into the Forest




Just at the time when I was trying to complete my Enslavement Magic on to the Dark Elf Priestess Diane, something occurred… Amelia was blown into the Shrine and she had been covered in wounds as she tumbled towards us.

「Be-be careful, Master……! That girl, is really dangerous……!」

The diminutive shadow of a floating girl enters and she concentrates her gaze towards us. It was a sudden intrusion by a girl who wore some kind of strange black Japanese clothes. Under her purplish colored straight long hair, she had a mischievous set of eyes as she looked straight at me.

「Eh, ah re re? heyy………Why is the smell of Palmyra’s magic coming from big broo〜?」

Having bat like wings on her back and the mark of the devils on her forehead…….Without a doubt, this fellow is from the demonic tribe. Moreover, she calls Palmyra name casually, without any honorific titles, this means that she is either in the same rank or of a higher rank than Palmyra…..!

「Are you……Iblis’s associate?」

「Ohh, you know about Iblis Anee-sama? Or more like, the one asking questions here is me, okayy?」

She called her, Anee-sama? In other words, are you telling me that this girl is Iblis’s little sister? Don’t joke around with me, meeting an opponent of such a level when my main war potential: Kirika and the others are not even with me, this is beyond my expectations. At first glance she appeared to be a harmless girl, I gulped down my saliva, and without taking my eyes of her, I continued my conversation with her.

「So you were searching for the demon known as Palmyra, and arrived in this location…..?」

「Ah, so you do know about her? That’s right, I was tracking her by smell. And then instead of meeting with her, I ran into big bro, do you know why this is happening〜?」

She inclined her delicate neck as if she was confused at the situation, her appearances looked even younger than Palmyra. Are you telling me that this girl……Hasn’t yet discovered the fact that the Divine Corpse is in this Shrine?

Although it was true that you should not judge a devil’s capabilities by their appearance, looking at her right now, she didn’t seem to be the type of girl to think very deeply about her situation. If she truly came here by chance, merely with the objective to find Palmyra, then the worst situation can still be avoided.

「…….If you are talking about Palmyra’s location, I know where it is. Should I tell you?」

「Eh? Is this true!?」

Just like that she answered me with a voice full of innocence and naivety, her face bloomed into a smile, however that smile was somehow really scary to me. Alright……I’ve decided to find a way to get this girl away from this location. It looks like she is taking independent action, moreover, even though I don’t know what she wants with Palmyra, these circumstances were convenient for me.

「Yeah, therefore, we should get out of this place for now…」

I was frantically thinking up new plans within my brain, and the situation was going quite smoothly, at that moment….

Gashi, the robe I wore was gripped by a thin hand.

「Thank’s so much older bro! My name is Flamia, please take care of me! Then….Let’s quickly get out of this dirty hole, okay?」

「O, Oi? What are you…….?!」

The girl who introduced herself as Flamia, had her hand which was free pointed towards the ceiling. Bagunnn!! A strange sound reverberated.


The ceiling part of the underground village where it was connected to the ground above, had at least several meters of sturdy bedrocks piled on top of one another………and in that instant, a huge hole was pierced through.  It was like there was something we couldn’t see took a big chunk out of the rocky ceiling.

「Wha- what on earth just happened!?」

「Un un, I’ve just made it easier for us to go through〜」

Sierra and Amelia were standing petrified, and the blind Diane was in panic, as I started to rise towards the surface, floating into the large hole as I got carried away. Other than me who had some sort of a relationship with Palmyra, it seems that she held no interest in the other girls.

「Ah, My Lord………!」

「Kuu, let go of Ma-master!」

Sierra reflexively pulled out her bow as she aimed it towards Flamia, and Amelia who stood up bravely even though she was injured, I immediately gave them a hand gesture telling them to stop. “Don’t start a fight”.

(This is bad. just like Amelia told me, this girl, is really dangerous….!)

She was different to Palmyra who you could at least talk rationally with. This girl wielded her incomprehensible destructive power based on a whim as if she had no hesitation whatsoever.

「Well, shall we head off, older bro? I’m going to have you guide me all the way to wherever Palmyra is, okay?」

「Did you just say, Fl-Flamia!? For what reason is that girl coming to the human world nojya!?」

At the lake in the Forest of the Elves, a little bit away from the Dark Elf underground village… After hearing the explosive sound coming from the underground village, there was a shadow emerging from within……Palmyra was able to recognize the true colors of that person as she raised a voice of astonishment, she became flustered as she hurriedly hid behind a big tree.

「Ha-hang on! Isn’t she a demon? Why is he getting carried away by her!?」

A small girl was flapping her bat like wings as she rose towards the sky and at this time she was carrying a lone figure in a robe………….and without a doubt that person was, Odamori Tooru.

「I don’t know! More importantly you need to hide you presence Princess Knight!」

「You know about her don’t you Palmyra? I’m talking about that demon」

Palmyra who was being asked in detail about the demon widened her eyes even further. A fourth rank devil, that haughty Palmyra, cast her eye’s downward as she began to tremble………it was unmistakably in fear!

「Palmyra, you…….!」

「Her title is the “Mad Princess” Flamia…..!  that little girl is part of the Eight Great family, she works for Iblis as her younger sister, that fellows war potential is feared even amongst the people of her own faction………!」

Seeing the figure of Flamia from a distance, her small body did not seem that threatening, however, Palmyra’s fear was obviously not something normal. “Perhaps she had a frightening experience with this girl known as Flamia”, is what Kirika thought to herself.

「Listen up….! Why do you think that I prepared a considerable plan that spanned over a very long period, to regain my position as one of the Noble Eight from Iblis? And that I could not help but to exclude fighting them directly from my list of plans?!」

Kirika was being repressed by the menacing look of the demonic girl who drew close to her as she spoke.

「Long ago that girl Flamia, fought against my elite forces and it was none other than her, who practically annihilated them all and drove us into a corner…..!」

「Eh……!? A-annihilated……?!」

「Yes, she massacred them…..! In terms pure fighting strength, especially in terms of extermination power, it may be that she is even more powerful than her elder sister, Iblis…….!」

「She, is she really that scary of an opponent? That child!?」

Palmyra bit her lips in frustration as she trembled at the memory of her past humiliation.

「She will only listen to her elder sister, and even amongst the battle field, she will attack everyone in sight, including her own allies without any hesitation. Amongst the Iblis faction, she is known as a mad dog…….An existence that could not be managed…..And now, why is she here……..?!」

「B-but! If he is that close to her, can’t he just apply Enslavement Magic?」

Kirika suddenly thought of such a possibility but Palmyra slowly shook her head.

「Princess Knight……Looking at the situation, does it look like he is the one in control of her right now?」

With a heavy face, Palmyra pointed this fact out. In the air, the figure of their “Master” was struggling as if he was some sort of transportation goods on a helicopter.

「I can’t see that…Happening…」

Below one’s eyes was the scenery of an endless sea of trees. The raging wind, noisily clattered against his robe.

(Shit…….What the hell, this timing is the worst!)

Whilst being forced to experience this rollercoaster ride, I silently cursed in my mind. At this current juncture, even though I wanted to apply Enslavement Magic on Flamia, “I was unable to apply it”. That reason was none other than the fact that I had already exceeded the amount of “slave quota” I could have in my possession.

(I left my mark of subjugation on that dark elf in the entrance of the temple, but to think that this decision would come to torment me now is….!)

That’s right, initially I had two empty slots remaining, however I used one of the slots when I took control of the dark elf in order to break out of the prison cell, and the other slot was used when I began my incomplete application of my Enslavement Magic on to Diane. Meaning that right now I have no slots left.

Before releasing one of the girls from my subjugation magic, I cannot bind anymore slaves.

And right at this moment, every single slave in my possession were now at a place far away from me…….Just like when I cast my subjugation magic on them, in order to cancel the effects I will need to be nearby and it will take some time in order to release them.

「Nn〜 this breeze feels really good〜. Why does elder sister prevent me from coming to the human world although there is so many fun things around here?」

Not only that I was stuck with this demonic girl who could do something really dangerous at a moment’s notice, furthermore I was stuck in the air, with nowhere to escape to. This is becoming a really bad situation…

「Now thenn〜 Isn’t it about time that you tell me where she is, older bro. At this point in time, you won’t suddenly say that……you don’t know where Palmyra is, right?」

Her lovely mouth looked really innocent, and her cute fangs poking out made her seem completely harmless. However this girl had some sort of mysterious power that you couldn’t see, and this power could obliterate the thick bedrocks in an instant, she is a demon with a power to easily deal with Amelia without breaking a sweat……the most troublesome thing is that I don’t even know the true colors of her abilities.

Shit…..Think! Think clearly!

How the hell do I get out of this situation…..!?

「Ha-hang on! If it continues like this…..Won’t he be kidnapped?!」

To the scene of Flamia whose figure was slowly flying out of their sight, Kirika raised a flustered voice.

「…..It’s useless, don’t even think of trying Princess Knight」

However, Palmyra folded her feeble arms in front of her thin chest and turns her face away.

「If we had our full war potential……No, without it we have absolutely no chance of defeating Flamia. And although I don’t understand the cause, if by some reason the Slavemancer is unable to apply his Subjugation Magic on her, then our only hope for an instant reversal is gone」

Just like when a child is knocked down on her feet, Palmyra had a self-ridiculing smile on her face. That expression was nothing like her usual expression of pride and arrogance……it was the kind of expression that indicated she already lost her will to fight the moment she laid eyes on Flamia.

「You…..Are you planning on running away, Palmyra?」

「Hmph! Even if I were to regain my complete original powers, she is an enemy that I can’t defeat, you know?! The me now who has my magic sealed off, shouldn’t even think about fighting against her」

「That may be so, but…..But at this rate, what’s going to happen to him?!」

「You are saying that he might die? Certainly, that possibility is quite high… Flamia, the lives of anyone who is not her elder sister, is equivalent to a small bug. However…」

The black Goth loli girl turns her back towards Kirika as she muttered out the words. “Isn’t this actually a convenient thing for us”….she mumbled.

「Palmyra, you…?!」

「Think about it, Princess Knight! To begin with, haven’t I been talking to you about how we can escape the control of the Slavemancer? If that fellow steps on a bomb and destroys himself, than that would be a convenience for us! Escaping from his subjugation and escaping from Flamia, isn’t this the perfect opportunity?!」

Turning her back towards Kirika she continued to rattle on with trembling shoulders. Kirika was staring at her small back.

「Do you really……..Believe in your own words?」

「……..Be-besides this, is there something else we can do!?  Listen up, Princess Knight I will give a piece of advice, you should get as far away as possible from the “Mad Princess” in order to save your own life……..O-Oi!?」

She kicked her shining foothold and once again flew up into the trees. Her eyes, looked straight at the figure who was continuing to disappear into the horizon.

「Thank you, Palmyra. Looking at you today, has really woken up my resolve」

「Wh-what are you saying?」

「It is true that I…..Have already decided to break free from his control at one stage or another. And even now, that feeling hasn’t changed….However!」

Slowly and fluently, Kirika began to unsheathe her sword the Alkanshel.

「The way I wanted it to end, was not in this kind of manner! To begin with, if Odamori-kun was to die so suddenly like this, I haven’t even been able to say all my complaints!」

“I can’t accept that kind of result”…..This is what Kirika declared as her black hair fluttered against the wind. Her figure continued to rise into the air as she used her Aerial Circle ability.

「St-Stop it! You will die you know?! Even if you use that sword, you won’t be able to win against Flamia, you hear me!?」

「If I don’t try it, I will never find out! Palmyra, I am not going to disapprove the decision you made……..But allow me to say one thing」

Kirika stands on top of the tree, her blue mantle flutters as she overlooked Palmyra from above. At the flustered demon girl companion, towards Palmyra, she said…

「Seeing you try to escape from that girl called Flamia, and seeing the you who is trying to escape from the current situation………You look really pathetic」



With a loud scream along with her fighting spirit, a rainbow-colored light cut through the air. Cutting through the interdimensional space. It was the sword Alkanshal, which was able to cut that demon Groom in half, the sword of the royal family.

「Eh, Eh eh? What is it, what’s happening!?」

Flamia reflexively lowered her elevation as she avoided the strike of the sword, the wind pressure which passed through her had seven colors of the rainbow. Because Flamia had to rapidly brake in mid acceleration, it was as if I was riding a roller coaster that suddenly stopped in midair, and the force of impact made me yell out instinctively.


Stepping on her shining foothold, she turned around in our direction as she held her sword the Alkanshel and wore her silver armor. Kirika was seemingly taking separate action from Palmyra and she managed to catch up to us in the nick of time.

「Using a surprise attack, is completely crazy you know! What would you have done if I fell from the skies!?」

「I’m sorry Odamori-kun. Well, in that situation I will try my best to catch you, alright!」

「Try your best…. Oi!? Don’t tell me you are trying to get rid of me together at the same time…….?」

「Whether I was thinking of doing such a thing, why don’t you see into my heart?」

Replying in this kind of joking manner, I felt that her mind was experiencing a very complex set of emotions. Under this hopeless situation, Kirika came to rescue me……Perhaps that is even after hearing the danger that Flamia poses from Palmyra…. She could have chosen to run away, however Kirika did no such thing.

「Whatsit, so suddenly doing such a rude thing….Who is this elder sis? Ah, could it be, that you are Palmyra’s comrade?」

With a face full of displeasure, Flamia was asking Kirika a question.

「I don’t need to answer your questions. Listen up, all you need to do is release that person over that, otherwise….!」

Her expression hardened a little after failing her surprise attack, Kirika was standing on top of a tree as she held her sword in a fighting pose. Having someone so suddenly attacking her, I thought that Flamia would fly into a fit of rage, but…..

「Ahaa! Are you going to be playing with me, elder sis? You have the perfect timing, the monsters around here were so weak they could not even be considered a warm up for me!」

Whilst smiling such an innocent smile, she was spouting some frightening words, she directed her hand which were not holding on to me. This is bad, it’s the attack she used previously, Flamia’s mysterious attack….!

「Dodge it, Kirika! You can’t detect this girl’s attack visually, it will abruptly attack you!」


「Fufu, it’s……Too late! There you are! It’s time to become flat as a rice cake〜!」

For a fleeting moment….I could see the air where Kirika was standing become “distorted”.

However she did not escape, nor did she fly away, instead Kirika was focused on Flamia.


Hyupan……! Kirika aimed at the distortion in the air, with her rainbow colored sword as she slashed downwards.


Flamia raised a surprised voice. Pashi….There was a high pitched noise as if some sort of glass cracked, the warped air space that was approaching Kirika, seemed to have completely dispersed as it got cut right in the middle.

「Palmyra told me towards the end…….That your attack was the control of space itself」

Is that so….?! Flamia’s power is to manipulate space itself as she crushes her opponents with the pressure! That explains why you can’t see it coming nor can you defend against it. However, the exception exists right here. With the special characteristic of Alkanshel which is able to cut down space itself, she might be able to do this…….!

「Using that to cut it…..It has become possible to offset each other’s attacks!」


Flamia was blinking in wonder whilst staring at her hand and at Kirika. If I’m not mistaken, this is probably the first time in her life that anyone has been able to prevent her attack.  Alright, if it’s like this then……there may be a chance for her to win. Kirika, might be able to defeat this Flamia!

「Fuuun *exhales*….. This is so interesting, elder sis. ……..however」

Instantly, I had a bad premonition as a cold shiver ran along the back of my spine. I could not precisely see her from my current position, but I was sure that I heard Flamia giggling….it was like she was really happy from the bottom of her heart.

「Thennn, thennn, what about this〜? What are you going to do about this !?」


The next situation that occurred made both of our pupils open wide in despair… was truly a hopeless spectacle… One, two, three, four……..! The tremor in the air space……there was so many coming out one after another it was to the extent that it could of been 10 or even 20 consecutive attacks that moved to surround Kirika from every direction.

「Wha…..Th-this amount, all at once….!?」

「Fufu, what’s wrong? I can still put out more you know? There, there, moree!」

What the hell……..?! Are you telling me that she’s been going easy on her attacks up until now? No, it’s more like up until now, everyone has died from a single attack from her, and so it’s not even about holding back. I once again shivered at the realization of just how powerful the younger sister of Iblis was…. It is likely that Kirika would also share this sentiment.

「R….Run away! Himeno-san!」

「Are you kidding me? Where can I go in this situation?! If it’s come to this there is nothing more than to prepare myself for the worst!」

As soon as she said this, she immediately gained distance using the Aerial circles kicking off in a straight line……Kirika took position as she aimed directly at Flamia with her sword.

The distortion of space which was coming towards her with a high speed could not be cut away one by one, even if she were to attempt such a thing countless other blades of airspace would tear into her one after another, her only chance was to counterattack with her most powerful sword ability using her Alkanshel.

The strategic judgement to take this action was definitely the right decision. That’s why for that purpose, I immediately poured my magic in order to boost her physical strength to the very limits. However……!

「Ufufufu, your back is being left unprotected, you know? Elder sis?」


Just as she was about to launch her attack… An attack came from behind her as it completely tore off the armor from her back. Even though she already tried with much difficulty to escape the encirclement of attacks by gaining some distance from Flamia, the crushing airspace had already appeared behind her as it caught her.

In the first place, Kirika would only be able to deal with the pseudo space attack if her blade was able to reach it, in comparison to this Flamia seems to be able to generate her attack from any direction……as a result, no matter how much it pains me, this was the only possible outcome.

「Amazing, this is great! You’ve tried really hard haven’t you elder sis? You’re almost as good as Shutora aren’t you? However, regrettably this will be the end….」 (TL note: I believe Shutora is the subordinate of Iblis wearing a tiger mask)

「O, Oi, Stop……..!」

As if completely ignoring my pleas, Flamia’s white hands extends from the cuff of her kimono……just like a death sentence she swung it downwards.


From above her and below, a tremendously huge crushing pressure caught on to her as it attempted to squish her already injured body…….!

「Alrightt, now that’s over〜」

A flash of light and huge shockwave roared as a large explosion rings in my ears.


Before my own eyes, like a shooting star that was completely tattered, Kirika’s worn-out figure fell into the forest of the elves.

I could do nothing, but watch in blank surprise at what just occurred. (Light Novel Illustration: Flamia vs Kirika)




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