Chapter 3: My Slave and her Deprived Chastity




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「I did not imagine. Even after, she was affected by my Subordination Magic she still retained her self-awareness.

…….Is this the side effect of her Magical Resistance being so high? 」

Cave Interior, Location: Private Room.

Whilst sitting on the bed, I watch the Princess Knight Kirika whom is sitting on her knee with great interest.

She definitely got effected by my Subordination Magic. This fact is irrefutable.

The reason is she came here without any resistance, and listened to all my instructions.

Previously anyone effected by my spell would act and answer me in a doll like fashion However, only for her she was able to retain her personality and consciousness.

「tsu…………」(sound effect Hime is making)

Fluttering her long eye lashes, Kirika continued to patiently and silently endure my gaze.

She could not control her own body and she felt humiliated by this, also the thought of what was going to happen to her made her body quiver/shake.

「Well, don’t worry. What is about to happen to you right now, you can imagine it right? Even someone as earnest as you Himeno-san, should be able to」

「Odamori-kun, you are…….Kyaa!?」

When his penis was taken out and thrusted in front of her eyes, she was surprised and turned her face away.

This kind of natural reaction was very arousing for Tooru. His manhood’s skin was peeled back and standing erect.

This was because, the people he enslaved up till now were all overly obedient and with their will taken away from them via the black magic, they were practically behaving like doll, a person without any emotions.

「No, Stop it! Get that strange thing away from me!」

「How rude of you to call it strange. Hey, look over here Himeno-san」

Responding to the “instruction/orders” that was given, she turned her face towards him.

Her face which was completely blushing red, reluctantly and gradually turned towards my cock.

「Himeno-san, I’m just curious/wondering but have you ever kissed before? 」

「U,uu……I, I have not」

Because of the spell I have on her, she could only answer in full honesty when I asked her a direct question.

「Is that so, in that case Himeno-san your first kiss will be, let me think…….Dedicated to my penis」

「Eh, No, No way!? iya, I don’t want to…..nnnn 」

Moving in accordance to Tooru’s will, her cute pink lips moved closer and closer and touched the tip of his cock.

It was warm, yet a little wet.

Himeno Kirika, the most beautiful girl in the whole grade, whilst having on a Princess Knight costume, she was dedicating her first kiss on my penis.

It made me so exhilarated that I could ejaculate just from the feeling of accomplishment it gave.

「U,uuu…….A, a weird taste…….! It’s also smellyy……!」

「Congratulations on your first kiss Himeno-san Now then, just like that, continue to service my dick. You would know something as simple as fellatio (fera) right? 」

Even if a person is given a direct order using my spell, if they inherently don’t know how to perform an act, it won’t be possible for them to execute/take action.

With tearing eyes Himeno Kirika timidly using her pink tongue and extended it towards the tip of my engorged turtle head and started to lick it.

「Haha, so even Himeno-san whom is so innocent/naive knows what it means to perform fera. However, this must be your first time doing such things right? You also haven’t dated any guys before?」

「It, it’s my first, time…….yes, I haven’t even held hands with anyone before…..」

「That’s what I thought but, I’m relieved to hear it. Then, I guess I’m the first guy」

「tsuu……! You, you’re the worst type of man…….!」

「That’s exactly right. This is good, being glared at with those hateful eyes whilst getting sucked off really fires me up」

Whilst glaring at me, she was enveloping her mouth in my rod and continuing to lick my cowper glands, it was that kind of fera.

Well, with a girl as pure as her, that is probably the extent of her virgin knowledge.

Although it gives a supreme sense of accomplishment to conquer this classmate, this idol from my previous world, if it continues with this level of service, it will soon become boring/uninteresting.

「Oi, Nina. Come here for a bit」

「Yes, My Master」

A robed woman who was my magical user came into the room, and stood right beside me.

She was made to kneel and service my cock and my spellbound slave was used as an example to show Kirika, when Kirika saw the figure of my slave performing fera, she started to twitch her body in response.

「To the completely incompetent HimeKishi-sama who cannot even perform fera correctly, I will educate you the proper technique of servicing a man. Go over there and use this thing]

「I understand」

A dildo that was placed on the side of the bed, was taken by Nina whom proceeded to sit in a seiza position next to Kirika.

Nina took of the hood of her robe, and what was revealed was a a semi-long blonde hair, and a face that was a little plain but had its features pleasantly arranged.

Her age was around the same age as me.

Just like that she took the dildo and used her sticky/wet tongue to entwine around it.

「Uwa…..A, amazing…..!」

a slurping/slopping sound like water permeated, and using her lewd tongue and lips she began to lick the dildo, Kirika looking at this scene let out an astonished voice.

Since he made Nina into his spellbound slave, he took his time in order to teach her bit by bit the proper fera technique.

「Now, let’s see you try to imitate her. Do it as sincerely/faithfully as possible, alright?」

「Eh!? Ah, Uso Iyaa………..nnnchu, nnbububu!?」(*suck* *slurp*)

Listening to my orders, Kirika took side glances at Nina’s actions and started to imitate the movements.

No matter how embarrassed she was, she couldn’t go against the order of imitating the actions of Nina.

Her tongue was extended in a vulgar manner, her lips moved back and forth, and her saliva dribbled down as she continued to suck on my cock, this was my former class president.

「u, Ohh…..! This is amazing Himeno-san as expected you are a fast learner…..Ku! 」

「Noo, I don’t, want to do this kind of……..nnnbu!!?」(*gulp*)

Nina started to plunge the dildo deep into her throat.

Similarly Kirika began to adjust her movements to Nina’s and I could feel her soft mouth tissue, grinding against my cock as it went deep inside her throat.

「Kuuuu! This is good, keep it up now start sucking it from the top and go all the way down, Himeno-san!」

「Nbu, Njyupu, Jyusububu !? bua, Nooo! Habubu!!」

Her black long hair which smelled nice was dishevelled, the sound of her armour could be heard clinking and clacking, and whilst she was kneeling she gave me an extremely intense fellatio service, my Princess Knight whom was my previous classmate and a very beautiful girl.

The unbearably pleasant feeling I got from conquering her, pushed me to my limits as my penis got close to its climax.

「It’s coming, I’m letting it out! Take my semen into your mouth and store it Kirika!」

Dokun! A white torrent of fluids spurts out. (*spurt*)

Nnn, mnnn she was moaning as a large amount of semen was poured directly into her mouth.

「Uu, Kuu….! Su, Suck it all up and then open your mouth and show me……」

「ahh, auuu……..!」

Whilst slowly separating from his penis she opened her small pretty mouth, as per ordered.

The fluids were mixed together with her own saliva which became a cloudy liquid, the semen was so hot that it started to release steam/vapour from her mouth.

「Alright……Swallow that very slowly」

「tsu……..! mnnnn……..!」

Gokun (*gulp*), her throat became white, as Himeno Kirika started to take into her stomach the large amounts of semen which was poured by me.

One month ago, this reality was something that I could not even begin to imagine in my mind.

「Haa, Haa……..cough…….! Are, are you satisfied with this………?」

She spoke through disconnected breaths with her same old high handed attitude.

I naturally, tilted my neck down and had an evil grin.

「Nina, I will leave it to you to perform the usual duties on my cock」

「Yes, My Master」

Nina finally let go of the dildo from her mouth, and she started to cast a specific magic chant.

A violet coloured light started to circle around my penis…….. And when it did, my dick quickly returned to its former glory and was fully erected once again.

「It, it’s a lie……It’s not over after we have already done it once!?」

「I applied some physical enchantments using Nina’s magic. Apparently a lot of adventures also know of this method of applying it, were you not aware? You are lacking in your studies Himekishi-sama」

I laughed as her face turned pale, and began to give out my next set of instructions.

「Now, It’s time for the main course Himeno-san. No, I should refer to you as Himekishi Kirika」

「Kuu……Don’t, don’t look at me…..! Please…..」

「That looks good, you are pretty. This is the best view I could have」

I was lying naked on the bed and was resting calmly.

When we are talking about Kirika, she is still wearing her armour but the bottom half of her panties are gone whilst her skirt is still intact, she was on top of me sitting on her two knees and she spread out her legs so that her womanly parts were completely visible, it was a shameless appearance to display.

『Spread out your vaginal lips and clearly show it to me』 that was the order I gave her.

「Your hair is thin down here, Himeno-san. Your vagina and its surrounding flesh, are truly unblemished it’s really pretty」

「Iyaa, I’m, so embarrassed…..!」

She tried to spread out the deepest parts of her hole in order to show me, and inside was a salmon pink coloured flesh, which continued to twitch and shiver.

Deep inside, I could confirm the vaginal membranes that indicated her virginity was still intact.

「Alright you can stop that now, I was thinking of making you ram/plunge my cock deep into your own vagina, what do you think? 」

「No, no way………I, I can’t do such a thing myself……!?」

No matter how much she disliked it, using the power of my compulsion spell, she had to obey my orders.

Kirika stood up and positioned her vagina right above my towering penis.

On a side note, it would seem that the Job class named Princess Knight, is a titled only presented to an elite woman knight that has unparalleled beauty, strength and nobility.

To the Himekishi who is full of pride and my former classmate who was straightforwardly pure and beautiful I wanted to thoroughly break down her majestic and dignified image, so I made her ride me like a horse.

「Woops, before that…….So that it will pierce much easier, I think I’ll make you wetter」

「Eh….ah, wha, what is this!? What did you do!?」(Illustration: Kirika in Trouble)

Her body shivered as she was made to rub the slit of her vagina against the tip of his penis in order to lubricate it with her love fluids.

An instruction/order given by my magic, can directly bypasses the logical section of the brain and it can unconsciously cause the body to move according to my will to a certain extent.

「So that your first time won’t be so painful, I made some adjustments, you can call it my kind gentlemanly consideration」

「Ku, Thi, this kind of thing………no matter how you see it you’re the worst, a person like you who forcibly controls people against their will!」

「That’s a good reaction, I thoroughly enjoy how you are rubbing yourself against my cock yet you are still able to retain your reasoning, please show me how long you can keep this resistance. Now then……Here is my Order! Kirika insert my penis into your own vagina by yourself! 」


She grinded/slided her waist downwards into a guy she doesn’t even like and tightly gripped my penis.

Although I used my magic to compel her to become wet, her vagina was still very tight and it could barely slide down my penis, and then….

「It……..It hurts, it hurts……!」

「Hahaha! Himeno-san’s virginity, the purity of the Princess Knight, It was me! I was the one who took it! Hahahahahah!!」

My head became numb as I was overwhelmed with a sense of great accomplishment in my subjugation of Himeno.

With a popping sound I invaded through her virgin membrane and my penis pierces/penetrates the interior of her pussy.

Although he was also emotionally moved when he first took the virginities of the village girls and the adventuring women, but it could not be compared to what he was feeling right now.

「Now then, we might as well call some spectators to join us. Nina, Amelia! 」

Responding to my call, the magic user woman and the warrior woman who was just guarding me previously went to the bed and lined up in front of me.

The person who took of her armour Amelia, had sun tanned skin and had long wild red hair, she was like a beautiful yet exotic Amazon girl.

Her age seems to be around 2, to 3 years older than Nina.

「No, don’t…….! Don’t look, at me……! Naaaaa!」

She just lost her virginity and was still wearing her armour, and even though it was her first time having sex with a man, she was swinging/shaking her hips in a very erotic manner.

A trickle of blood flowed down her thighs.

The two spectators were gazing fixatedly at the, fellow woman whom was being controlled by his black magic.

She was extremely embarrassed, and with a crimson face that was tearing up she continued to move her waist.

「Haha, your vagina just got tighter after being watched by these two, you know? Don’t tell me you are a masochistic woman who derives pleasure from being watched? What do you say my former classmate Himeno-san? 」

「Th, that kind of thing……I, I don’t know, I don’t understand……!」

Most likely it was because of the way I phrased the question, but she truthfully answered that she didn’t know, and this was very humorous to me.

Looking at her crying face, I became even more aroused and I started to thrust my own waist.

「Hi, Higuu!? Iya ah ahh!? uu, Don’t move……nnnnaaaaaA!?」

「you are gradually releasing a voice that seems to enjoy this more and more. There we go, move your waist in accordance to my movements and grind yourself from the top to the bottom」

「Iyaa, I, I can’t do such a thing…..Hii, Ahiiiii!?」

Normally someone may hesitate due to the shyness, however my orders are absolute.

She lewdly moved her hips in a big motion, deeply, her waist bends loosely back and forth and wriggles against my cock, enveloping it in her pussy.

There was a resounding sound of clinking and clanking of her armour.  Her frilly skirt and long black hair was moving in accordance to her grinding.

「Kuu…..! Your insides are starting to really heat up, and my penis is being squeezed like a vice by your pussy, Himeno」

「Iyada Yada Yada (No, no no), I’m not doing that kind of thing…….Ohfuu!? Afu, HyaaaAAnA…….Ah!? 」

Her armour which tried to contain her breasts, began to shake and grow.

If I remember correctly, I heard a rumour from one of the male classmates that Himeno was hiding her massive breasts by wearing tight clothing.

Let’s confirm the authenticity of the matter a bit later.

「You are gripping my penis so hard that I almost can’t believe you are virgin, even in sex you are an exemplary/honour student aren’t you Himeno-san…….?! By the way the order that I gave for you to become wet might have just been a part of your imagination」

「Higuuu, Eh? Wha, What, Eh!?」

「If I gave you the order, you would, without being able to control it cum over and over again, In other words you would reach your peak/climax/zenith. What do you think, should I make you climax as I come inside of you, isn’t this an experience that you can’t achieve in normal circumstances?」

「tsuuuu!!? Wha, what are you saying, No, Iyaaa! I don’t want to cum, rather than cumming I would rather……! 」

Even if she was crying or if she didn’t like it, it was too late.

Her waist trembled as I throbbingly slammed into her pussy,

Accordingly I gave her my orders to adjust her pleasure levels in tandem with my rising need to ejaculate.

「Now then Cum, Himeno Kirika!! In concert with my ejaculation, when my sperm reaches the deepest part of your womb, you will uncontrollably and resolutely climax, Himeno!! When you cum, make sure to proclaim it to me! 」

「Iyaaaaa, Dameeee (nooooo)!!, yada yada, dame dameeee, Hiii……….!?」

I did a really long stroke in the moment she lowered her waist, I plunged my cock in the deepest parts of her.

The moment the tip of my head kissed the edge of her uterus.

「Hii………Nyahhh ahhhhh!!? Iku, ikuuuuu !!? Iku, ikimasu, ikimashyuuuuuUUU!!! 」(I’m, Cum, Cummingggg, I’m going to cum, Cummmminnnnggg!!!)

Doku……..Dokun, Byururuuu…..!! (*spurt*,*spurt*, *drizzle*)

The most important part of a Princess Knight which was covered by her armour and silk clothes, that place was…..

Pulsing and twitching, as my sperm exploded with such vigour and flowed into her.

「Uuu…..Kuu, Ohhh…….!」

「Aah, Ahhn………Ha, ahhhh……! Wha, What is this……..I, I haven’t ever experienced this feeling before…….!」

Nina and Amelia were both under my black magic and were obediently watching the scene before them with their eyes.

Kirika fell into my chest, most likely because this was the first orgasm she ever had in her whole life that felt so good, her body was still shaking in reverberations and her black hair was slightly quivering.

Her womb was currently filled to the brim in my semen……….

「…….Odamori-kun. I can’t, forgive you」

Kirika whom was still collapsed/lying on the bed stared at me with her beautiful eyes that was filled with daggers.

She was still recovering from the shock of her: virginity being taken, first forceful climax and first time being ejaculated inside, and her breath was still erratic as she said this.

Hearing such words, my body trembled.

It wasn’t because I was scared.

On the contrary, it was because a woman whom was able to possess a strong will enough to resist the effects of my magic finally appeared.

This was probably the first time she ever had such intense emotions directly pointed at someone.

And only me……..Only I have such a unique relationship with Himeno.

In other words, I felt a sense of accomplishment that was greater than when I took her virginity

「This is exactly what I expected of you, Himeno. If you want to try, then by all means keep resisting me」

「Yeah, right now I don’t have a method to do so, however, I will most definitely……….definitely find a way to resist you. If you are going to keep me by your side, just be prepared for that moment」

Things like trying to harm me in any way, separating a certain distance from me without my commands, and trying to take one’s own life.

All of those things, even without my orders, according to my slavery magic 『Basic Prohibition Principles』my slaves/subordinates are unable to perform these actions.

Moreover, once a person is caught under my slavery magic, their domination/subjugation will continue indefinitely/permanently without losing its effect.

Although there are still some of the more complicated rules to discuss, we will leave those for another time. (Note: more will be revealed about how his abilities works later don’t worry)

At any rate, if she’s saying she can break off from my dominating hold then it would be a sight to see.

「I will be looking forward to that. Very much so in fact」

I was on top of my bed and I was opening and closing the palm on my hands.

「alright, Is that how it is. Thank you, I want to offer my gratitude Himeno-san」

「What is this, about…..?」

A sensation that seems to boil from the very depths of my soul is raising up.

It was a feeling that I have experienced many times so far.

「It’s my Job proficiency……You know what it takes to level up, right? It’s to utilise the skills effectively and accumulate experience points, In order to increase that skill level….. You can’t just be playing around and doing things at random」

The battle experience accumulated when facing a formidable enemy and then overcoming such an obstacle, cannot be compared to the small amount of experience points gained when merely using skills in training.

With magic, it’s about using more complex magic that will drive a higher experience gain, additionally having an opponent that is high in magical resistance and successfully casting magic on that opponent is another important factor.

「By casting my slavery magic, on an opponent with high level magical resistance, and the more I command and order that person with high resistance to perform actions for me, I will be able to accumulate experience points at an accelerated rate. Even more experience can be gained, if the orders I give are complex or strange」

「Tsuu!? Don, don’t tell me………!」

「Yes. The numerous indecent and obscene orders which I gave to you before, beyond my expectations, produced a significant amount of experience points.

Instinctively a smile floated across my face.

I suddenly stumbled upon two amazing things:  the ultimate chess piece and an extremely efficient way to level up my abilities.

Moreover…….She was a beautiful classmate of mine, whom had obtained one of the rarest Job classes: Princess Knight, I was able to dominate her as I wished as she has now become my loyal sex slave.

「Tha, that kind of thing, how is it possible…..!」

「I thank you for this eventful meeting. Now then Princess Knight Kirika. I still have plenty of magical power stored up, today for the whole night I will have you accompany me in order to collect even more valuable experience points」

「N, Noo…….」

「I have a limitless list of the kinds of orders I want to give, and the types of play’s I want you to enact. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed」

No, Moreeeee—— that kind of scream could be heard coming out from the Princess Knight.

The next time when dawn arrives, I will have already…

Successfully levelled both my slavery subjugation magic and my Slavemancer Job class to its next level.

Slavemancer Tooru (Level UP!)

Job: Slavemancer LV 6→7

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 5 →6】 ???

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 5

Skill: 【Brilliant Burst LV 3】【Magical Resistance LV 2】???




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