Chapter 33: The Immature Demoness’s and The Method to Victory




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「Hah…….Hau, Nhhaaau…..! Ah, Ahaaa…..!」

She was being held by me in the cow girl position, whilst her first insertion feeling seemed a little painful, she was starting to leak out an entranced voice.

「This is, amazingg……Onii-san’s hot thing is…….inside of my stomach, it’s making me feel so full…..♪」

My cock fit all the way into her insides and it made it seem like her pure white stomach was slightly bulging.

「I am going to start moving soon, Flamia, is that alright?」

「Y-yeah, I’m fine……..! My stomach is a little bit tight but, Ah Ahh♪ It-it’s much better than it was before, so…..!」

Whilst still being inserted, I managed to carefully caress her thin neckline, her small breasts and the side of her body, it seems that it was quite effective in calming her down, as her love juices started to seep out and secrete on my cock coiling around in every direction.

With that acting as a lubricant, I slowly began my piston motions.

Nyuchu……..Nyuruuriyu, Gichu…….Ryuchichi!

「Ah, AhnnAhaah!? It started, it’s movingg♪ Onii-san is using his hard penis to stir my insidess♪」

Her body was so light that it felt like a crime, it seemed that her tiny demoness limbs were approximately 20 kg, I moved my waist rhythmically up and down as our bodies jolted together.

The more I pound into her virgin vagina each layer of her insides were giving me fresh stimulation as it started to loosen up slightly, it felt like my dick was getting sucked into a whirlpool of pleasure that it was getting unbearable.

「Kuu…….Y-you’re quite good Flamia, Even though you were a virgin to sex a little while ago, you are already getting used to my cock being inside of you, Uu!」

「Ehehehe, I’m amazing aren’t I…….? I think that Onii-san has finally understood, just how great I am, Nhhahaaah♪」

「Uuu……! Wh-what led to this kind of situation nojya?! Do you guys know no shame!? 」

With a reproachful voice and a range of complicated feelings, Palmyra was sitting down in a position a little away from us as she glared at us whilst blushing.

Her body was currently being ordered by my subjugation magic to not take any unnecessary actions……….There is no point in having her fight alone, besides if I just let her attack and I get caught up in it, I will most definitely die.

「Mou, you are being annoying, aren’t you? Palmyra be silent!」

「Wh-what did you say jyato!?」

「Right now me and Onii-san is in the middle of our heated sex battle, therefore…. You need to learn to read the situation, Ahhn, Ahnn♪」

「F…..Flamia as a demon that is part of the eight great demonic families, aren’t you ashamed of yourself for having sex with a human!?」

Seeing her rival in such an unexpected circumstance, Palmyra’s face was red as she stared in amazement. Although at first, Flamia was indeed shy, but similar to how she immerses herself in the enjoyment of a fight, she was now innocently enjoying sex without resistance nor guilt.

「That kind of thing doesn’t even matter, I mean, this feels incredibly good……..Besides Ahh Hahh, Onii-san’s hot dick, is violently stirring my insidesss!」

「W,whawa, whaa…..!?」

Moreover, it would seem that that she had the confidence that she could defeat me in this sex match.

Right now, in front of her long standing rival Palmyra, Flamia wanted to show that she could defeat me and it was her objective to do this so she could feel the accomplishment of besting Palmyra.

「Therefore, Palmyra should just cover her mouth and watch, I be will squeezing Onii-san’s cock……like this and I will gain victory…..kay♪」

「Kuoo, The way you are moving your hips…..Even though, you are a virgin, you are already acting so conceited aren’t you!?」

「Ehehehe♪ Take thattt and thatt and th〜iss♪」

In fact, not only did she have a great sense for combat, but it would seem that Flamia’s adaptive capacity in learning about sex was also quite exceptional.

She was putting effort to squeeze her thighs which were covered in sweat, as her bat wings were moving about flippantly, she was slowly but surely remembering the direction and angle in which my cock was performing the piston motions, and matching that angle little by little.

「Aha, If I do this then, it can enter even deeper ♪ Onii-san’s thing is hitting a spot that feels even better than before! Ahaha♪」

Not only that, but her small vagina was constricting itself making me feel as if ten childlike fingers were gently tightening around my penis, this splendid sensation was terrifying.

If I let my guard down for even a moment, I felt like I would let my semen explode, Flamia’s loli meat hole was providing waves of violent pleasure to my cock.

「Oh ? Onii-san it seems that your face looks like it’s in agony, just like the time you were trying to hold yourself back when I was licking you, are you alright?」

「Uu, Kuu……..!」

「You are starting to sweat so much…..Could it be, that you are going to lose soon? Ahah, are you going to lose to me at sex? 」

「O-Oi Tooru!? You can’t be planning on letting her play around with you like that are you!?」

Even Palmyra was getting anxious at the results. But, so what, this level of pleasure has already been taken into consideration………Soon enough I will finish my warm up and go full out. I will allow her to experience a true man’s prowess.

「Kusu Kusu *giggle*, Hoo~ra♪ Just give up already, give in to my vagina〜♪ Takee~that, Ahnn, Ahaha♪ 」

「Oi Flamia, I know this is bad to do when, you just got excited but…..」

「Fue? ——-Nnhyaaah!? Eh? It-it’s suddenly grown so big…….!?」

Pulse, pulse, pulse……..I sent a stream of blood to my little johnny as it engorges with blood.

It became much thicker, harder and hotter, it was a symbol of a male that was rearing to go, I was previously going easy on her virgin pussy but now I started to go on the counter-offense!

Jyubuu, Zujyubu……..Zujyubobo, Zukon!!

Dochyu, Zuchu Guchu!! Zuzunn!!

「Eh, Iyaa, you’re kidding, you’re lyinggg!!? What’s this, what’s happening, it’s completely different to what it was before…….Hihyaaaaaaaaannn〜〜〜!?!?」

My left hand was grasping on to her slender waist whilst my right arm was firmly holding on to her tiny shoulders to make sure that she couldn’t slip away.

Just like that I used her as if she was some sort of sex sleeve (Ona hole), moving her light loli body up and down, her slopping wet vagina was slippery and easy to move as I commenced my thumping piston attack.

Just like the time I made Kirika and Amelia scream out in joy, this was now an adult’s version of sex.

「Hahhhahi!? Higuuu, I-iyada, this is amazi…….it’s going in so deep………Nhaaaaooohhh…….Ah, Ahhhhhhhh!?」

「Hora hora, What’s wrong !? Didn’t you tell me that you were going to win? Weren’t you going to make me lose at sex? Huhh!?」

「Auu, Yaaaah Auuuu~~~!!? E-even if you say it like that, th-this is cheatinggg!? It-it’s grinding against my insides and going so wildddd!?」

Not only was I pumping straight up and down, I also occasionally switch it up and go at a slight diagonal angle, not only that, both her left and right vaginal walls along with the deepest parts were being hollowed out by my stiff penis head.

Flamia was a demoness noble who had barely known a thing or two about sex, and to her amateur vagina, I was not giving her any mercy or reserve whatsoever with my movements.

「H-how intense……! Moreover for Flamia to take a man’s penis into her and scream out such a coquettish voice is…..!」

Palmyra voice was delirious with fever as she gulped down her saliva. Flamia soon noticed that she was making these strange noises and that Palmyra was looking at her with those red eyes, Flamia started to blush profusely.

「Iyaa, Don’t look at meee!? Palmyra you can’t watch, turn the other way……Higii!? Ahiii, Hiihiiiiiinnnn!?!?」

The dignified appearance Flamia had a little while ago completely disappeared, what remained was only the image of her being toyed around with by the pleasure she was feeling, and the shame and disgrace of showing this kind of appearance to her rival.

This awakened a strong sense of shame in Flamia, as her vagina started to twitch and constrict itself, further exposing her most sensitive weak points to my penis.

「You haven’t forgotten have you Flamia? The fact that whoever comes first in sex, is deemed to be the “Loser”! Hora what’s wrong? It seems like you are about to cum, your pussy is quivering with joy you know!?」

「Eh? I…..I already know that, you don’t have to remind me! I think that this much, is nothing for you to be boastful about……..Ah, Fuguu, Nnnuu~~~~!!」

Her purplish colored hair was disheveled in a whir, Flamia starts enduring the storm of pleasure that attack the lower half of her body by desperately biting on to her lips.

Cumming right in front of Palmyra and losing this battle was something that Flamia could never accept in many ways……Naturally, even so I wasn’t going to go easy on her just because of this.

Dchuuzu Dochuu, Guchu Dochuuuuu!! (*Pound* *Pump*, Stir)

Zunn Zumunn……….Zugugu, GoryuGoryuu!! (*Ram*. grind, grind)

「Hyaaah!?  Hiiiaaaahhh, S-so deep ahh……..! You’re pounding me so much like a drum…….it’s pounding and poundinggg………NNahhhh!?」

I made radical change as I aimed a straight and performed a deep stroke, right into her uterus.

Her vaginal passage of her loli body was already quite shallow and easily permits me to invade the deepest portion of her insides with my lethal weapon, her tiny meat ring which was connected to the entrance of her womb was being rammed like a hammer with my hot throbbing cock.

「Zoraa, Zora Zora (Take that, and that and that) !!  How much longer! Do you think you can bear this !!?」

「Ah Ahhh ~~~!? Nn Ah Ah Ahh~~~~!?!? It’s not fair to ram itt, you can’tt ~~~~!!? M-my stomach is becoming all weirrdddddd!!」

I continued to pierce into her and with each stroke, I was gouging out her final pieces of resistance with my penis, after pulling it out briefly I would drive it back into her with all I had. Considering that she had a body of the demon, there was no need for me to go easy on her.

Although I was putting a tough front, even I had no time to mess around, since a while ago my hot throbbing cock was getting hotter and hotter with an increasing urge to let out my semen, this is precisely the crucial moment of our “battle”.

This was exactly as one would think, an epic sex battle, where both of us were fighting with everything that we’ve got.

「I-I wwon’t lwosee……..Afuu, NnnFuuahh!! To a human like you……..Hinyaaaaahhhh!!?!?」

Flamia’s sweet voice which was like a bell covered in milk raised an octave higher.

This was because, I started to commence my final spurt.

「Th…..That’s Ahhh!? The tip of my b-boobss♪ Hyaah Hyafuu!!? E-even my back, is being touchedddd Ehhh!?!?」

At the center of each of her tiny breasts, two pink nipples were standing erect. The root of her bat wings, which had a cartilage that slightly changes to the color of black to the color of her skin. These were her weak points that until now I haven’t touched.

But right now I was aiming my sights on them as I simultaneously attacked all her weak spots.

「Zora What do you think? Whilst being pounded on, I’m also pinching and turning this sensitive place, doesn’t it feel really good Flamia? It feels so good that your head is about to melt, am I right!? 」

「Ih, Ih, Iihhhhhh!!? You can’t tease them all at the same timeeee, ~~~!! M-my head is going to mwelt…….it-it’s rweally going to mweltt, Nyaaah Ah Ahh!?」

Because I only concentrated on pleasuring her vagina up until now, Flamia was able to desperately hold herself back, but now that I was also attacking her various weak spots, she was truly approaching the last strands of her limit.

Because the pleasure was suddenly distributed to her whole body in one go, for a beginner like her, she should not be able to adjust her senses to the oncoming sensations.

「Alright, soon enough I will deliver my finishing blow!! Get ready to climax with my cock, admit your defeat and succumb to the heavenly pleasures of the flesh, Flamia!!」

「U th-this isn’t happening, it’s not, its a liee, O-onii-sann stooppp !!? If you do that right noww then, if you finish me off now then I, I willlll!?!?」

The muscles along her spine tensed up as she began to arch her body, her skin was shivering in convulsions that would not stop.

Her whole body was damp with sweat, and Flamia’s body was beginning to secrete a pheromone of a woman in heat surrendering their body to a rich and sublime pleasure…..her willpower was down to its last thread.

In order to completely sever that string in one go, I roared and drove my waist deep into her.


「Ha, Hahyuu…….?」

In that exact moment, Flamia’s body which was entwined with me stopped moving. And…….Palmyra who was watching our intense sex scene was feeling the heat in the air so much so that she was holding her breath.

「……..NnnNnn, AhAhhhhhh Ahhhaaaa Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!?!? I-I’m cummingggggg~~~~~!!!」

Flamia’s sweet lovely screams were so loud, that it wouldn’t be strange if the whole inhabitants in the forest of the elves, heard her indecent, shameless moan. The “Mad Princess” Flamia was experiencing her first ever vaginal orgasm as her whole body was going crazy.

「Kuu…….Uohhhh!! Now then, be sure to taste the feeling of defeat with your impertinent vagina, this is what it means to yield…..!」

And, after I made sure that she understood in the bottom of her heart that she was utterly defeated by me, I also released my semen, into her tight vagina that was still strangling my dick like a vice.

Dobyuu……….Byurururururu, Doku Dokunn!!!

Byukuku, Dobyu Kobyudoo byuuuuu! Gopupu!!

「AhAhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh it’s so hottt!?!? What is thiss, what’s happeninggg, it’s the thing from a while agoo, it’s coming inside of mee, so muchhh!!? So much……is filling up my stomachhhh~~~~~!!??」

I was giving her a baptism with my hot, cloudy white magma, and her sensitive vagina which just came moments ago was packed full until her tiny baby-making room was filled to the brim.

Flamia was being thrown into a state of continuous climax without being able to conceal this fact, she was gripping on to my back with her talons so tightly that I felt like blood would come out, she was gasping for air as if she just got off a boat that was in a violent storm, and I was the one in control of her situation right now—-.

「Haah, Haah…….Haaaah……Wh, what’s with this, it’s too intense dayoo….!」

Flamia’s eyes were entranced and she was breathing wildly, her body was lacking power as she feebly fell backwards.

My semi-erected penis was pulled out, and due to the huge amounts of semen I poured into her…….her petite vagina was dribbling out my semen.

My fluids were slightly mixed with her’s and I could see a trickle of red as proof that her virginity had been taken.

「…….Ha!? O-Oi, Tooru! Whilst you have the opportunity you should act against her…….!」

When Palmyra regained her composure, she tried to get me to action in a small whisper.

However, as I expected……It would not be as easy as this.


Hyuu! The sound of the atmosphere splitting. Palmyra who was trying to approach us had an invisible bullet shoot past her, and a diameter of about 1 m appeared on the huge branch we used as our foothold.

「Didn’t I tell you before, that you need to be silent, Palmyra….!」

Flamia was staggering to stand up but she was still able to use her space crushing bullet to attack.

Although right now she wasn’t able to stand up straight and she wasn’t able to competently move her body as per usual, as expected of a demoness she was not easily incapacitated.

She had an expression of disgrace and shame along with her eyes being teary, I was sure that she was directing that look at me.

「It looks like you are not going to abide by our agreement, and you do not want to obediently accept your defeat, Flamia?」

「S…Shut up, shut up, shut up! After all, I am not convinced, when I say it’s not fair, then it’s not fair! If I think about it Onii-san was cheating! You were using all these attacks that I didn’t know about and you made me cum !!」

Although I expected this to happen when she wasn’t able to win our sex match…….but I suppose after being ungracefully defeated in front of Palmyra, Flamia was now throwing a children temper tantrum.

「Oi oi, Are you going to go back on your words? Even though you are the little sister of Iblis?」

「D-don’t bring my elder sister’s name in this! F…From the beginning, I had planned that this was all just a way for me to play around and pass some time! Th-that’s the truth ! 」

「Considering all that you’ve said, all I see is your desperately trying to deny your loss」

「S….Shut up, shut itt, shushhh!!」

Flamia was still wearing the half open Kimono. Along with her roaring out, the surrounding areas around her body, started to shimmer as multiple distortions in space started to appear.

If I was to touch even one of those distortions, there was no doubt that what awaited me was instant death. Even Palmyra understood just how terrifying the power of the Mad Princess, it was enough to sink people into despair, and right now Palmyra was like a frog being stared at by a snake as she couldn’t move an inch.

「B-but….But you know? Onii-san having sex with you was extremely fun, this is also true」

Suddenly recovering herself composure, her hair was slightly wet because of the sweat, and it was seductively sticking to her small beautiful face.

「Therefore, I will reward you by not killing you. I’m going to bring Onii-san back to the devil kingdom, and Onii-san will become my personal toy for my exclusive use, and I will get to use you until you die, okay? Fufufu♪」

Her facial expression was totally different to when I first met her, in the beginning she exuded an aura of innocence and purity, but now her expression showed her obscene desire as her body now knew the pleasures of sex.

「Is that so? Well how generous of you」

「Oiii!? D-didn’t I say that this would happen Slavemancer?! If you had listened to me from the start, this wouldn’t have happened!」

「Fufun, that’s a shame for you, isn’t it Palmyra. I am going to smash your body to pieces right in front of Onii-san, and prove to everyone else that I am the true winner…..Be prepared okay?」

「Uu, Kuu….Is-is there nothing else that I can do?!」

Well I guess this is natural. Even though Flamia has started to  like me a lot in this short period of time, it’s not like she has fallen madly in love with me, therefore, she is still prioritizing her dear elder sister Iblis over me.

Moreover, Flamia is not going to give me the opportunity to release Palmyra from my Enslavement magic so that I can enslave her instead, right?

Seemingly, the acts of sex I did was just an idle waste of time, and it didn’t change the situation at all.

However……That is not entirely correct!

In actuality, that was not my only purpose. My true objective, has already been accomplished as planned out.


Flamia was being wary of Palmyra’s movements, but she would never expect the action that I would take in that momentary gap of carelessness.

I kicked the huge branch and leaf which was holding everything together, and I jumped off.

Right now we were high enough to be as tall as a sky scraper, if someone like me, that didn’t have any ability to fly were to fall from such a height, it was obvious that the only outcome waiting for me was death.

「Wha, Tooru, did you go crazy after falling to despair!?」

「Wait, Onii-san, are you planning on dying!?」

As expected the both of them did not expect this, and the two loli demoness’s shouted out in harmony.

「Come to me, Palmyra! All my strategic preparations have become complete!」

「What…Did you say?」

I was very quickly dropping down, I had a nostalgic feeling of falling down doing bungee jumping except for the fact that I didn’t have any rope attached to me, and my muscles along my spine were starting to freeze up at imagining my death, even so I was shouting out to Palmyra with everything I got.

「I will make you…….Be able to win against, Flamia!」




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