Chapter 37: The Secret of the Hot spring and the Knight who Seeks Revenge Part 2




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers. Therefore those under the age of 18 are prohibited from reading any further.

(J….Just how long are they going to continue doing it, these guys…..!)

On the other side of the vast outdoor hot spring bath, there was a figure of a person hidden and covered by the steamy atmosphere.

Kirika was desperately holding on to her breath whilst submerging herself as low as possible into the hot spring water.

After accidentally seeing the love affair between Tooru and Palmyra, Kirika just couldn’t get rid of the unsettling feeling in her mind.

The Dark Elf Doctor recommended her to come here. (Right now she was viewed by the village community as one of the heroes who saved their village) The doctor told her that there was a “secluded hot spring” and that she should use it to get a change of mood…….Well that was her plan in coming here, but she would have never expected that soon after Tooru would be coming in here and doing these kinds of things.

(Or more like, why am I encountering this kind of scene again!? Moreover, all of this happening in the same exact day!)

Even though she couldn’t see exactly what they were doing, just hearing the sounds of their voices, she could tell exactly what they were doing.

No matter how you look at it, Kirika was convinced that it would have been over after he came so much into Dianne, however now he was proceeding to get a good clean up from the elven sisters and was doing a double ferra play.

Not only that, there is only one exit to this hot spring, and it was on the other side. Kirika totally lost her chance to slip away.

(The three of them, are doing such a thing……And even Sierra’s voice is like that, she’s not holding back at all…..)

After staying inside the hot water for such a long period of time, her head was completely heated up and she was losing the ability to think straight.

If you think about it carefully……Since coming into the forest of the elves, Kirika and Tooru have not had sex.

Even though before that, he would search for her at least twice a week, with the reason of “improving their contract” and even if he didn’t have an excuse, he would still seek her out every single day to do some kind of perverted act to her, but now…..

(Uuu……. Even, Dianne-san is doing it with him……Even though she’s normally such a composed and pure person, she’s doing it with him like some kind of beast………N-not only that she may even be pregnant with his child……!)

In the past, when Kirika was in a “uniform play” together with Tooru, he alluded to her possible pregnancy and remembering things about that time made Kirika’s heart ring like an alarm bell.

Before she knew it, a string of love juices had begun to flow from her embarrassing spot drifting into and being mixed with the water in the hot spring, but it was unclear whether she herself noticed this fact.

When she listened to Tooru’s sadistic and dominating voice, her body and her mind reacted with a conditioned response and it grew increasingly hotter.

(He…..That lecher Odamori Tooru-kun is…..! C-changing my body slowly…h-he’s made it s-so strange…….! I didn’t used to be such an ecchi girl…..!)

Although it was something that she was supposed to hate doing, without being able to help it, the memory of her shameful acts that even made her want to crawl into a hole and just die, began to resurface in her mind. And this memory only became more vivid as time passed.

——The memory of Tooru’s hands persistently toying around with her sensitive breasts.

——The memory of his tongue being inserted into her ears, his teasing fingers which pinched her clitoris.

——And when he sunk into her so deeply and pierced her most special spot, something that she would never be able to accomplish by herself with just the use of her slender fingers. His hot juices……and how he would do it over, and over repeatedly giving her endless pleasure.

(Ju…, like usual…….! Uuah…….Ah, Nnnah!)

When she was eavesdropping on him a little while ago outside the room, she was barely able to hold herself together, but right now it was not possible for her to contain herself.

Without even being conscious about it, she extended her fingers to her already melting secret garden and began to touch herself.

With all the various things he’s done to persistently train her body, whether she wanted to or not her young body adapted……..And for the first time since her virginity got taken away she was made to “wait”, this led to a build-up of sexual frustration which was starting to drive her crazy.

(Noo, not goodd…….I-I shouldn’t be doing, th-this kind of thing b-but…….! I can’t s-stopp…..pp…..!?)

Once the barrel had been loosened, there was no going back.

The moment she started moving her fingers, it was already impossible for her to stop.

Kirika who was supposed to be a hero of justice and is known as diligent classmate who is also a Princess Knight, was as of this moment desperately trying to not think about what she was doing, and she was merely following her urges to obscenely use her fingers to touch herself even faster.

(O……Odamori-kun, Odamori-kun you idiot….bakaa…..! I-it’s your fault, because of you I’ve become like thiss……..Nnahhh!? Ah, noo, I’m really going crazyy…….!?)

Synchronizing herself with the coquettish sounds of the three people who were reaching their climax, Kirika met her own zenith with her disgraceful mastur –bation. ——it was at this time….

「Did you just say that the tracing emblem I placed on Celesta’s armor has finally reacted!?」

「Yes! This without a doubt means that person is nearby!」

Nina had just ran in a flurry towards me in order to report this piece of information and I hurriedly put on my robe and went out of the bathroom.

The last time I let her escape, I placed a tracking emblem on Celesta’s knightly armor and this was akin to a sort of magical GPS. Apparently her presence was detected somewhere near the vicinity of the dark elf underground village.

「We can’t seem to get her exact location……If it’s like this then in the worst case scenario, she has already snuck into the interior of the village」

「I’m so sorry Master, if only I managed to detect her presence a little sooner…..」

「No, after our huge battle with Flamia, I slacked off and loosened my guard down. This isn’t your fault Nina」

Furthermore, both Sierra and Dianne had cum way too much and they couldn’t put any strength into their bodies, even so, it was not possible for me to wait for them to recover, so I had no choice but to leave them here for now.

………I may have overdone it a little.

「Wh-what happened Odamori-kun!?」

From the front a giant Armored golem was approaching me and from behind Kirika was running up towards me.

For some reason or other, I noticed that Kirika’s body was slightly wet here and there.

「Ahh the truth is…..Eh hang on a minute, what’s going on here Himeno-san, did you fall into a puddle of water or something?」

「Eh!? Ah, that is, Y-yeah! Yes I fell, that’s right! Into a puddle of water! S-so what of it!!」

「Ki….Kirika, -san?」

She’s acting so suspiciously…

Even for the naive Nina, she could tell that Kirika was acting weirdly.

…….I think this will be really fun to make her forcefully tell the truth using my subjugation magic, so I will look forward to it and do this a little bit later.

「Well nah, I was just wondering that’s all…..Anyways Nina, where are the other girls?」

「That is… Because this underground village is really large, we haven’t been able to gather on time」

I tried calling them with my magical link but it would seem that they are unable to appear before me immediately.

However, it’s really strange. The dark elves don’t even realize there is an intruder in their place, this means that their network of alarms haven’t been activated. Judging from this Celesta obviously didn’t bring a large army with her.

And yet Celesta who had lost to us in the past dared to come out and challenge us by herself again, even though she was a skilled swordsman, isn’t this a little too foolish of her? Did she have a secret weapon up her sleeve or something…….?

「Is that where you are!」

Right in the passageway ahead, a flaxen ponytailed woman knight, who was wrapped in a red and silver armor had just knocked down two dark elven soldiers with her sword.

This was without a doubt, the knight who pledge her fidelity to Princess Sistina, it was Celesta the “Crimson Rose”.

「What…..Isn’t this the woman knight who got her virginity stolen by me? For you to come to this place alone all by yourself, did you really miss my cock that badly?」

Because I thought that this may happen, I came prepared and immediately put on my mask. The fact that people won’t be able to discover my real identity easily, is an advantage I would like to retain, even in the future.

The face of the noble woman knight who turned towards me, was red like a boiled octopus.

「Wh, whawhat did you say…….You bastard! H-how dare you say something like that, you brute! I have come here in order to exact my revenge and regain the Princess and Kirika !」

「Ahh geez, she’s always so easily flustered and provoked…!」

Celesta had been affected by my words and was clearly angry as she sprinted towards me, Kirika quickly intercepted her.

Suddenly Nina who was following behind me nudged me and pointed at the large belt pouch that was attached to Celesta’s waist.

「Master, Master, what she’s carrying is an artifact bag that allows you to reduce the size of an object in order to store it within the bag」

「You’re telling me that she may have some kind of weapon concealed in that pouch?」

No matter what kind of weapon she was hiding in that thing, I don’t think it will be something that can ever trump Kirika’s holy sword the Alkanshel.

However, considering that I don’t know what her weapon is, and the fact that she has the confidence to attack me by herself, I have a strange premonition about this.

「Himeno-san, try to finish it early. Of course, don’t kill her, your objective is to neutralize her」

「I know even if you didn’t tell me!」

With lightning speed, Kirika withdrew her sword and launched an attack.

Celesta was as expected an elite knight of the Ranbadiea kingdom, and she managed to not only confront the blow, but also launch a counterattack of her own. Both of their sharp blades were hitting against each other, producing a loud echo in the surroundings.

「Hmph, it seems that you’ve improved again haven’t you, Kirika!」

「Kuu……….Please listen to me Celesta! Princess Sistina is——」

「Silence! For someone like you who have become a mere puppet of the Slavemancer, I have no time to lend my ear to you!」

「I-I’m telling you, that’s a misunderstanding——!」

Gagiiinnnn! Exchanging a powerful blow with each other, the recoil from the strike flung them apart.

Kirika was not one to miss this opportunity.

「By my noble sword, I shall crush all evil, blinding light…..! 」


This was her killer technique that she used in the past: Brilliant Burst, and the last time she used it, she completely disempowered Celesta closing the match instantly.

For someone like Celesta who didn’t have any long range attacks, even if she knew it was coming, she couldn’t really prevent it……….Unless there was something within the magical pouch she brought, if that’s the case, I will be looking forward to seeing it!

「Don’t underestimate me Kirika, I’m not the kind of person who will fall for the same thing twice!」

As soon as she said that Celesta reached her hands inside of the pouch…..Now then, what will she take out!?

「Come forth……Haaaah!」

Strangely enough, what came out of her pouch was not some sort of cursed sword nor was it some magical bow.

It was plain and dull greenish colored object, the shape was like a lump of green lemon.

Moreover the Woman Knight pulled on the silver colored metallic pin attached to the upper part of the tool.

Yes, this object was one that was often seen in my previous world, I’ve seen it many times in a cartoon or in a movie——,


「3, 2, 1…………Take this! Explosion of Holy Judgement!」


An explosive sound burst into my ears, and the rampaging blast sent shockwaves towards me! Without being able to help it both Nina and I were blown away and landed on our bottoms.

In that moment Kirika who was nearly finished charging her Brilliant Burst reflexively fired out her attack.

The magical “object” which violently gave rise to an explosion collided with Kirika’s magical attack and barely off set each other.

「Ah…….? Ah……?」

We were overcome with surprise as the blast began to clear up. On the other side of the fog——Celesta had a face filled with triumph. Celesta placed her hands on her hips as she proudly stuck out her chest, she had a face full of confidence.

「Fufufu………Did you see it?! This is the holy magical tool that I got from that person! It is one of the tools capable of destroying evil people like you!」

I shouted. I shouted in reflex action. I could not help but to shout to my utmost limit.

「Is…..Isn’t that a frickin hand grenade!?」

Author’s note: (These are level up values which were gained after their battle with Flamia)

Princess Knight Kirika (Level UP!)

Job: Princess Knight LV8→9

Skill:【Brilliant Burst LV6→7 】【Magical Resistance LV2】???

Special Equipment: Holy Sword Alkanshel


Woman Soldier Amelia (Level UP!)

Job: SoldierLV8→9

Skill: 【Sword Techniques LV4】【Shield Techniques LV4→5】【Cooking LV1】 ???

Special Equipment: Chained Blade named Byuto Blade


Housemaid Magician Nina (Level UP!)

Job: Magician LV7→8

Skill: 【Reinforcement Magic LV3】【Space Magic LV3→4】【Recovery Magic LV1】???


Elemental Archer Sierra (Level UP!)

Job: Elemental Archer LV8→9

Skill: 【Bow Techniques LV3→4】【Elemental Magic LV2】【Espionage ActionsLV3】???


Demoness Palmyra (Because of Tooru’s growth, a part of her original power has been unlocked)

Job: Demoness Noble LV11→12

Skill: 【Demonic MagicLV9→10 】【Magic Resistance LV2】???




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