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Chapter 43: The Girl’s Conversation and Peeing Part 1





Just from the mere wind pressure produced by her swing of the legendary Alkanshel sword, the candle lights which hanged on the wall several meters away from her blew out all at once. Delayed by one beat, her beautiful black hair was swaying vigorously before it fluffily settled down in accordance with gravity.

She was the woman capable of repelling a high-ranking demonic noble the “Princess Knight”…….The surrounding dark elves warriors were watching how powerful her display of skill was and they unanimously let out voices of admiration.

Right now they were in a cavern training ground in the corner of the underground village, the size of the area was about as big as a tennis court. Kirika was practicing her martial skills and was bisecting large rocks making them tumble and scatter into the ground.

「As expected, you are really good. Then, what about this…!」


All of a sudden Amelia was making moves to attack her and Kirika reflexively turned her face around before taking a defensive stance.

A whip like attack was being lashed out by Amelia using her chained blade and even though Kirika was able to repel the attack with her Alkanshel, the steel wire wrapped around her sword with their razor sharp teeth and was able to twine itself around the sword in the last second.

「Oi oi, I see a chance daze! Teriyaaah!!」(TL: Amelia has a quirk of using daze, kinda like Naruto’s dattebayo, it doesn’t really mean anything but it tells me she’s the speaker, what I will say though is that daze is a tomboyish way of speaking Einon any comments :P?)

Amelia’s tanned chest shook firmly as she pulled back the whip-formed sword with both of her hands.

In terms of brute physical strength Amelia was much stronger than Kirika and this caused her to stumble a few steps forward, Kirika was taken aback as her eyes opened widely, Amelia did not give her time to rest as she fiercely approached with a dash and throws out a strong kick.

「Ku……..Don’t underestimate, me!」

「Ohh, Owaah!?」

However, Kirika doesn’t sit still either, she immediately reacted and evaded the blow elegantly. She let go both of her hands from the Alkanshel sword, and she locked Amelia’s leg in between her armpits.

Just like that she utilized the force of the charge to break Amelia’s centre of gravity, and she rotated Amelia who was currently standing on one leg and flung her away……..But, Amelia wasn’t your average run of the mill warrior, she had a good sense of equilibrium and she succeeded in controlling her posture in mid-air. not only that she used the momentum of her spinning body to throw a round house kick with her other leg.


「Oops, my bad! I accidentally used my full strength, are you alright!?」

Although she put her arms up and blocked with the back of her wrist guard, Kirika could not kill off the power behind the kick and was blown away as she landed on her bottom.

Amelia was startled and she scratched her abundant red hair apologetically while she held out a helping hand towards Kirika. Kirika who saw how anxious and worried Amelia looked, could only giggle as she let out a smile of her own.

「As expected of you, Amelia…….In a situation like this where I have to fight on the ground and cannot rely on my Aerial Circle ability, I still have a long way to go and much to learn dawa」(TL: Kirika uses dawa instead of desuwa, wa is a much more feminine way of speaking so this is kind of like in between Amelia’s tomboyish way of speaking and Princess Sistina’s formal and girlish way of speaking)

「Heheh, you’re really amazing yourself. I didn’t even have time to play around and had to go all out」

Ohhhh!……….. The spectators who were watching such a high level exchange of martial skills was deeply impressed and a large applause resounded within the cave. Kirika was bashfully bowing her head and Amelia was doing a triumphant pose shouting out “Yay!”

The two girls were exchanging a pleasant conversation as they headed towards a small bathroom which was prepared for them next to the training grounds (This was indeed on a smaller scale that then open air bathroom but it still flowed with the high quality water that had healing properties on the body)

「Fuu……..Because of you, it became a really good training session, thanks Amelia」

「Don’t mention it, after all I wanted to exercise my body once in a while as well. There has been nobody but you that could handle me going full out, so it’s been really fun」

The both of them were submerged in the round bathtub of about 3 m in diameter, and their well-developed bosom’s were floating on the dark green colored hot water, as they rinsed away their sweat.

「That’s true……Nana’s condition is now like that….Besides even Celesta is….」

「Ahh, she still hasn’t woken up? I know her life isn’t in any danger but I’m starting to get a little worried daze」

After Cruz leaves, Celesta was deserted in the outdoor spring (Because there was a continuous stream of big events happening in rapid succession she was totally forgotten).

Of course it wasn’t like she caught a cold after being neglected. Tooru left instructions for the dark elf court ladies to take care of Celesta and according to them, Celesta had gotten a really high fever around the time that Cruz left the scene, her face was filled with pain and she lost consciousness.

『Most likely, Cruz had used some sort of memory manipulation magic on her. It would seem that Cruz had used a kind of curse magic….It is likely that after a fixed amount of time, the curse would activate and cause Celesta to fall unconscious』

This was Nina’s diagnosis of Celesta’s condition. Some of the memories concerning Cruz including the command word to unlock the magical pouch which was filled with high tech weapons, erasing these key points from her memory was likely Cruz’s goal.

Due to the burden on the body and the mind that this spell causes, Celesta was currently in a deep sleep and doesn’t seem to be able to wake up for a while.

………..Furthermore, Princess Sistina was now in the deepest portion of the underground village and was secluding herself within the sacred temple. Although this location was not as effective as the “Tower of Revelations” the mystical energy that gathered in the Forest of the elves focused in the temple. For now, that power spot is probably the best location to perform a prophecy—-and when Celesta wakes up she probably had the duty to clear any misunderstandings between her and Tooru.

「Good grief, going as far as making Flamia into a bomb, this silver mask fellow is such an arsehole daze……Oh yeah, he may have been your acquaintance in the past right? My bad」(Amelia Speaking)

「No…….Even if he was Kurusu-kun of the past, he has already declared his hostile stance towards us and at this point, there is nothing we can do but fight him as an enemy wa. That is both my and Odamori’s conclusion」

Even though she said this, her eyes were wavering even if only a little.

Even though Cruz had clearly plotted against her Kirika was soft hearted and she hesitated when she thought of having to fight her former classmate. That’s the kind of girl Kirika was. Just like how she wavered when she first confronted Tooru.

Seeing how kind the Princess Knight was, Amelia had a favourable impression of her but she did not voice her thoughts out.

「Well, it may be possible that Iblis is grasping on to his weakness and that is why he is following her commands. Also, in the beginning Kirika was also acting like master’s enemy but now that’s not the case anymore, right? Besides, even if you meet him by chance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to kill him」

「That’s also true…….Fufuh, if you think about it, it’s kind of weird isn’t it? After all, I’m supposed to be a righteous Princess Knight and yet I have completely …..become a close associate of the Slavemancer」

Kirika forced a smile as she talked about her current situation with Tooru and when she thought about him her expression changed.

It wasn’t the expression filled with worry and anxiety from a few moments ago, it was more of feeling confused and dissatisfied, she had a complex expression on her face.

「Goodness me, all things considered when it comes to him, he never seems to get sick and tired of new women and he keeps bringing them into his room……Not only that, the ones he brang this time were those two small girls, as expected I think that he must be a loli-con……*pout* 」

「………Kirika? Oii~, Kirika-san?」

She submerged her cheeks in the bath as she grumbled and blew out bubbles, not only that she entered a sulky mode and was performing a soliloquy with herself.

It’s not clear just how self-conscious she was at this time, but Kirika’s body which had not been embraced by Tooru for quite the long period was being tormented by her pent up frustrations. It was clear even to the other girls that this has started to affect her heart and mind.

Or more like, if a bystander were to see her face right now, without a doubt they would say that her current face was one of a jealous girlfriend.

(Ah~ha, more so than I thought, this is quite the serious problem for both her body and her mind.  Even when she was training a little while ago, it seemed like her mind was full of worries dayonaa. When I come to think of it, when I was travelling as an adventurer there was this one time where I couldn’t find time to touch myself and similar symptoms would start to occur…..Eh hang on, w-why am I remembering such a unnecessary thing?!) (Amelia’s thoughts)

Amelia’s face was spontaneously blushing and because she wanted to hide her embarrassment from Kirika she quickly splashed some hot water across her face to justify her red face.

After rearranging her thoughts, and thinking about what she should do as a friend and as a comrade, Amelia started to speak again.

「Hey. Have you ever thought about asking it from Master? Have you tried asking “My body is so turned on, please hold me”?」

「Wha, Ehhhh!? N……no why are you asking me about something like that!? I don’t really desire something like that…. besides, it wouldn’t be polite of me to do something like that to the Princess…」

No matter how you saw it was clear that Kirika was lying, but even if she knew, Amelia couldn’t just frankly point it out either.

Instead Amelia went one step further and suddenly closed the gap between them.

Even though the bath was spacious enough for the two of them, when the redhead with the glamourous body approached her at such a speed it was inevitable for the water to spill out of the bathtub, the former class prez was taken aback as her body stiffened.

「Hey Kirika. I’ve thought this for a while now but I’m going to say it now ze……You know, you should stop using Princess Sistina as an excuse for everything. That’s unfair to her, don’t you think?」

「E-excuse? I’m using the Princess? and….. you mentioned it being unfair? what do you mean?」

「Listen up okay? I don’t really know what you are thinking but, the Princess Knight Kirika that I know of, is Master’s highest grade……no, surely it is his favourite person to be with.  This fact….I think that not only me and Nina, but even the Princess can feel it」

「Th-that is…..」

“It never came to my mind…” is something that Kirika couldn’t say. Amelia let out a small sigh and continued her speech.

「In the current circumstances, if you seriously dislike being held by Master, then you should behave as you like and reject him or say whatever you want. I won’t have any complaints about that either. However, if that is not the case then…..Instead of deceiving yourself and blaming the Princess saying “that she wouldn’t like it if Master spent his time with another girl”, you should do something about it. ……Or did I say something wrong?」


The deepest part of her mind was being pierced and the Princess Knight with black hair had no words to say.

Releasing another deep breath, Amelia spoke again.

「In the first place, how do you think the Princess would feel if you said that kind of excuse in front of her? Even the Princess herself wouldn’t say such a thing. …….That’s because the Princess is truly in love with Master you know?」

「…….!! I-I……!」

She had finally realised that she was using the person she considered both her closest friend and lord as an excuse.

Even if she thought Tooru was a bad guy, she started to place her own problems and blamed it all on him.

Realizing this, she felt self-loathing for her pathetic self, and her feelings which could not be suppressed made tears accumulate in the corner of her eyes as her body slid down towards the bathtub. The portion of her that was still conscious and the part of her that admitted her guilt pierced her mind and the guilt overflowed within her.

Seeing this, Amelia panics a little and softens her expression while gently patting her head.

「……I’m sorry, even though you must be exhausted, I said some really selfish things. But, even though I can’t put it really well, if you keep all the feelings bottled up within yourself, before you know it, you will start to act weirder and have strange thoughts, and I really think that this kind of strange person is not the type of person that Kirika would want to become, therefore I…..」


Heheh, Amelia scratched her cheeks while being embarrassed. Her tanned breasts were proudly shaking like a jelly in the water.

「Moreover, unlike us girls who have only met Master have he was reborn into this world, Kirika is the only one of us who has shared a special connection with him. Because of this, I think that Master cherishes you more……and treats you like a special existence」

「Odamori-kun….thinks that I am special…..?」

The Princess knight placed her hand against her chest and repeatedly asked herself.

There was something that she was reminded of. Whenever she was in a crisis in a fight, he would always come to her rescue and this kind of thing would frequently happen. At first she assumed that whenever he saved her, it was merely because of her high value as a war potential either that, or it was just his desire to monopolize her body and mind, it even made her angry when she thought about it, however now….

「At the very least, this is my honest opinion daze. Being like this and especially waiting for you is also a kind of “special treatment” you know?」

「S-special treatment? E-even if you tell me that…..」

「Haha, well you don’t have to worry about it. However, it may just be that both of your awkwardness towards each other, is actually a good match for both your personalities. When they are really interested in another girl, they will want to tease and torment the girl, geez why are men always like this?」

When the elder sister redhead warrior laughed….Kirika also could not help but to join in as she smiled while still crying.

For a long while, bright laughter filled the bathroom as the two people merrily shared this moment.

「Well. It’s kind of dragged out and I ended up saying a weird thing, but if you can sort out your feelings and just be honest to yourself…….I am sure that both your mind and body will feel more at ease. Naturally, if you later find out that you truly hate Master then that’s up to you. That’s all I wanted to say to you」

「Ah…Yeah, that’s true…..Fufuh, Thank you, Amelia」

“It’s all good” Amelia gave Kirika a thumbs up as she said this.

Kirika had this pent up depressed feeling in her and it has now completely disappeared and was replaced with a more comfortable feeling, so she truly felt thankful to Amelia and smiled from the bottom of her heart.

「Ah, One more thing! if you really have trouble fixing those frustrations by yourself, I can always offer you my services daze? 」

「Eh…….? Amelia wants to…..?」

「I mean look. As you can see, I can play the “male role”, that’s only if you are interested?」

「…….!? I-I will pass on that!! …….I-I’m going to go ahead okay!」

Amelia was suggestively moving her ring finger and middle finger wildly in front of her beautiful face. Suddenly realizing the meaning behind Amelia’s words, Kirika flared up as steam came out of her ears, she panicked and quickly stood up in order to leave the bathtub.

「Uh-oh, even though I was just joking…..If I did something like that without Master’s permission, I bet Master would get really angry at me jyan. 」

Thinking about such things the woman soldier looks up to the ceiling while laughing, her red hair extends down towards her shoulders and spreads out into the water like a blooming red flower.

「Haa~, All things considered….I am also a really soft hearted person aren’t I?  I already felt like I had no chance winning against her, but isn’t this like me throwing salt into my own wounds…..」




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