Chapter 5: Female Adventurers at the Dining Table




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「We haven’t been acquainted with each other have we, Princess Knight-san? I am Nina, a magic user. Previously I was a female adventurer, and now naturally I am Tooru-sama’s loyal slave…….Ahnn, Master your cock tastes so goood」

「*slurp*…….I’m Amelia, its nice to meet ya. Your Brilliant Burst technique, was that its name? that thing was terrifying, I was using a shield and I got blown away like some sort of rag doll, that was the first time I ever experienced such a thing…………chuu, reroroo……!] (*kiss*, *lick*, *lick*)

My nether regions trembled in pleasure, as Nina and Amelia was serving me.
The two girls were introducing themselves, whilst tending to the cleaning of my penis which just ejaculated moments ago.
Kirika was blushing when she saw the spectacle before her.

「Wha, What’s happening? Just yesterday you guys were completely……」
「Is it that strange that they have gained a consciousness? This is all thanks to my abilities leveling up as a result of having sex with you」

Other than Kirika, my previous slaves could not display any emotions apart from responding to extremely basic orders, they who were like a doll had now become people with personalities.
When I increased my “enslavement magic” to level 6 I obtained a new ability, it was the ability to give my slaves “their former personalities” back.
Naturally, the only difference from their original personalities is the fact that the must recognise me as their lord/master and serve me with absolute respect and obedience.

Furthermore, I was relieved to know that the information to use this new ability was automatically inputted into my brain.
This is different from my previous world’s logic and it was part of the convenient system that existed in this new world.

「these two, were part of the adventurer group which came to investigate the village daughters kidnapping case. As you would have guessed, I made them into my magical slaves one by one whenever an opportunity arose to do so」
「Ufufu, you made me into an ecchi dorei〜」(lewd slave)
「We became really close with Master」

Unlike Kirika, these girls could not defy the boundaries of my “enslavement magic”.
My job as a Slavemancer, is after all one that is talked about as a legend in this new world so being able to resist the magic like Kirika is very rare.
At best, the people of this world are able to accomplish, is to use “charm magic” in order to make lower life forms such as a small animal obey their commands.
Most likely, In this whole world I am the only person capable of invoking such powerful slavery magic that will allow me to completely subjugate a human being.

「I, I already understand your explanations! Although, why are you making me watch such things!?」
「Well that is of course so that you will remember how to perform the cleaning ferratio」
「Uuuu…….As I thought, You’re the worst……」

The other main reason is I just really enjoy seeing her embarrassed/shy reactions.
For this purpose, I gave her an order to observe from a distance of 1 metres.

「In terms of being his loyal slaves, we are kinda like your senpai, therefore please give your full attention kay Princess Knight-sama」
「Gee/geez Amelia, were you keeping a little grudge for your defeat in her hands? 」
「Th,that’s not true」

Without minding about the shy Kirika, the two girls whom were previously female adventurers were wearing a bathing suit type underwear whilst they were serving me.
A faint heart shaped pattern, seemed to appear within their mesmerised/intoxicated eyes,

「…….I was, the first one to become to become venerable master’s slave〜. Since I was mixed in within the first batch of village girls, I have been inseparable with master」
「Well, It was based on my regulation that I believed it was necessary to first possess a magical user…….uuu, You’ve become really good at this Nina, Your mouth techniques that is…….tsu!」
「Fufufu, I’m pleased to be of service. It’s because I was personally trained plenty by master〜」

Nina has a petite under developed figure, her breasts weren’t anything excessive and she had lily white skin.
Now that she has her former personality, Her eyes regained their attractiveness/charm, It was chestnut coloured almost like a cat.
she licked my cock like she was a cat extending her tongue to lick delicious milk, her face truly displayed a satisfied expression.

「When I noticed Nina was behaving really strangely, I began to interrogate her and in that gap I was also done in by master right? My magical resistance truly wasn’t that high to begin with……well, thanks to that I got to know master’s cock-sama really well」
「Besides Nina being a virgin, Amelia being a virgin was a little surprising to be honest. You were a little older than me……..also you had a more developed body in comparison with Nina」
「Tha, that sort of thing is really embarrasing, please don’t say those kinds of things out loud master!」

Amelia may seem to appear like a forged warrior with her sun tan skin and wild look, however, she also had very long supple arms and legs, in combination with her feminine body which consisted of decently sized soft breasts and a firm ass.
She had long and narrow eyes, complimented with streamlined eyebrows that seemed to ooze out a strong will, she had a different type of attractiveness when compared with Nina.
From the tip of me penis to the base of it, they were showering me with lots of passionate kisses.

「Having said that, you guys even though my cock is already completely clean, why are you still sucking/licking it…….tsuu!?」
「Ehhh〜? It’s cause master’s penis is, sooo deliciouss……..chuuruu, chuu」(*lick* *kiss*)
「Alright Nina, just like this the two of us are going to to continue to pleasure penis-sama. Hapu……」(*slurp*)
「That’s a great/brilliant idea, Amelia……….mnn, chupuuu……」(*kiss/lick*)

The two of them were playing my thing like some sort of harmonica, sandwiching my cock in between their lips, and without me noticing my penis had become ecstatically engorged again.

「U, uwaa…….You, you guys are even going as far as doing that……!?」

Looking at the two girls and their obscene combination, Kirika gulped down her saliva.
My libido became revitalised and continued to grow anew, and I began to pat the head of the blonde haired girl and red haired girl below me.

「Teach Kirika even more things, you two, tell her what we usually do for sex」
「Ye, yes…….Nina loves to be held within master’s arms as we do it, ……..Wh, when it reaches all the way into my womb, it feels so goood…….」
「As, as for me I’m really weak when I get pounded/poked by chinpo-sama from the back, I’ve cum so many times in that position…… Even during my first time, I was done from behind……!」
「Iya, iyadaa……! Don, don’t make me hear such things……!」

Whilst confessing such indecent things, Nina was delicately rubbing/playing around with my precious jewels.
Making a loop with her ring finger and thumb, Amelia grabbed on to the base of my penis and began to stroke it in a rhythmic fashion.
Whilst doing all this, the both did not forget to use their lips to squish my penis and do a pincer attack from both sides, the pleasurable feeling was unbearable.

「Kuu, Kuooo!? I’ve reached my……..Limit!! 」
「Kyaa!? Ah, amazing!!」
「Ahaa, It’s finally come out!」
「Iyaa, it, it’s even coming to me!?」

Dobyu, Doku Dobyunn……….The three beautiful girls were covered in his cloudy fluids. (*spurt*, *squirt*, *gush*)
Although this was his second time ejaculating today the power did not decrease in the slightest, some parts even flew towards the area Kirika was at.
My two enslaved adventurers, were fighting each other in order to be the one to place their tongues to catch my seed.

「We were in the process of cleaning you up master, you can’t just ejaculate again……Mnnn, it’s all dirty againn…….」
「Nina, you…….Whilst you were licking you secretly put an energy strengthening enchantment on me didn’t you?」
「Ehhehe, my plan was exposed」
「What would you like to do Master? Should we perform our cleaning services again? or would you like to……….」

With an entranced/melted expression, the two girls were licking the semen off each others lips.
The two of them were eagerly awaiting my orders with eyes of anticipation, and their hip’s/bottom was shaking/wriggling as they looked up towards me.

「No, enough with this, more importantly let’s grab something to eat. I have become very hungry/famished」
「Okay–, Leave it to me Master. I’ll show you my expertise in cooking!」
「Ahh〜 I don’t have any kind of cooking skill that’s why……Let’s just wait together Himekishi-san」
「Eh, yeahh……」

Whilst gulping my semen down her throat as if it was the most natural thing in the world, Nina was making a casual/friendly conversation with Kirika.
Nina seemed like a normal girl, and Kirika did not know how to behave in this kind of situation.

「………This is delicious」

Kirika was eating the stew in a wooden bowl, the stew had a mixture of vegetables and duck meat in it, and she was surprised at how good the soup tasted.
Right now, she wasn’t wearing her usual Princess Knight clothing and was instead wearing only her inner garments.
Her garments consisted of the blue coloured necktie which was attached to her blouse, and a mini skirt.
It was the kind of neat style that would make you think she was wearing a uniform……Doing ecchi things to her when she’s wearing this kind of uniform is also good. (Novel Illustration: Kirika in School Uniform)

「Right, right? Although she looks like this, Amelia was assigned as the main chef back in our adventuring days」
「Commenting on my looks was unnecessary. But, hehe, receiving such praise from Himekishi-san whom has always enjoyed the delicacies within the royal palace, it makes me really happy/glad」

Nina and Amelia both approached the dining table whilst wearing their usual robe and tunic.
Unlike before where he was surrounded by slaves whom were only able to respond to him in a doll like fashion, the place was now suddenly lively.

「mmmn, its not just a compliment, it is truly delicious. ………The royal palace’s cooking is highly exaggerated and their taste in food is slightly dull. Moreover, their food is usually served cold」
「Ahh, Is it like that? Unexpectedly, even Himekishi-sama has her own difficulties」
「It’s true, this kind of simple dish with fresh ingredients, is actually quite appealing to our palates/sense of taste…..ah」

Getting caught up in the conversation Kirika just realised that she was having a normal conversation with me, becoming unhappy about this, she pouted and turned to look the other way.
However, the fact that she was still moving her spoon and gulping down her food was seriously cute.
I see, Kirika is unexpectedly really weak to delicious food……….I will be sure to remember this.

……..Nevertheless, these kind of “normal” moments in life are actually not a bad thing to have.
If I think back, sharing a simple meal with somebody and having a nice conversation, this kind of thing, I haven’t experienced in a very long time.

「By the way, Odamori-kun. Isn’t there supposed to be two more female adventurers that you have enslaved?」
「Are you curious about the remaining two people?」

Kirika briefly paused eating and she was trying to listen intently to what I was going to say.
That was natural as for her, she wanted to find out anything to do with my war potential and grasp a better understanding of the situation.
What kind of people were they, and where were they currently located, it was this kind of thing she wanted to hear.

「Will it be alright to tell her, my Master/Lord?」

I was going to open my mouth to talk in response to Nina’s question…….However in that moment.

Pishiri(*click/snap*)……….A sound like something had been broken/seperated was resounding directly within my head.
In a reflexive action, I banged both hands on the dining table and stood up.

「What happened, Master?!」

My Slavemancer skill which exceeded space itself was able to convey to me a certain “message”.
This feeling. Was without a doubt..

「Out of the remaining two people……One of them, just right now.
Was able to break free from the confines of my control/power」

「Eh? What do you mean…..?」
「Don’t tell me……That is!?」

My loyal slaves were flustered as they replied to me in a solemn voice.

「Ahh…….They might have died, if its not that, then they may have found a way to liberate themselves from my control」

Obviously, this has become something that I must personally investigate.
I must find out what happened to my loyal slaves.

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 7

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 6】???

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 5

Skill: 【Brilliant Burst LV 3】【Magical Resistance LV 2】???

Magician Nina

Job: Magician LV 5

Skill: 【Strengthening/Reinforcement Magic LV 2】【Space Magic LV 2】【Medical Magic LV 1】???

Female Warrior Amelia

Job: Warrior LV 6

Skill: 【Sword Techniques LV 3】【Shield Techniques LV 3】【Cooking Skill LV 1】???




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